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Although having installed a simplified chinese font should be sufficient for viewing the pages from this dictionary, you should have installed a Unicode font on your system in order to be able to display some more Unicode characters. If you don’t have a Unicode font installed, then you can try using a browser like Mozilla or Safari, which tend to give better results than Internet Explorer (at least until version 7).

  • If you are running Windows (2000, XP) and have Microsoft Office 2000, FrontPage 2000, Office XP or Publisher 2002, you can install the Arial Unicode MS font. See KB 287247 on Microsoft’s web site. The SimHei and SimSun fonts should be OK to display the chinese characters.
  • Droid Sans Fallback is a font containing Chinese characters and available from the Android repository.
  • You can also download the Bitstream Cyberbit font and install it in your Fonts folder. It is available from Netscape's FTP site: download or open FTP folder and get Cyberbit.ZIP.
  • Under Mac OS X you can also choose STFangSong, STHeiti, STKaiti or STSong.

For more information, see the excellent Alan Wood’s Unicode Resources.

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