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Search result for words containing 胎: 45 word(s) found.

tāifetus; litter; tire; abbr. of 轮胎
lún tāitire; pneumatic tire
pēi tāiembryo
tāi érthe unborn child; fetus; embryo
tāi pánplacenta
tuō tāiborn; to emerge from the womb; fig. to develop out of sth else (of ideas, stories, political systems etc); fig. to shed one's body (to be reborn); bodiless (e.g. lacquerware)
shòu tāito become pregnant; to conceive; impregnated; insemination
tāi zhìthe one-child policy
èr tāia second pregnancy
bèi tāispare tire
tóng luǎn shuāng bāo tāiidentical twins
duò tāito induce an abortion; induced abortion
duō tāi rèn shēnmultiple pregnancy
guài tāifreak; abnormal embryo; fetus with deformity
怀huái tāito become pregnant; to carry a child in the womb
tāito have an abortion
tóu tāito re-enter the womb (of departed spirit); reincarnation
yǒu le tāipregnant; to carry a child
héng bīn lún tāiYokohama tire company
huá tāidrift (car racing technique); recurrent miscarriage; habitual abortion
bào tāiflat tire; burst tire; blowout
luǎn shuāng bāo tāifraternal twins
tāifreak of nature; mutant; abnormality
shèng tāiimmortal body (of born again Daoist)
ròu yǎn fán tāiignoramus (idiom)
tāi dòngmovement of the fetus; quickening
tāi tire pressure
tāi jiàoprenatal education; antenatal training; prenatal influences
tāi birthmark
tāi miànsurface of tire; tread (of tire)
pēi tāi xuéembryology
pēi tāi shēngembryogenesis
tuō tāi chéng xiānreborn as immortal
tuō tāi huàn to shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones (idiom); born again Daoist; to turn over a new leaf; fig. to change wholly; to create from other material (story, artwork etc)
tuō tāi bodiless lacquerware
tuō huàn tāito shed one's mortal body and exchange one's bones (idiom); born again Daoist; to turn over a new leaf; fig. to change wholly
tún wèi tāi shùbreech extraction (medicine)
tāi eggshell china
tāito repair a tire
tāi piàntire patch (for puncture repair)
chē tāitire
lián shuāng bāo tāiconjoined twins; Siamese twins
shuāng bāo tāitwin; CL:
guǐ tāisinister design; ulterior motive
lóng fèng tāitwins of mixed sex