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fènpart; share; section; piece; CL:
ministry; department; section; part; division; troops; board; classifier for works of literature, films, machines etc
gàn personnel; employees; cadre (in communist party); CL:
quán whole; entire; complete
méndepartment; branch; section; division; CL:
nèi interior; inside (part, section); internal
duìarmy; armed forces; troops; force; unit; CL:
most of; the majority of sth
zhǎnghead of a (government etc) department; section chief; section head; secretary; minister; CL:,,
fènportion; part of; subset
zǒng general headquarters
wèiposition; place
part; local
shàng upper section
nán southern part
zhī branch, esp. grass root branches of a political party
jiànparts; components; assembly; character radical
běi northern part; Tonkin (region in Vietnam)
wài external part; external
zhōng middle part; central section
chéng fènpart; component; ingredient; constituent
tóu head
abdomen; belly; flank
shǔto dispose; to deploy; deployment
zhuāng duìarmed forces
jué fenoverwhelming majority
xiàtroops under one's command; subordinate
xiōng chest; bosom
lèicategory; division
rén mín nèi máo dùninternal contradiction among the people (pretext for a purge)
cái zhèng Ministry of Finance
fenin large part; the greater part; the majority
club (i.e. a group or organization) (loanword); CL:
gōng ān Ministry of Public Security
nèi máo dùninternal contradiction
běn headquarters; home office
miàn face (body part)
zhǎng huì minister level conference
wèi shēng health department
yāo waist; small of the back
Gōng Ministry of Transport & Irrigation in Imperial China
tribe; tribal
西 western part
mén shì retail department; section of a retail store
Xíng Ministry of Justice in Imperial China
zhì xylem
Ministry of Revenue in Imperial China
Bīng Ministry of War in Imperial China
Xuān chuán Propaganda Department