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hánHan, one of the Seven Hero States of the Warring States 战国七雄; Korea from the fall of the Joseon dynasty in 1897; Korea, esp. South Korea 大韩民国; surname Han
Zhōng HánChina, Japan and Korea

Zhōng Hán tǒng biǎo wén China Japan Korea (CJK) unified ideographs; Unihan
Zhōng Hán YuèChina, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam
Zhōng HánChina-South Korea
Běi hánNorth Korea (esp. South Korean usage)
nán běi HánNorth and South Korea
Nán hánSouth Korea
hán guóKorean empire, from fall of Joseon dynasty in 1897 to annexation by Japan in 1910
hán mín guóRepublic of Korea (South Korea)
kǒng Hán zhèngKoreaphobia
Cháo HánNorth and South Korea
hánto expose; to reveal
Hán Shì chāngHan Shichang (1897-1977), actor specializing in Kunqu opera 昆曲
Hán Hanya; Hana
Hán háng kōngAsiana Airlines, South Korean airline
Hán lóngH Mart, Korean supermarket chain in US and Canada
Hán XìnHan Xin (-196 BC), famous general of first Han emperor Liu Bang 刘邦
Hán yuánWon (Korean currency)
Hán bàn dǎoKorean peninsula (esp. South Korean usage)
Hán guóHan, one of the Seven Hero States of the Warring States 战国七雄; Korea from the fall of the Joseon dynasty in 1897; Korea, esp. Republic of Korea (South Korea) 大韩民国
Hán guó rénKorean (person)
Hán guó gòng guóRepublic of Korea; South Korea
Hán guó pào càikimchi; Korean pickled cabbage
Hán guó lián tōng xùn shèYonghap (South Korean news agency)
Hán guó Korean language
Hán guó Yín hángBank of Korea
hán yuánKorean won (unit of currency)
Hán chéngHancheng city and county in Shaanxi
Hán chéng shìHancheng city in Shaanxi
Hán chéng xiànHancheng county in Shaanxi
Hán méiSouth Korean media
Hán shān Shī fàn Xué yuànHanshan Normal University, Shantou, Guangdong
Hán Yàn zhíHan Yanzhi (1131-?), Song dynasty botanist, author of classification of orange trees 橘录
Hán Han Fuju (1890-1938), Nationalist Kuomintang (KMT) army general and governor of Shandong, executed by Chiang Kai-shek 蒋介石 after he abandoned Ji'nan to the Japanese
Hán ěrHandel (name); Georg Frideric Händel (1785-), German composer
Hán Han Yu (768-824), Tang dynasty essayist and poet, advocate of the classical writing 古文运动 and neoclassical 复古 movements
Hán Ài jīngHan Aijing (1945-), notorious red guard leader during Cultural Revolution, spent 15 years in prison for imprisoning and torturing political leaders
Hán zhànKorean War (1950-1953)
Hán wénhangeul 한글, Korean phonetic alphabet; Korean written language
Hán wén hangeul 한글, Korean phonetic alphabet; Korean letters
Hán fāngthe Korean side
Hán Korea and Japan
Hán Shēng zhūHan Seung Soo (1936-), South Korean diplomat and politician, prime minister from 2008
Hán CháoNorth and South Korea; bilateral Korean relations
Hán cūn Charles Hutzler. US journalist, Associated Press Beijing bureau chief
Hán bàng ziKorean (derogatory)
Hán jiāngthe Han river in Guangdong
Hán ÀoSouth Korea and Australia
Hán yīnHan Suyin