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Search result for words containing 荆: 22 word(s) found.

jīngchaste tree or berry (Vitex agnus-castus); alternative name for the Zhou Dynasty State of Chu 楚国
Jīng zhōuJingzhou prefecture level city on Changjiang in Hubei
jīng xūn zhāngGreat Bauhinia Medal (GBM), Hong Kong's highest honor
zhuō jīngmy humble wife
bān jīng xiāng duìto treat sb with courtesy (idiom)
jīngHong Kong orchid or bauhinia (Cercis chinensis)
Jīng shānThorny mountain (several); Mt Jingshan in Hubei
Jīng zhōu Jingzhou district of Jingzhou city 荆州市, Hubei
Jīng zhōu shìJingzhou prefecture level city on Changjiang in Hubei
jīng thistles and thorns; brambles; thorny undergrowth
jīng zài lit. a path covered in brambles; a course of action beset by difficulties (idiom)
jīng chǔ wǎngIPTV (PRC media network)
jīng chǔ wǎng shìIPTV (PRC media network)
jīng zhēn mǎn thorns and brambles as far as eye can see (idiom); beset by troubles
Jīng jiāngJingjiang section of the Changjiang River 长江, Hunan
jīng jièschizonepeta, herb used in Chinese medicine
Jīng Jing Ke (-227 BC), celebrated in verse and fiction as would-be assassin of King Ying Zheng of Qin 秦嬴政 (later the First Emperor 秦始皇)
Jīng ménJingmen prefecture level city in Hubei
Jīng mén shìJingmen prefecture level city in Hubei
shí jīngIt is a great honor to meet you.
shí jīng hèn wǎnIt is a great honor to meet you and I regret it is not sooner
jīng qǐng zuìlit. to bring a bramble and ask for punishment (idiom); to offer sb a humble apology