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Search result for words containing 路: 323 word(s) found.

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road; path; way; CL:; surname Lu
diàn electric circuit
线 xiànitinerary; route; political line (e.g. right revisionist road); CL:
dào road; path; way; CL:
tiě railroad; railway; CL:
gōng public road; CL:
线xiàn line; circuit; wire; road; railway track; bus route
shangon the road; on a journey; road surface
the whole journey; all the way; going the same way; going in the same direction; of the same kind
huí to return; circuit (e.g. electric); loop
chéngroute; path traveled; distance traveled; course (of development)
chū a way out (of a difficulty etc)
street; road; CL:
线qún zhòng xiànThe Mass Line, Communist Party of China (CPC) policy aimed at broadening and cultivating contacts with the masses
jūnthe Eighth Route Army
guǎn piping (for water, oil, etc); conduit
duǎn short circuit
tōng access
avenue; CL:
zǒu to walk; to go on foot
xiāo sale; market; state of the market; sales event
shuǐ waterway
mén way of doing sth; the right social connection
guòpass by or through
jìngpath; route; method; ways and means
shān mountain road
kāi to open a way
zimethod; way; approach
bàn halfway; midway; on the way
train of thought; thinking; reason; reasoning
lěngJerusalem, capital of Israel
páng to bypass
xiū to repair a road
chéng diàn integrated circuit; IC
Sài Cyprus
duì suitable; to one's liking
the way one is following; outlet
lǎo old road; familiar way; beaten track; conventional behavior
zǒu tóu no way out (idiom); at an impasse; at a dead end
kǒucrossing; intersection (of roads)
wén veined pattern; wrinkles; vein lines (in marble or fingerprint); grain (in wood etc)
dēngstreet lamp; street light
dài to lead the way; to guide; to show the way; fig. to instruct
Luther (name); Martin Luther (1483-1546), reformation protestant minister
shí kǒucrossroads; intersection
gǎn to hasten on with one's journey; to hurry on
shùn by the way; while out doing sth else; conveniently
at death's door; one foot in the grave