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word; statement; speech; lyrics; CL:,; classical Chinese poem; CL:
míng noun
words and sentences
song lyric; lyrics
yán words; expression
inscription; dedication
kāi opening speech (at a conference)
huìvocabulary; list of words (e.g. for language teaching purposes)
zhì to make a speech; to make some remarks
dào memorial speech; eulogy
yán forceful (criticism etc); to use strong words
gòng statement of confession
tái an actor's lines; script
zhèng testimony
dān word; CL:
dài míng pronoun
shì oath; pledge
kān foreword; preface (to a publication)
diǎndictionary (of Chinese compound words); also written 辞典; CL:,
rénwriter of (a kind of classical Chinese poem); person of literary talent
shēng new word (in textbook); word that is unfamiliar or not yet studied; CL:,
message of congratulation
hài zhìdon't let rhetoric spoil the message (idiom); don't get carried away with flowery speech to the detriment of what you want to say
dòng intransitive verb
shǔ míng uncountable noun (in grammar of European languages)
dìng guān indefinite article (e.g. English a, an)
dìng infinitive
zàn keep silent; make no comment
zhǔ subject
huì dān yuánsublexical units
guī sub-word regularity
rén chēng dài personal pronoun
jiè preposition
jiè preposition
dài pronoun
jiè loan word; pretext
jiǎ dié pseudo-affixation
piān zhèng shì chéng modified compound word
chuán tǒng lèitraditional parts of speech (grammar)
rǒng tautology; superfluous words
rǒng zhuì expletive (linguistics)
guān xíng article (in grammar)
guàn article (in grammar)
fēn participle
qián zhì preposition
qián diǎn yīn jiā gōngprelexical phonology
qián huì jiā gōngpre-lexical access
qián huì yīn jiā gōngpre-lexical phonological processing
qián huì jiē duànpre-lexical stage