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Search result for words starting with 节: 48 word(s) found.

jiéfestival; holiday; node; joint; section; segment; part; to economize; to save; to abridge; moral integrity; classifier for segments, e.g. lessons, train wagons, biblical verses; CL:
jié yuēto economize; to conserve (resources); economy; frugal
jié shěngsaving; to save; to use sparingly; to cut down on
jié zòurhythm; tempo; musical pulse; cadence; beat
jié program; item (on a program); CL:,,
jié diǎnnode
jié holiday; festival; CL:
jié pāibeat (music); meter
jié zhìto control; to restrict; to moderate; to temper; to administer
jié jiānbetween joints
使jié shǐTang and Song dynasty provincial governor, in Tang times having military and civil authority, but only civil authority in Song
jié qisolar term
jié to practice birth control
jié liú a throttle
jié to save; savings
jié to extract; to excerpt; excerpt
jié běnabridged version
jié zhī dòng arthropod
jié néngto save energy; energy-saving
jié shàng shēng zhīa new branch grows out of a knot (idiom); fig. side issues keep arising
jié hòuseason and climate
jié jiǎnfrugal; economical
jié āi shùn biànrestrain your grief, accept fate (condolence phrase)
jié wài shēng zhīa new branch grows out of a knot (idiom); fig. side issues keep arising
jié zòu Rhythm and Blues R&B
jié qìngfestival
jié pāi metronome
jié cāointegrity; moral principle
jié zhīto save on expenditure
jié zhī dòng arthropod
jié festival season
jié ménthrottle
jié shuǐto save water
jié yóuto economize on gasoline; fuel-efficient
jié liúto control flow; to choke; weir valve; a throttle; a choke
jié liú bǎnthrottle pedal; accelerator
jié lüèabbreviation
jié lüè běnabridged version
jié liúknot (in wood)
jié zhī jiè bìng arbovirus
jié néng dēngcompact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
jié suō shíto save on food and clothing (idiom); to live frugally
jié dòng arthropod, segmented animals with jointed limbs; same as 节肢动物
jié chēa train; articulated vehicle
jié xuǎnexcerpt; selection (from a book); to select; to choose an extract
jié diànto save electricity; power saving
jié shíto save food; to go on a diet
jié gu yǎncritical juncture; crucial moment