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Search result for words starting with 产: 46 word(s) found.

chǎn shēngto arise; to come into being; to come about; to give rise to; to bring into being; to bring about; to produce; to engender; to generate; to appear; appearance; emergence; generation; production; yield
chǎn pǐngoods; merchandise; product; CL:
chǎnto give birth; to reproduce; to produce; product; resource; estate; property
chǎn liàngoutput
chǎn product; result (of)
chǎn luǎnto lay eggs
chǎn zhívalue of output; output value
chǎn the source (of a product); place of origin; manufacturing location
chǎn industry; estate; property; industrial
chǎn quánproperty right
chǎn xiāoproduction and marketing
chǎn hòupostnatal
chǎn gōng rénindustrial worker
chǎn pregnant woman; lady about to give birth
chǎn midwife
chǎn érnewborn baby; fig. brand-new object
chǎn qiánprenatal; antenatal
chǎn to give birth (animals); to bear a litter
chǎn place of production; manufacturing location
chǎn xiàto bear (give birth)
chǎn jiàmaternity leave
chǎn qián jiǎn cháprenatal examination; antenatal examination
chǎn pǐn jié gòuproduct mix
chǎn pǐn jīng product manager
chǎn zhèngCertificate of Origin (commerce)
chǎn fángdelivery room (in hospital); labour ward
chǎn time of birth; period of labor; lying-in
chǎn huàto industrialize; industrialization
chǎn liànsupply chain
chǎn qúnindustrial cluster
chǎn jiǎnabbr. for 产前检查
chǎn yóu guóoil-producing countries
chǎn maternity department; maternity ward; obstetrics
chǎn chéngthe process of childbirth
chǎn liángto grow crops; food growing
chǎn liáng food growing area
Chǎn jīng Xīn wénBusiness News; Sankei Shimbun (Tokyo daily)
chǎn néngproduction capacity
chǎn zhìproduction; manufacture
chǎn postnatal period; puerperium (period of six weeks after childbirth)
chǎn postnatal fever; puerperal fever
chǎn dàobirth canal (in obstetrics)
chǎn liàng duōfruitful
chǎn qiánobstetric forceps
chǎn yuànmaternity hospital
chǎn liáng shěngmajor agricultural province