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HSK level 2: 519 word(s) found.


āprefix used before monosyllabic names, kinship terms etc to indicate familiarity; used in transliteration; also pr. ; abbr. for Afghanistan 阿富汗
āiinterjection of surprise or disapprobation hey!; why?; look out!; How dare you!
āiin order; in sequence; close to; adjacent to
ànbank; shore; beach; coast; CL:
ànto press; to push; to leave aside or shelve; to control; to restrain; to keep one's hand on; to check or refer to; according to; in the light of; (of an editor or author) to make a comment
ànto close (a door); to eclipse; muddled; stupid; ignorantdark; gloomy; hidden; secret; obscure; in the dark
to pull up; to pull out; to draw out by suction; to select; to pick; to stand out (above level); to surpass; to seize
bàibe defeated; to defeat; loss
bǎnsee 老板, boss; board; plank; plate; shutter; table tennis bat; clappers (music); CL:; accented beat in Chinese music; hard; stiff; to stop smiling or look serious
bāngto help; to assist; to support; for sb (i.e. as a help); hired (as worker); side (of pail, boat etc); outer layer; group; gang; clique; party; secret society
bāoto cover; to wrap; to hold; to include; to take charge of; to contract (to or for); package; wrapper; container; bag; to hold or embrace; bundle; packet; CL:,; surname Bao
báothin; cold in manner; indifferent; weak; light; infertile
bǎoto defend; to protect; to insure or guarantee; to maintain; hold or keep; to guard; Bulgaria; Bulgarian; abbr. for 保加利亚
bēia monument; an upright stone tablet; stele; CL:,
bēito be burdened; to carry on the back or shoulder
bèithe back of a body or object; to turn one's back; to hide something from; to learn by heart; to recite from memory; unlucky (slang)
bènstupid; foolish; silly; slow-witted; clumsy
to force (sb to do sth); to compel; to press for; to extort; to press on towards; to press up to; to close in on; used in the place of , cunt
to avoid; to shun; to flee; to escape; to keep away from; to leave; to hide from
to close; stop up; shut; obstruct
biānto weave; to plait; to organize; to group; to arrange; to edit; to compile; to write; to compose; to fabricate
biǎnflat; (old form of character , horizontal tablet with inscription)
便biànordinary; plain; convenient; as convenient; when the chance arises; handy; easy; informal; simple; so; thus; to relieve oneself; to urinate; to defecate; equivalent to : then; in that case; even if; soon afterwards
bīngsoldiers; a force; an army; weapons; arms; military; warlike; CL:
bīngice; CL:; methamphetamine (slang)
bìngto combine; to amalgamate; and; furthermore; also; together with; (not) at all; simultaneously; to join; to merge
to catch; to seize; to capture
to repair; to patch; to mend; to make up for; to fill (a vacancy); to supplement
a step; a pace; walk; march; stages in a process
ministry; department; section; part; division; troops; board; classifier for works of literature, films, machines etc
cāito guess
cǎito step on; to tread; to stamp; to press a pedal; to pedal (a bike)
cǎiaffairs; to gather; to pick; to pluck; to collect; to select; to choose
cángto conceal; to hide away; to harbor; to store; to collect
book; booklet; classifier for books
céngonce; already; former; previously; (past tense marker used before verb or clause)
chāto insert; stick in; pierce; to take part in; to interfere; to interpose
chāito tear open; to tear down; to tear apart; to open
chángto taste; to try; already; ever; once
chāoto make a copy; to plagiarize; to search and seize; to raid; to grab; to go off with; to take a shortcut; to make a turning move; to fold one's arms
chāoto exceed; overtake; surpass; transcend; ultra-; super-; to pass; to cross
chǎoto quarrel; to make a noise; noisy; to disturb by making a noise
chènto avail oneself of; to take advantage of
chēngto weigh; to state; to name; name; appellation; to praise
chéngto ride; to mount; to make use of; to avail oneself of; to take advantage of; to multiply (mathematics); Buddhist sect or creed; surname Cheng
chǐa Chinese foot; one-third of a meter; a ruler; a tape-measure; one of the three acupoints for measuring pulse in Chinese medicine; CL:,
chōngthoroughfare; to go straight ahead; to rush; to clash; (of water) to dash against; to mix with water; to infuse; to rinse; to flush; to develop (a film); to rise in the air; to collide with
chóngto double; to repeat; repetition; iteration; again; a layer
chóuworry about
chòustench; stink; smelly; to smell (bad)
chūat first; (at the) beginning; first; junior; basic
chúto get rid of; to remove; to exclude; to eliminate; to wipe out; to divide; except; not including
chǔto reside; to live; to dwell; to be in; to be situated at; to stay; to get along with; to be in a position of; to deal with; to discipline; to punish
chùplace; location; spot; point; office; department; bureau; respect; classifier for locations or items of damage: spot, point
chuánto pass on; to spread; to transmit; to infect; to transfer; to circulate; to conduct (electricity)
chuǎngto rush; to charge; to dash; to break through; to temper oneself (through battling hardships)
chuàngto begin; to initiate; to inaugurate; to start; to create
this; these
thorn; sting; thrust; to prick; to pierce; to stab; to assassinate; to murder
coarse; rough; thick (for cylindrical objects); unfinished; vulgar; rude; crude
cuīto urge; to press; to prompt; to rush sb; to hasten sth; to expedite
cúnexist; deposit; store; keep; survive
cùna unit of length; inch; thumb
to put up; to build (scaffolding); to hang (clothes on a pole); to connect; to join; to arrange in pairs; to match; to add; to throw in (resources); to take (boat, train)
reply; answer; return; respond; echo
dāifoolish; stupid; expressionless; blank; to stay
dàito substitute; to act on behalf of others; to replace; generation; dynasty; age; period; (historical) era; (geological) eon
dàito wait; to treat; to deal with; to need; going to (do sth); about to; intending to
dàia pouch; bag; sack; pocket
dānbill; list; form; single; only; sole; odd number; CL:
dànbut; yet; however; only; merely; still
dàninsipid; diluted; weak; mild; light in color; tasteless; fresh; indifferent; nitrogen
dànegg; oval shaped; CL:,
dǎngparty; association; club; society; CL:; surname Dang
dǎngto resist; to obstruct; to hinder; to keep off; to block (a blow); to get in the way of; cover; gear
dàngat or in the very same...; suitable; adequate; fitting; proper; to replace; to regard as; to think; to pawn
dǎoisland; CL:,
dàoupset; turn over; to tip; to pour; to go home; to the contrary; inverted
dēngto scale (a height); to ascend; to mount; to publish or record; to enter (eg in a register); to press down with the foot; to step or tread on; to put on (shoes or trousers)(dialect); to be gathered and taken to the threshing ground (old)
a drop; to drip
to hand over; to pass on sth; to gradually increase or decrease; progressively
diàninn; shop; store; CL:
diàoa string of 100 cash (arch.); to lament; to condole with; to suspend; to hang up; to hang a person
diàoto transfer; to move (troops or cadres); to investigate; to enquire into; accent; view; argument; key (in music); mode (music); tune; tone; melody
diàoto fish with a hook and bait
diēto drop; to fall; to tumble; Taiwan pr. [die2]
dǐngapex; crown of the head; top; roof; to carry on the head; to push to the top; to go against; most; to replace; to substitute; classifier for headwear, hats, veils etc; to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile (internet slang)
dìngto set; to fix; to determine; to decide; to order
dìngto agree; to conclude; to draw up; to subscribe to (a newspaper etc); to order
dòngto freeze; to feel very cold; aspic or jelly
dòngcave; hole; zero (unambiguous spoken form when spelling out numbers); CL:
dòuto stay; to stop; to pause (while reading); to tease (play with)
to stop up; (to feel) stifled or suffocated; wall; classifier for walls
to pass; to spend (time); measure; limit; extent; degree of intensity; degree (angles, temperature etc); kilowatt-hour; classifier for events and occurrences
to cross; to pass through; to ferry
duānend; extremity; item; port; to hold sth level with both hands; to carry; regular
duànto break; to snap; to cut off; to give up or abstain from sth; to judge; (usu. used in the negative) absolutely, definitely,decidedly
duīto pile up; to heap up; a mass; pile; heap; stack; large amount
duìsquadron; team; group; CL:
dūnton; Taiwan pr. [dun4]
dūnto crouch; to squat
duóto seize; to take away forcibly; to wrest control of; to compete or strive for; to force one's way through; to leave out; to lose
duǒflower; earlobe; fig. item on both sides; classifier for flowers, clouds etc
duǒto hide; to dodge; to avoid
égoose; CL:
érand; as well as; and so; but (not); yet (not); (indicates causal relation); (indicates change of state); (indicates contrast)
fánordinary; commonplace; mundane; temporal; of the material world (as opposed to supernatural or immortal levels); every; all; whatever; altogether; gist; outline; note of Chinese musical scale
fànto violate; to offend; to assault; criminal; crime; to make a mistake; recurrence (of mistake or sth bad)
fāngsquare; power or involution (mathematics); upright; honest; fair and square; direction; side; party (to a contract, dispute etc); place; method; prescription (medicine); upright or honest; just when; only or just; classifier for square things; abbr. for square or cubic meter; surname Fang
fángto protect; to defend; to guard (against)
féifat; fertile; loose-fitting or large; to fertilize; to become rich by illegal means; fertilizer; manure
fèilung; CL:
fèito cost; to spend; fee; wasteful; expenses; surname Fei
fènclassifier for gifts, newspaper, magazine, papers, reports, contracts etc; variant of
féngto meet by chance; to come across; to fawn upon
width; roll; classifier for textiles or pictures
to support with hand; to help sb up; to help
to float; superficial; floating; unstable; movable; provisional; temporary; transient; impetuous; hollow; inflated; to exceed; superfluous; excessive; surplus
to pay; to hand over to; surname Fu
secondary; auxiliary; deputy; assistant; vice-; abbr. for 副词 adverb; classifier for pairs
rich; abundant; wealthy; surname Fu
gàilid; top; cover; canopy; to build
gānto concern; to interfere; shield; stem; dry; clean; surname Gan
gānpole; CL:,
gānliver; CL:,
gǎnto catch up; to overtake; to hurry; to rush; to drive away
gǎngharbor; port; CL:; Hong Kong, abbr. for 香港; surname Gang
gàoto tell; to inform; to say
to cut; to cut apart
to place; to put aside; to shelve
to separate; to partition; to stand or lie between; at a distance from; after or at an interval of
gōngto provide; to supply
gòngcommon; general; to share; together; total; altogether; abbr. for 共产党, Communist party
gǒudog; CL:,
ancient; old; paleo-; surname Gu
convex; drum; to rouse; to beat; CL:,
to look after; to take into consideration; to attend to; surname Gu
guǎito turn; to kidnap (esp. through trickery); to shanghai; a cane
guàibewildering; odd; queer; strange; uncanny; devil; monster; wonder at; to blame; quite; rather
guānofficial; government; organ of body; CL:; surname Guan
guǎnto take care (of); to control; to manage; to be in charge of; to look after; to run; to care about; tube; pipe; (spoken) to; towards; surname Guan
guānglight; ray; CL:; bright; only; merely; to use up
guàngto stroll; to visit
guǐghost; sly; crafty; CL:
guìto kneel
gǔnto boil; to roll; to take a hike; Get lost!
guōpot; pan; boiler; CL:,
hàito do harm to; to cause trouble to; harm; evil; calamity
hánto keep; to contain; to suck (keep in your mouth without chewing)
hànperspiration; sweat; CL:,,; to be speechless (out of helplessness, embarrassment etc) (Internet slang used as an interjection)
hánga row; series; age order (of brothers); profession; professional; relating to company
hàoto be fond of
to close; to join; to fit; to be equal to; whole; together; round (in battle); conjunction (astronomy); 1st note of pentatonic scale; old variant of
small box; case
hènto hate; to regret
hēngto groan; to snort; to hum; to croon; humph!
hòuthick; deep or profound; kind; generous; rich or strong in flavor; to favor; to stress
to call; to cry; to shout; to breath out; to exhale
pot; classifier for bottled liquid
a household; door; family
huáto scratch; to row; to paddle; to scratch a surface; profitable; worth (the effort); it pays (to do sth)
huácomical; cunning; slippery; smooth; surname Hua
huàto delimit; to transfer; to assign; to differentiate; to mark off; to draw (a line); to delete; stroke of a Chinese character
huàto make into; to change into; -ization; to... -ize; to transform; abbr. for 化学
huánring; hoop; loop; (chain) link; classifier for scores in archery etc; to surround; to encircle; to hem in; surname Huan
huāngto get panicky; to lose one's head
huīto wave; to brandish; to wipe away; to command; to conduct; to scatter; to disperse
huīash; dust; lime; gray; discouraged; dejected
hùnto mix; to mingle; muddled; to drift along; to muddle along; to pass for; to get along with sb; thoughtless; reckless
huǒfire; urgent; ammunition; fiery or flaming; internal heat (Chinese medicine); hot (popular); classifier for military units (old); surname Huo
huòmaybe; perhaps; might; possibly; or
huògoods; money; commodity; CL:
namely; that is; i.e.; prompt; at once; at present; even if; prompted (by the occasion); to approach; to come into contact; to assume (office); to draw near
extremely; pole (geography, physics); utmost; top
level; grade; rank; step; CL:
to gather; to collect; collected works; classifier for sections of a TV series etc: episode
already; since; both... (and...)
jiāto press from either side; to place in between; to sandwich; to carry sth under armpit; wedged between; between; to intersperse; to mix; to mingle; clip; folder
jiǎfake; false; artificial; to borrow; if; suppose
jiàto support; frame; rack; framework; classifier for planes, large vehicles, radios etc
jiānpoint (of needle); sharp; shrewd; pointed
jiānshoulder; to shoulder (responsibilities etc)
jiǎnto lower; to decrease; to reduce; to subtract; to diminish
jiǎnscissors; shears; clippers; CL:; to cut with scissors; to trim; to wipe out or exterminate; surname Jian
jiǎnto choose; to pick; to sort out; to pick up
jiǎnto pick up; to collect; to gather
jiànto establish; to found; to set up; to build; to construct
jiànarrow; CL:
jiāngwill; shall; to use; to take; to checkmate; just a short while ago
jiǎngprize; award; encouragement; CL:
jiàngto drop; to fall; to come down; to descend
jiàocomparatively; (preposition comparing difference in degree); to contrast; to compare; rather; fairly; clearly (different); markedly; to haggle over; to quibble
jiěto divide; to break up; to split; to separate; to dissolve; to solve; to melt; to remove; to untie; to loosen; to open; to emancipate; to explain; to understand; to know; a solution; a dissection
jièto arrive at (place or time); period; to become due; classifier for events, meetings, elections, sporting fixtures etc
jīngold; chemical element Au; generic term for lustrous and ductile metals; money; golden; highly respected; one of the eight ancient musical instruments 八音; surname Jin; surname Kim (Korean); Jurchen Jin dynasty (1115-1234)
jǐnbarely; only; merely
jìnstrength; energy; enthusiasm; CL:
jìnto use up; to exhaust; to end; to finish; to the utmost; exhausted; finished; to the limit (of sth)
jīngclassics; sacred book; scripture; to pass through; to undergo; warp; longitude; abbr. for economics 经济; surname Jing
jǐnga well; CL:; neat; orderly; Jing, one of the 28 constellations of Chinese astronomy; surname Jing
jìngstill; calm; quiet; not moving
jiùto save; to assist; to rescue
juǎnto roll (up); to sweep up; to carry on; roll; to roll up; classifier for small rolled things (wad of paper money, movie reel etc)
juéto decide; to determine; to execute (sb); (of a dam etc) to breach or burst; definitely; certainly
jūnarmy; military; arms; CL:
kǎnto chop; to cut down; to throw sth at sb
kángcarry on one's shoulder
kǎoto roast; to bake; to broil
kǎoto check; to verify; to test; to examine; to take an exam
kàoto lean against or on; to stand by the side of; to come near to; to depend or rely on; to trust; to fuck (vulgar); traditional military costume drama where the performers wear armor (old)
branch of study; administrative section; division; field; branch; stage directions; family (taxonomy); rules; laws; to mete out (punishment); to levy (taxes etc); to fine sb; CL:
classifier for small spheres, pearls, corn grains, teeth, hearts, satellites etc
can; may; able to; to approve; to permit; certain(ly); to suit; very (particle used for emphasis)
kěnto agree; to consent; to be ready (to do sth); willing
kōngempty; air; sky; in vain
kǒnghole; CL:; classifier for cave dwellings; surname Kong
kòubutton; to fasten; to button; buckle; knot; to arrest; to confiscate; to deduct (money); discount; to knock; to smash or spike (a ball); to cover (with a bowl etc); fig. to tag a label on sb
kuàto step across; to stride over; to straddle; to span
kuānlenient; wide; broad; surname Kuan
kuǎnsection; paragraph; funds; CL:,; classifier for versions or models (e.g. a version of a device, software etc)
kuàngore; mine
kǔn bunch; to tie together; bundle; a bunch
kùnsleepy; tired; to trap; to surround; hard-pressed; stranded; destitute
láncut off; hinder
lànsoft; mushy; well-cooked and soft; to rot; to decompose; rotten; worn out; chaotic; messy; utterly; thoroughly
lángwolf; CL:,,
làngwave; breaker; unrestrained; dissipated
lāoto fish up; to dredge up
léithunder; (internet slang) terrifying; terrific; surname Lei
lèikind; type; class; category; similar; like; to resemble
pear; CL:
example; precedent; rule; case; instance
power; force; strength; ability; strenuously; surname Li
to stand; to set up; to establish; to lay down; to draw up; at once; immediately; surname Li
grain; granule; classifier for small round things (peas, bullets, peanuts, pills, grains etc)
liánto link; to join; to connect; continuously; in succession; including; (used with , etc) even; company (military); surname Lian
liànto practice; to train; to drill; to perfect (one's skill); exercise
liángcool; cold; the five Liang of the Sixteen Kingdoms, namely: Former Liang 前凉 (314-376), Later Liang 後凉 (386-403), Northern Liang 北凉 (398-439), Southern Liang 南凉 (397-414), Western Liang 西凉 (400-421)
liángto measure
liáoto chat; to depend upon (literary); temporarily; just; slightly
lièto arrange; to line up; row; file; series; column
línto face; to overlook; to arrive; to be (just) about to; just before
líng(small) bell; CL:
lǐngneck; collar; to lead; to receive; classifier for clothes, mats, screens etc
lìngother; another; separate; separately
lóngdragon; CL:; imperial; surname Long
lòuto leak; to divulge; to leave out by mistake; waterclock or hourglass (old)
lòuto show; to reveal; to betray; to expose
diary; record; to hit; to copy; surname Lu
lüèplan; strategy; outline; summary; slightly; rather; to rob; to plunder; to summarize
luòto fall or drop; (of the sun) to set; (of a tide) to go out; to lower; to decline or sink; to lag or fall behind; to fall onto; to rest with; to get or receive; to write down; whereabouts; settlement
to scold; abuse; CL:,
máito bury
màitake a step
māocat; CL:
màoto emit; to give off; to send out (or up, forth); brave; bold; to cover
méicoal; CL:
měiAmerica; beautiful; the Americas; abbr. for 美洲; USA; abbr. for 美国
mèngdream; CL:,
secret; confidential; close; thick; dense
miànflour; noodles; face; side; surface; aspect; top; classifier for flat surfaces such as drums, mirrors, flags etc
miǎosecond (of time); unit of angle or arc equivalent to one sixtieth of a degree
miàoclever; wonderful
miàotemple; ancestral shrine; CL:; temple fair
mièto extinguish or put out; to go out (of a fire etc); to exterminate or wipe out; to drown
míngname; noun (part of speech); place (e.g. among winners); famous; classifier for people
to feel with the hand; to touch; to stroke; to grope; to feel (one's pulse)
to rub; to grind; to polish; to sharpen; to wear down; to die out; to waste time; to pester; to insist
mǒusome; a certain; sb or sth indefinite; such-and-such
classifier for fields; unit of area equal to one fifteenth of a hectare
female; mother
tree; wood; coffin; wooden; simple; numb; one of the eight ancient musical instruments 八音; surname Mu
nàonoisy; cacophonous; to make noise; to disturb; to vent (feelings); to fall ill; to have an attack (of sickness); to go in (for some activity); to joke
mud; clay; paste; pulp
niǎobird; CL:,
niǔto turn; to twist; to wring; to sprain; to swing one's hips
nóngconcentrated; dense
nòngto do; to manage; to handle; to play with; to fool with; to mess with; to fix; to toy with
nuǎnwarm; to heat; genial
páia row; a line; to set in order; to arrange; to line up; to eliminate; to drain; to push open; platoon; raft; classifier for lines, rows etc
páimahjong tile; playing card; game pieces; signboard; plate; tablet; medal; CL:,,
pánplate; dish; tray; board; to build; to coil; to check; to examine; to transfer (property); to make over; classifier for food: dish, helping; to coil; classifier for coils of wire; classifier for games of chess
pángbeside; one side; other; side; self; the right-hand side of split Chinese character, often the phonetic
pàngfat; plump
pàocannon; CL:; firecracker
péito compensate for loss; to indemnify; to suffer a financial loss
péito accompany; to keep sb company; to assist; old variant of
pēnto puff; to spout; to spray; to spurt
pénbasin; flower pot; unit of volume equal to 12 and 8 , approx 128 liters; CL:
pěngto clasp; to cup the hands; to hold up with both hands; to offer (esp. in cupped hands); to praise; to flatter
to ascertain; to act on; to criticize; to pass on; classifier for batches, lots, military flights; tier (for the ranking of universities and colleges)
to drape over one's shoulders; to open; to unroll; to split open; to spread out
leather; skin; fur; pico- (one trillionth); CL:; surname Pi
classifier for horses, mules etc; Taiwan pr. [pi1]; ordinary person; classifier for cloth: bolt
piānone-sided; to lean; to slant; prejudiced; inclined to one side; the left-hand side of split Chinese character, often the key or radical; to insist on
piànto cheat; to swindle; to deceive; to fool; to hoodwink; to trick
piāoto float
píngflat; level; equal; to tie (make the same score); to draw (score); calm; peaceful; see also 平声; surname Ping
slope; CL:; sloping; slanted
to throw oneself at; to pounce on; to devote one's energies; to flap; to flutter; to dab; to pat; to bend over
to spread; to display; to set up; (old) holder for door-knocker
a period of time; phase; stage; (used for issue of a periodical, courses of study); time; term; period; to hope; Taiwan pr. [qi2]
neat; even; level with; identical; simultaneous; all together; to even sth out; (name of states and dynasties at several different periods); surname Qi
gas; air; smell; weather; vital breath; to anger; to get angry; to be enraged
qiānto pull (an animal on a tether); to lead along; to hold hands
qiàndeficient; to owe; to lack; yawn
qiānggun; firearm; rifle; spear; thing with shape or function similar to a gun; CL:,,,,; to substitute for another person in a test; to knock; classifier for rifle shots; surname Qiang
qiángstrong; powerful; better; slightly more than; vigorous; violent; best in their category, e.g. see 百强; surname Qiang
qiǎngfight over; to rush; to scramble; to grab; to rob; to snatch
qiāoto hit; to strike; to tap; to rap; to knock; to rip sb off; to overcharge
qiáoto look at; to see; to see (a doctor); to visit
qiǎoopportunely; coincidentally; as it happens; skillful; timely
qiēto cut; to slice; tangent (math)
qiěand; moreover; yet; for the time being; to be about to; both (... and...)
qīngclear; distinct; quiet; just and honest; pure; to settle or clear up; to clean up or purge; Qing or Ch'ing dynasty of Imperial China (1644-1911); surname Qing
qīngnature's color; green or blue; greenish black; youth; young (of people); abbr. for Qinghai province 青海
qióngexhausted; poor
qiúto seek; to look for; to request; to demand; to beseech
area; region; district; small; distinguish; CL:
big; stream or canal; drain; ditch; CL:; him (toplect); outer rim of a carriage wheel (old); surname Qu
to take; to get; to choose; to fetch
quāncircle; ring; loop; classifier for loops, orbits, laps of race etc; CL:; to surround; to circle
quànto advise; to urge; to try to persuade; exhort
quēdeficiency; lack; scarce; vacant post; to run short of
quèbut; yet; however; while; to go back; to decline; to retreat; nevertheless; even though
qúngroup; crowd; flock, herd, pack etc
rǎnto dye; to catch (a disease); to acquire (bad habits etc); to contaminate; to add colour washes to a painting
rǎngblurt out; to shout
ràoto wind; to coil (thread); to rotate around; to spiral; to move around; to go round (an obstacle); to by-pass; to make a detour; to confuse; to perplex
to provoke; to irritate; to vex; to stir up; to anger; to attract (troubles); to cause (problems)
rěnto bear; to endure; to tolerate
rènto recognize; to know; to admit
rēngto throw; to throw away
réngstill; yet; to remain
as; as if; such as
to enter; to go into; to join; to become a member of; to confirm or agree with; abbr. for 入声
ruǎnsoft; flexible
ruòweak; feeble; young; inferior; (following a decimal or fraction) slightly less than
to let go; to cast; to let loose; to discharge; to give expression to
to sprinkle; to spray; to spill; to shed
sàito compete; competition; match; to surpass; better than; superior to; to excel
sǎnumbrella; parasol; CL:
sǎoto sweep
color; CL:; look; appearance; sex
shāto kill; to murder; to fight; to weaken or reduce; to smart (topolect); to counteract; (used after a verb) extremely
shàito dry in the sun; to sunbathe; to share files (loan from "share")
shǎnto dodge; to duck out of the way; shaken (by a fall); to sprain; to pull a muscle; lightning; spark; a flash; to flash (across one's mind); to leave behind; surname Shan
shāngto injure; injury; wound
shāoto burn; to cook; to stew; to bake; to roast; fever
shāosomewhat; a little
shésnake; serpent; CL:
shèto shoot; to launch; to allude to; radio- (chemistry)
shēnto stretch; to extend
shēnbody; life; oneself; personally; one's morality and conduct; the main part of a structure or body; pregnant; classifier for sets of clothes: suit, twinset; Kangxi radical 158
shénGod; unusual; mysterious; soul; spirit; divine essence; lively; spiritual being; CL:; abbr. for 神舟
shēngascend; peaceful; to raise; to hoist; to promote; metric liter (also written 公升); measure for dry grain equal to one-tenth dou
shēngto be born; to give birth; life; to grow; raw, uncooked
shèngvictory; success; to beat; to defeat; to surpass; victorious; superior to; to get the better of; better than; surpassing; superb (of vista); beautiful (scenery); wonderful (view); (arch. pronunciation shēng) able to bear; equal to (a task)
湿shīmoist; wet
shīpoem; CL: ; poetry; verse; abbr. for Book of Songs 诗经
shíto pick up; to collate or arrange; ten (banker's anti-fraud numeral)
shìroom; work unit; grave; scabbard; family or clan; one of the 28 constellations of Chinese astronomy; surname Shi
shǒuhead; chief; first (occasion, thing etc); classifier for poems, songs etc
shòuto receive; to accept; to suffer; subjected to; to bear; to stand; pleasant; (passive marker)
shòuthin; to lose weight; (of clothing) tight; (of meat) lean; (of land) unproductive
shùnumber; figure; several; CL:
shuāto brush; to paint; to daub; to paste up; to skip class (of students); to fire from a job
shuāito throw down; to fall; to drop and break
shuǎito throw; to fling; to swing; to leave behind; to throw off
shùnto obey; to follow; to arrange; to make reasonable; along; favorable
silk; thread; trace; CL:
to tear
personal; private; selfish
sōngloose; to loosen; to relax; pine; CL:; surname Song
suíto follow; to comply with; varying according to...; to allow; surname Sui
suìto break down; to break into pieces; fragmentary
suōto withdraw; to pull back; to contract; to shrink; to reduce; abbreviation
suǒactually; place; classifier for houses, small buildings, institutions etc; that which; particle introducing a relative clause or passive; CL:
pagoda; tower; minaret; stupa (abbr. loanword from Sanskrit tapo); CL:
táityphoon; platform; stage; terrace; stand; support; desk; station; broadcasting station; classifier for vehicles or machines; Taiwan (abbr.); (classical) you (in letters); surname Tai
tánto pluck (a string); to play (a string instrument); to spring or leap; to shoot (eg with a catapult); (of cotton) to fluff or tease; to flick; to flip; to accuse; to impeach; elastic (of materials)
tànto explore; to search out; to scout; to visit; to stretch forward
tàngto scald; to burn; to iron; hot
tàngclassifier for times, round trips or rows; a time; a trip
tāoto fish out (from pocket); to scoop
táoto escape; to run away; to flee
tàocover; sheath; to encase; a case; to overlap; to interleave; bend (of a river or mountain range, in place names); harness; classifier for sets, collections; tau (Greek letter Ττ)
topic; problem for discussion; exam question; subject; to inscribe; to mention; CL:,; surname Ti
to substitute for; to take the place of; to replace; for; on behalf of; to stand in for
tiānto add; to increase; to replenish
tiánto fill or stuff; (of a form etc) to fill in
tiánfield; farm; CL:; surname Tian
tiāoto carry on a shoulder pole; to choose; to pick; to nitpick
tiēto stick; to paste; to keep close to; to fit snugly; to subsidize; allowance (e.g. money for food or housing); sticker; classifier for sticking plaster: strip
tiěiron (metal); arms; weapons; hard; strong; violent; unshakeable; determined; close; tight (slang); surname Tie
tónglike; same; similar; together; alike; with
tóngcopper (chemistry); see also 红铜; CL:
tǒngbucket; (trash) can; barrel (of oil etc); CL:,
tòngache; pain; sorrow; deeply; thoroughly
tōuto steal; to pilfer; to snatch; thief; stealtily
tóuto throw; to send; to invest
tòuto penetrate; to pass through; thoroughly; completely; transparent; to appear; to show
diagram; picture; drawing; chart; map; CL:; to plan; to scheme; to attempt; to pursue; to seek
variant of ; surname Tu; to apply (paint etc); to smear; to daub; to blot out; to scribble; to scrawl; mud (literary)
to spit; to put; to say
earth; dust; clay; local; indigenous; crude opium; unsophisticated; one of the eight ancient musical instruments 八音; Tu (ethnic group); surname Tu
to vomit; to throw up
tuándumpling; regiment; round; circular; group; society
tuōto trust; to entrust; to be entrusted with; to act as trustee; prop; support (for weight); rest (e.g. arm rest); thanks to; to hold in one's hand; to support in one's palm; to give; to base; to commit; to set
tuōto drag; to pull; to trail; to delay; to drag on
to dig; to excavate; to scoop out
wareplaces when following the vowel "u" or "ao"
wāiaskew; at a crooked angle; devious; noxious
wānbend; bent; CL:
wàngfull moon; to hope; to expect; to visit; to gaze (into the distance); to look towards; towards
wéito encircle; to surround; all around; to wear by wrapping around (scarf, shawl); surname Wei
wèinot yet; did not; have not; not; 8th earthly branch: 1-3 p.m., 6th solar month (7th July-6th August), year of the Sheep
wèistomach; CL:
wénto hear; news; well-known; famous; reputation; fame; to smell; to sniff at; surname Wen
wěnsettled; steady; stable
to hold; to grasp; to clench (one's fist); to master; classifier: a handful
house; room; CL:,
-less; not to have; no; none; not; to lack; un-
fog; mist; CL:,
to breathe; to suck in; to absorb; to inhale
trick; drama; play; show; CL:,,
xiàto frighten; to scare
xiānto lift (a lid); to rock; to convulse
xiānfresh; bright (in color); delicious; tasty; delicacy; aquatic foods; seldom
xiánnoccupied; leisure; free time; to stay idle; to be unoccupied; not busy; enclosure
xiànto offer; to present; to dedicate; to donate; to show; to put on display; worthy person (old)
线xiànthread; string; wire; line; CL:,,
xiāngcountry or countryside; native place; home village or town; township (PRC administrative unit)
xiāngeach other; one another; mutually
xiàngelephant, CL:; shape; form; appearance; of that shape; comparable to; such as...; image under a map (math.)
xiàngback of neck; item; thing; term (in a mathematical formula); sum (of money); classifier for principles, items, clauses, tasks, research projects etc; surname Xiang
xiēto rest
xiéinclined; slanting; oblique; tilting
xǐngto wake up; to awaken; to be awake
xìngnature; character; property; quality; attribute; sexuality; sex; gender; suffix forming adjective from verb; suffix forming noun from adjective, corresponding to -ness or -ity; essence; CL:
xiōngchest; bosom; heart; mind; thorax
xióngmale; staminate; grand; imposing; powerful; mighty; person or state having great power and influence
xiūto decorate; to embellish; to repair; to build; to study; to write; to cultivate; surname Xiu
to allow; to permit; to praise; somewhat; perhaps; surname Xu
xuǎnto choose; to pick; to select; to elect
to press; to push down; to keep under (control); pressure
tooth; ivory; CL:
沿yánalong; following (a line)
yánsalt; CL:
yǎnto develop; to evolve; to practice; to perform; to play; to act
yǎneye; small hole; crux (of a matter); CL:,; classifier for big hollow things (wells, stoves, pots etc)
yànto swallow
yǎngto raise (animals); to bring up (children); to keep (pets); to support; to give birth
yàngmanner; pattern; way; appearance; shape; CL:
yāowaist; lower back; pocket; middle; loins
yáoshake; to rock
yǎoto bite; to nip
to move; to shift; to change; to alter; to remove
to use; according to; so as to; by means of; in order to; by; with; because; abbr. for Israel 以色列
already; to stop; then; afterwards
yínsilver; silver-colored; relating to money or currency
yìnto print; to mark; to engrave; a seal; a print; a stamp; a mark; a trace; image; surname Yin; abbr. for 印度
yīngto answer; to respond; to agree (to do sth); should; ought to
yìnghard; stiff; strong; firm; resolutely; doggedly; good (quality); able (person)
yóuoil; fat; grease; petroleum; to apply tung oil, paint or varnish; oily; greasy; glib; cunning
yóuto follow; from; it is; reason; cause; because of; due to; to; to leave it (to sb); by (introduces passive verb)
in; at; to; from; by; than; out of; surname Yu; to go; to take; sentence-final interrogative particlesurname Yu
and; to give; together with
to meet; to encounter; to treat; to receive; opportunity; chance; surname Yu
yuánperson; employee; member
yuàncourtyard; institution; CL:
yuēto make an appointment; to invite; approximately; pact; treaty; to economize; to restrict; to reduce (a fraction); concise
yùnto move; to transport; to use; to apply; fortune; luck; fate
dialectal equivalent of 怎么
zāidisaster; calamity
zàoto make; to build; to invent; to manufacture
conjunction used to express contrast with a previous sentence or clause; standard; norm; rule; to imitate; to follow; then; principle; classifier for written items (such as an official statement)
zhāto prick; to run or stick (a needle etc) into; jug (a classifier for liquids such as beer)
zhāito take; to borrow; to pick (flowers, fruit etc); to pluck; to select; to remove; to take off (glasses, hat etc)
zhǎinarrow; narrow-minded; badly off
zhānto glue; to stick; to paste
zhāngchapter; section; clause; movement (of symphony); seal; badge; regulation; order; surname Zhang
zhǎngto rise (of prices, rivers)
zhàngten feet
zháoto touch; to come in contact with; to feel; to be affected by; to catch fire; to fall asleep; to burn
zhàoaccording to; in accordance with; to shine; to illuminate; to reflect; to look at (one's reflection); to take (a photo); photo
zhéo fold; to break; to fracture; to snap; to suffer loss; to bend; to twist; to turn; to change direction; convinced; to convert into (currency); discount; rebate; tenth (in price); classifier for theatrical scenes; to fold; accounts book
zhēninjection; needle; pin; CL:,
zhèndisposition of troops; wave; spate; burst; spell; short period of time; classifier for events or states of short duration
zhēngto strive for; to vie for; to argue or debate; deficient or lacking (topolect); how or what (literary)
zhēngto open (one's eyes)
zhīto weave; to knit
zhístraight; to straighten; fair and reasonable; frank; straightforward; (indicates continuing motion or action); vertical; vertical downward stroke in Chinese characters; surname Zhi; Zhi (c. 2000 BC), fifth of the legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神农 Farmer God
zhǐto stop; to prohibit; until; only
zhìto rule; to govern; to manage; to control; to harness (a river); cure; treatment; to heal
zhìto arrive; most; to; until
zhòngto plant; to grow; to cultivate
zhūtree trunk; stump (tree root); a plant; classifier for trees or plants; to involve others (in shady business)
zhǔto cook; to boil
zhuāto grab; to catch; to arrest; to snatch; to scratch
zhuǎnto convey; to forward (mail); to transfer; to turn; to shift
zhuànto revolve; to turn; to circle about; to walk about; classifier for turns: revs; classifier for repeated actions
zhuàngto hit; to strike; to meet by accident; to run into; to bump against; to bump into
zhuīto chase after; to seek; to do one's utmost to seek or procure sth; to recall
zhǔnhorizontal (old); accurate; standard; definitely; certainly; to allow; to grant; in accordance with; in the light of
zhuōto clutch; to grab; to capture
purple; violet; amethyst; Lithospermum erythrorhizon (flowering plant whose root provides red purple dye); Japanese: murasaki
from; self; oneself; since
to form; to organize; group; team; classifier for sets, series, groups of people, batteries; surname Zu
zuānto drill; to bore; to get into; to make one's way into; to enter (a hole); to thread one's way through; to study intensively; to dig into; to curry favor for personal gain