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Search result for words containing 沃: 42 word(s) found.

fertile; rich; to irrigate; to wash (of river)
féi fertile
dùnWharton (name)
tāng fèito manage a situation badly (idiom)
Bosworth (name); Stephen Bosworth (1939-), US academic and diplomat, special representative for policy on North Korea from 2009
ěr Milwaukee (city)
Sievert (Sv), unit of radiation damage used in radiotherapy; Rolf Maximilian Sievert (1896-1966), Swedish physicist
xià Antonin Dvořák (1841-1904), Bohemian composer, author of nine symphonies including the New World symphony
Ài ěrEidsvoll (city in Norway)
Ài · sēnEmma Watson (1990-), British actress
Swatch (Swiss brand)
Quwo county in Linfen 临汾, Shanxi
xiànQuwo county in Linfen 临汾, Shanxi
lúnWarren (name)
lún · fēi Warren Buffett (1930-), the Sage of Omaha, US investor and philanthropist, principal owner of holding company Berkshire Hathaway
fertile land
rǎngfertile soil
zhōuVaud province of Switzerland
shuǐWo river in Shanxi
guànto irrigate; to wash with water
ěr Wolf, Woolf (name)
ěr bǎoWolfsburg
ěr jiǎngthe Wolf prize (for science and arts)
ěr Volvo (Swedish car company)
ěr Wal-Mart, Walmart (retailer)
ěr fēn sēnWolfson, Wulfsohn etc (name)
sēnWatson (name)
yǎnrich and fertile (soil)
fēngVodafone (telephone company)
fertile land
ráoto fertilize
suǒ Kosovo
ěr the Cotswolds (England)
tuō Vladivostok (Russian port city); Chinese name 海参崴
tuō variant of 符拉迪沃斯托克, Vladivostok
Kěn lúnKen Warren (1926-1989), American adventurer and river runner
Zwolle (Netherlands)
Lái dǎoLesbos (Greek island in the Aegean sea 爱琴海)
Davos (Swiss ski resort); Davos world economic forum (WEF)
lùn tánDavos world economic forum (WEF)
Huò Hogwarts (Harry Potter)
Bào · Bob Woodward (Washington Post journalist)