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míngname; noun (part of speech); place (e.g. among winners); famous; classifier for people
míng chēngname (of a thing); name (of an organization)
míng titular; (do something) in sb's name
míng ziname (of a person or thing); CL:
míng noun
míng dānlist (of names)
míng fame; reputation; honor; honorary; emeritus (of retired professor)
míng xué(archaic term) logic
míng position in a ranking of names
míng name of an item; fame
Míng JiāLogicians School of Thought of the Warring States Period (475-220 BC), also called the School of Names
míng shìfamous scholar; worthy; celebrity, esp. distinguished literary person having no official post
míng páifamous brand
Míng shānfamous mountain; Mingshan county in Ya'an 雅安, Sichuan
míng guìfamous and valuable; rare; precious
míng shēngreputation
míng shènga place famous for its scenery or historical relics; scenic spot; CL:
míng fame and profit
míng zhùmasterpiece
míng éfixed number of people; quota
míng rénpersonage; celebrity
míng shù(grammar) number plus classifier; household (in census)
míng famous doctor
míng shíname and reality; whether reality lives up to its reputation
míng fèna person's status
míng tangvariety; result; reason
míng yánsaying
míng shínot just in name only, but also in reality (idiom)
míng jiàngfamous general
míng liúgentry; celebrities
míng roll (of names); register; CL:
míng cún shí wángthe name remains, but the reality is gone (idiom)
míng piàn(business) card
míng xiàunder sb's name
míng hàoname; good reputation; title
míng càifamous dishes; specialty dishes
míng shíthe name does not reflect the reality (idiom); more in name than in fact; Reality does not live up to the name.; Excellent theory, but the practice does not bear it out.
míng bu zhèng yán bu shùnunjustified and undeserving of such description; identity or status is unverified, or inconsistent in detail; unworthy of the title (or name), or reputation; no valid reason as justification; words without weight; cf 名正言顺
míng shíthe name does not correspond to reality (idiom); it doesn't live up to its reputation
míng chuánlit. name is not in vain (idiom); a fully justified reputation; enjoys a well-deserved reputation
míng rén record of famous men; anthology of biographies
míng wèifame and position; official rank
míng zuòmasterpiece; famous work
míng yōuoutstanding; excellent quality
míngrname; fame
míng lièfamous; among the most famous
míng liè qián máoto rank among the best
míng shuāng shōuboth fame and fortune (idiom); both virtue and reward
míng visiting card; name card
míng shèng historical sites and scenic spots