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Search result for words containing 莱: 99 word(s) found.

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láiname of weed plant (fat hen, goosefoot, pigweed etc); Chenopodium album
Bèi ěr lái Belgrade, capital of Serbia
Lái yángLaiyang county level city in Yantai 烟台, Shandong
Lái Wright (surname)
Lái yīn Rhine river
láiClay (name)
lái méiBremen (city in Germany)
lái Electrolux (Swedish manufacturer of home appliances)
lái · fēiBrittany Murphy (1977-2009), American actress
lái yīnKlein or Kline (name); Felix Klein (1849-1925), German mathematician
lái méng Clermont (French town)
lái Chrysler
lái chē Gōng Chrysler
lái dùnClayton (name); Crighton (name)
Láo Lái Rolls-Royce

Běi lái yīn · Wēi lún zhōuNordrhein-Westfalen, state of Germany
· lái ángCastilla-Leon, north Spanish province
ěr wén lái yīnCalvin Klein CK (brand)
Shǐ láiAgnes Smedley (1892-1950), US journalist and activist, reported on China, esp. the communist side
lái Harlem district of Manhattan
ào lái outlets (loanword); retail outlet (e.g. specializing in seconds of famous brands); factory outlet retail store
Hǎo lái Hollywood
Bǎo lái Bollywood (film industry based in Mumbai, India)
láiBarclay or Berkeley (name)
lái yín hángBarclays bank
lái shǐ Blacksmith (name)
lái běnBlackburn
lái Bryne (City in Rogaland, Norway)
lái ēnBrian (name)
lái ěrBlair (name); Braille (name); Louis Braille (1809-1852), the inventor of the Braille alphabet for the blind
lái xuéthe Hebrew University, Jerusalem
lái wénHebrew language
lái Hebrew language
· Lái jiéHeath Ledger, Australian actor (1979-2008)
lái wēi è Flavius (Roman historian of 1st century AD)
lái lánFlevoland
Tuō lái duōToledo, Spain
Wén láiBrunei Darussalam, independent sultanate in northwest Borneo
Wén lái lán guóBrunei Darussalam
tǎn · Lái shìStamford Raffles (1781-1826), British statesman and founder of the city of Singapore
lái línSlytherin (Harry Potter)
lái Price (name)
láiQumarleb county (Tibetan: chu dmar leb rdzong) in Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture 玉树藏族自治州, Qinghai
lái xiànQumarleb county (Tibetan: chu dmar leb rdzong) in Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture 玉树藏族自治州, Qinghai
Bǎi láiBerkeley (name); George Berkeley (1685-1753), Bishop of Cloyne, famous British philosopher; Berkeley, university city in the San Fransisco bay area, California
lái měi jiǎngGrammy Award (US prize for music recording); also written 葛莱美奖
Ōu láiAupres, Shiseido's line in China
Ōu lái L'Oréal (French cosmetics company)