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Search result for words containing 说: 210 word(s) found.

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shuìto canvass; to persuade; see 游说, to canvass and 说客, persuasive speaker
shuōto speak; to say; a theory (usually in compounds such as 日心说 heliocentric theory)
shuō míngto explain; to illustrate; to indicate; to show; to prove; explanation; directions; caption; CL:
jiù shì shuōin other words; that is
xiǎo shuōnovel; fiction; CL:,
shuō huàto speak; to say; to talk; to gossip; to tell stories; talk; word
xué shuōtheory; doctrine
tīng shuōto hear (sth said); one hears (that); hearsay; listening and speaking
shuō dàoto state; to say (the quoted words)
shuō daoto discuss; reason (behind sth)
shuō faway of speaking; wording; formulation; one's version (of events); statement; theory; hypothesis; interpretation
shuō to expound Buddhist teachings
zài shuōto say again; to put off a discussion until later; moreover; what's more; besides
huà shuōIt is said that... (at the start of a narrative); to discuss; to recount
chuán shuōlegend; folklore; tradition; it is said; they say that...
shuōit is said that; reportedly
yǎn shuōspeech; to deliver a speech
shuō to persuade; to convince; to talk sb over; Taiwan pr. [shui4 fu2]
shuōto talk nonsense; drivel
huàn huà shuōin other words
suī shuōthough; although
shuō bu dìngcan't say for sure; maybe
shuō jiàoto preach
jiě shuōto explain; to comment
xiǎo shuō jiānovelist; School of Minor-talks, one of the Hundred Schools of Thought 诸子百家 during the Warring States Period (475-221 BC)
duǎn piān xiǎo shuōnarrative; short story
què shuōand the story continues thus: (literary auxiliary particle 发语辞)
cháng piān xiǎo shuōlong novel
jiǎ shuōhypothesis
shuō xiàoto chat and laugh; to crack jokes; to banter
shuō hǎoto come to an agreement; to complete negotiations
hǎo shuōyou're too kind (humble); with pleasure! (indicating agreement); easy to handle
quàn shuōpersuade; persuasion; advise
shuōto tell sb
shuō bu shàngto be unable to say or tell; to not be worth mentioning
shuō míng shū(technical) manual; (book of) directions; synopsis (of a play or film); CL:
shuō shūfolk art consisting of story-telling to music
fǎn guò lái shuōon the other hand
shuō chàngspoken and sung; hip-hop (music genre)
bān shuō láigenerally speaking; in general
xiā shuōto talk drivel; to assert sth without a proper understanding or basis in fact; not to know what one is talking about
zhāng huí xiǎo shuōnovel in chapters, main format for long novels from the Ming onwards, with each chapter headed by a summary couplet
shuō to reason; to argue logically
shù shuōto recount; to narrate; to give an account of
shuō huǎngto lie; to tell an untruth
shuō dàoto talk rubbish
chéng shuōaccepted theory or formulation
àn shuōin the ordinary course of events; ordinarily; normally
shuōscattered essays; various opinions; different manners of speaking
dài shuōneedless to say; it goes without saying