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jiāto press from either side; to place in between; to sandwich; to carry sth under armpit; wedged between; between; to intersperse; to mix; to mingle; clip; folder
jiáhold between; lined; narrow lane
jiá jiǎothe angle (between two lines)
jiā to mix together (disparate substances); to mingle; a mix; to be tangled up with
jiā clamp; pliers
jiā cénginterval between two layers; double-layered; mezzanine
jiā dàito smuggle; to carry secretly; notes smuggled into an exam
jiā bǎnsplint; clamp; vise (as torture instrument)
jiā ziclip; clamp; tongs; folder; wallet
jiā gōngattack from two sides; pincer movement; converging attack; attack on a flank; fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
jiā pincer attack; attack from two or more sides; converging attack; attack on a flank; fork in chess, with one piece making two attacks
jiā xīnto fill with stuffing (e.g. in cooking); stuffed
jiā dàoa narrow street (lined with walls); to line the street
jiā jiā completely mixed up; in a muddle
jiā jacket (loanword)
jiā sāirto cut into a line; queue-jumping
Jiā shān guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuánJiashansi National Forest Park in Shimen 石门, Changde 常德, Hunan
Jiā shān Jiashan Temple, Buddhist temple in Shimen 石门, Changde 常德, Hunan, the purported final home and burial place of late Ming peasant rebel leader Li Zicheng 李自成
jiā critical annotations between the lines
jiā chíto clamp; tongs
jiā duànto nip (i.e. cut short); to pinch off
jiā bǎn criticized by both sides
jiā gùnleg vise (torture instrument)
Jiā jiāngJiajiang county in Leshan 乐山, Sichuan
Jiā jiāng xiànJiajiang county in Leshan 乐山, Sichuan
jiā shēnghalf cooked; not completely done
jiā shēng fànhalf cooked rice
jiā dāngcrucial moment; critical time
jiā dāngrerhua variant of 夹当, crucial moment; critical time
jiā zhú táooleander (Nerium indicum)
jiā jǐnclamp; vise
jiā fénghemmed in on both sides
zhi armpit; also written 胳肢窝
jiá ǎolined jacket; double layered jacket; CL:
jiā wěi bato tuck one's tail between one's legs; fig. to back down; in a humiliating situation
jiā dào huān yíngto line the streets in welcome
jiā qiántongs
jiā xiànstuffed (of food); with filling
dàn jiáammunition clip; cartridge clip; magazine (for ammunition)
shōu cáng jiāfavorites folder (web browser)
wén jiàn jiāfolder; file (paper)
liàng jiāclothes pin
jiāwallet; Taiwan pr. [pi2 jia2]
zhǐ jiāpaperclip
chán jiāto annoy; to bother; to harass
chán jiā qīngto muddle things together (idiom); to bother sb with annoying muddle-headed talk
chán jiā èr xiān shengannoying muddle-headed person who gabbles unintelligibly
ròu jiā lit. meat wedged in steamed bun; "Chinese burger"; sliced meat sandwich popular in north China
Jiǎ jiā wēi Janjaweed (armed Baggara herders used by the Sudanese government against Darfur rebels)