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Search result for words containing 醇: 49 word(s) found.

chúnalcohol; wine with high alcohol content; rich; pure; good wine; sterols
chúnethanol C2H5OH; same as alcohol 酒精
jiǎ chúnmethyl alcohol; methanol CH3OH; wood alcohol; wood spirit
èr chúnglycol; ethylene glycol C2H4(OH)2 (antifreeze)
dīng chúnbutanol; butyl alcohol C4H9OH
dǎn chúncholesterol
chún hòumellow and rich; simple and kind
gān chúnmannitol
yuán chúnmethyl alcohol CH3OH
dīng èr chúnbutyl glycol
sān yuán chúnpropyl alcohol C3H7OH
bǐng sān chúnglycerine; same as 甘油
bǐng èr chúnpropylene glycol; propane-1,2-diol C3H6(OH)2
bǐng chúnpropanol; propyl alcohol C3H7OH
chún suānglycolic acid C2H4O3
èr yuán chúnethyl alcohol C2H5OH
èr gān chúndiethylene glycol; glycerin (used in antifreeze)
èr liú bǐng chúndimercaprol
èr chúnglycol
chéng lèi chúnanabolic steroids
chún xiǎo great despite minor blemishes; a rough diamond
shān chúnsorbitol C6H14O6 (sugar substitute and mild laxative)
chúnxylitol; also written 木糖醇
zuò chúntebuconazole (antifungal agent)
chúnamyl alcohol
chúnlactitol, a sugar alcohol
táng chúnxylitol
chúnwood alcohol; wood spirit; methyl alcohol; methanol CH3OH; same as 甲醇
liǔ dīng ān chúnalbuterol (also known as proventil, salbutamol, ventolin), an asthma drug
shā dīng àn chúnsalbutamol (a beta 2 agonist used in treating asthma); also known as albuterol, proventil and ventolin
gān táng chúnMannitol C6H14O6, a sugar alcohol
gān táng chúnMannitol C6H14O6, a sugar alcohol
jiǎ èr chúnmethylene glycol
jiǎ chún zhōng methyl alcohol poisoning
bǐng chúnisopropanol; isopropyl alcohol C3H8O
zhì chúncortisol
táng chúnsugar alcohol
chì xiǎn táng chúnerythritol, a sugar alcohol
chì xiǎn chúnerythritol, a sugar alcohol
jiào chúnzymosterol
chún měimellow; rich; superb
chún suānalkyd; alcohol acid; hydroxyacid
chún suān shù zhīalkyd resin
ā shū chúnalbuterol, chemical used in treating asthma
sān chúnestriol
shuāng chún ànclenbuterol
lèi chúnsteroid
mài táng chúnmaltitol, a sugar alcohol