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shè huì zhǔ socialism
zhǔ -ism; ideology
guó zhǔ imperialism
sense; meaning; significance; importance; CL:
justice; righteousness; meaning
uprising; insurrection; revolt
běn zhǔ capitalism
duty; obligation; commitment; volunteer duty; CL:; mandatory; voluntary
dìng definition
gòng chǎn zhǔ communism
xiū zhèng zhǔ revisionism
zhèng justice; righteous; righteousness
míng titular; (do something) in sb's name
wéi zhǔ materialism, philosophical doctrine that physical matter is the whole of reality
nóng mín peasant revolt
zhí mín zhǔ colonialism
zhǔ Marxism
wéi xīn zhǔ philosophy of idealism, the doctrine that external reality is a product of consciousness
fēng jiàn zhǔ feudalism
Liè zhǔ Marxism-Leninism
huì zhǔ opportunism; pragmatism
quán zhǔ hegemony
hán meaning (implicit in a phrase); implied meaning; hidden meaning; hint; connotation
zhǒng zhǔ racism
gǎi liáng zhǔ reformism (i.e. favoring gradual change as opposed to revolution)
guān liáo zhǔ bureaucracy
tuánthe righteous harmonious fists; the Boxers (history)
xiàn shí zhǔ realism
rén zhǔ individualism
mín zhǔ nationalism; national self-determination; principle of nationalism, the first of Dr Sun Yat-sen's 孙中山 Three principles of the people 三民主义 (at the time, meaning parity between China and the great powers); racism
biàn zhèng wéi zhǔ dialectical materialism
jīng yàn zhǔ empiricism
guó zhǔ internationalism
Xīn mín zhǔ zhǔ New Democracy
Xīn mín zhǔ zhǔ mìngNew Democracy revolution
zhǔ guān zhǔ subjectivism
ài guó zhǔ patriotism
shí yòng zhǔ pragmatism
jūn guó zhǔ militarism
jiào tiáo zhǔ dogmatism
广guǎng wide sense; generalization; general
kōng xiǎng shè huì zhǔ utopian socialism
Liè níng zhǔ Leninism
làng màn zhǔ romanticism
sān mín zhǔ Dr Sun Yat-sen's 孙中山 Three principles of the people (late 1890s)
xīn zhí mín zhǔ neocolonialism
zhǔ collectivism
tuán Yùn dòngBoxer Rebellion
rén dào zhǔ humanism; humanitarian (aid)
chāng the Wuchang Uprising of 10th October 1911 that led to Sun Yat-sen's Xinhai revolution and the fall of the Qing dynasty