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suō xiǎoto reduce; to decrease
suōto compress; compression
suōto withdraw; to pull back; to contract; to shrink; to reduce; abbreviation
suō duǎnto curtail; to cut down
shōu suōto pull back; to shrink; to contract
suō compactor; compressor
nóng suōto concentrate (a liquid); concentration; espresso coffee; abbr. for 意式浓缩咖啡
shēn suōto extend; to stretch; flexible
wěi suōto wither; to dry up (of a plant); to atrophy (of muscle, social custom etc)
suō compression ratio
suō jiǎnto cut; to reduce
suō shuǐto shrink (in the wash); fig. to shrink (of profits etc)
jǐn suōto reduce; to tighten; to cut back (budget etc); recession
退tuì suōto shrink back; to cower
wèi suōto cower; to flinch; to quail; to recoil
suō xiěabbreviation; to abridge
suō yǐngminiature; a big picture in a nutshell; the epitome (of sth)
shēn suō batrombone
shēn suō xìngflexibility
nóng suō yóulow-enriched uranium
xìn dài jǐn suōcredit crunch; to tighten lending
níng suōto condense; to concentrate; compression; concentration
shān jiǎn suōto simplify and condense (a text); abridged
suō compressor
gōng suōcontraction of the uterus (during childbirth)
wēi suōcompact; micro-; miniature; to miniaturize
wēi suō jiāo juǎnmicrofilm
xīn zàng shōu suō systolic blood pressure
shì nóng suō fēiespresso; Italian style strong coffee
dǒu suōto cower; to tremble
shōu suō systolic blood pressure
shù suōdata compression
yǒu sǔn suōcompression loss (in digital technology)
nóng suō a device for concentrating (a liquid); a condenser
nóng suō yóuenriched uranium
bào suō xíng implosion bomb
suōto curl up shivering (from cold); timid and trembling (in fear); to shrink; to cower
wèi wèi suō suōcowering; cringing
wèi suō qiánto shrink back in fear (idiom); too cowardly to advance
zhòu suōto wrinkle; wrinkled up
jié suō shíto save on food and clothing (idiom); to live frugally
jiǎn suōabbreviation; short form
jīng jǐn suōeconomic recession
suō duō ān suānpolypeptide, a chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds CO-NH, a component of protein; same as 多肽
suō xiǎo xíngminiature
suō chéngto shrink into
suō chéng tuánto huddle together; to curl up
suō shǒu suō jiǎobound hand and foot (idiom); constrained
suō fàngscaling; resizing; zoom (graphics)