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dǐngancient cooking cauldron with two looped handles and three or four legs; pot (topolect); to enter upon a period of (classical); Kangxi radical 244; one of the 64 trigrams of the Book of Changes
dǐng lit. to stand like the three legs of a tripod; tripartite confrontation or balance of forces
dǐng shèngflourishing; at its peak; a golden age
dǐng (honorific) your kind efforts; thanks to your help
dǐng xiāng zhùWe are most grateful for your valuable assistance.
dǐng zhù(honorific) your inestimable assistance; thanks to your help
Dǐng chéngDingcheng district of Changde city 常德市, Hunan
Dǐng chéng Dingcheng district of Changde city 常德市, Hunan
dǐng zhìa tripartite balance; compromise between three rivals
dǐng xīnto innovate
dǐng rich patriarchal family; aristocracy
dǐng fèia confused noise; a racket
Dǐng Dinghu district of Zhaoqing city 肇庆市, Guangdong
Dǐng Dinghu district of Zhaoqing city 肇庆市, Guangdong
dǐng shèng shí flourishing period; golden age
dǐng shèng flourishing age (of the ceremonial tripod); golden age
dǐng lit. the three legs of a tripod; fig. three competing rivals
dǐng zhī shìcompetition between three rivals; tripartite confrontation
dǐng chēng shílit. to use a sacred tripod as cooking pot and jade as ordinary stone (idiom); fig. a waste of precious material; casting pearls before swine
dǐng change of dynasties; clear out the old, bring in the new
dǐng shíextravagant food
dǐng dǐnggreat; very important
dǐng dǐng míngfamous; celebrated