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field; plain; open space; limit; boundary; rude; feral
shēngwild; undomesticated
mánbarbarous; uncivilized
xīnambition; wild schemes; careerism
tián field; open land; CL:
shòubeast; wild animal
shì field of view; horizon
yuán plain; open country
wàicountryside; areas outside the city
zài be out of (political) office; out of power
càiwild herb; potherb
rénsavage people
pheasant; unregistered and operating illegally (business); prostitute (slang)
wild horse
kuàng wilderness
yuè cross country
sǒu yánYesou puyan or Humble words of a rustic elder, monumental Qing novel by Xia Jingqu 夏敬渠
insolent; boorish; rough (in actions)
cháo all levels of society; the imperial court and the ordinary people
huāng wilderness
zhànbattlefield operation
huāwild flower
huǒwildfire; (spreading like) wildfire; bush fire; farm fire (for clearing fields)
wild duck; mallard (Anas platyrhyncha)
yíngto camp; field lodgings
Shàng Ueno, Tokyo
xià to step down from office; to go into opposition

shì jiè shēng shēng jīn huìWorld Wildlife Fund WWF
fēn dividing line between distinct realms; boundary; field-allocation (in Chinese astrology, the association between celestial regions and corresponding terrestrial realms)
bàn shì half visual field
Boye county in Baoding 保定, Hebei
xiànBoye county in Baoding 保定, Hebei
Yoshino (name)
jiāYoshinoya (Japanese fast food chain)
鸿āi hóng biàn lit. plaintive whine of geese (idiom); fig. land swarming with disaster victims; starving people fill the land
zài dǎngopposition party
jiān qīng to fortify defenses and raze the fields (idiom); to leave nothing for the invader; scorched earth policy
dìng xiàng yuè cross-country orienteering
Xiǎo yóu měiOno Fuyumi (1960-), Japanese novelist
shān mountain and fields
Juye county in Heze 菏泽, Shandong
xiànJuye county in Heze 菏泽, Shandong
terrible bad manners; atrocious way (of treating a guest)
Xīn Xinye county in Nanyang 南阳, Henan
Xīn xiànXinye county in Nanyang 南阳, Henan
shì Przevalski horse (Equus przewalskii) wild horse of Central Asia first identified in 1881 by Nikolai Mikhailovich Przevalski 普尔热瓦尔斯基
kuàng shēnga voice crying in the wilderness, Isaiah, 40:3
héng shī biàn corpses strew the field; deadly (conflict)
fertile land