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Search result for words starting with 罗: 149 word(s) found.

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luógauze; to collect; to gather; to catch; to sift; surname Luo
Luó Rome
Luó Romania
luó roller (loanword)
Luó Roth (name); Kenneth Roth (1955-), executive director of Human Rights Watch 人权观察
Luó Roman law
luó hànabbr. for 阿罗汉
luó lièto spread out
Luó Robert (name)
luō suolong-winded; wordy; troublesome
luó jīngcompass; same as 罗盘
Luó tuō Rostov-on-Don, Russian river port and regional capital close to Sea of Azov (north of the Black Sea)
luó wǎngnet; fishing net; bird net
Luó guóRoman Empire (27 BC-476 AD)
luó zhīto frame sb; to cook up imaginary charges against sb
Luó lín Norbulingka (Tibetan: precious garden), summer residence of Dalai Lamas in Lhasa, Tibet
luó páncompass
luó wénrib (in fabric); ribbed pattern
Luó Russell (name); Bertrand Arthur William, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970), British logician, rationalist philosopher and pacifist
Luó shù Roman numerals
luō màn dài romantic (loanword)
Luó xiùLuo Yixiu (1889-1910), Mao Zedong's first wife
Luó Shì chāngLuo Shichang, Qing dynasty painter
Luó ěrRobespierre (name); Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre (1758-1794), French revolutionary leader, enthusiastic advocate of reign of terror 1791-1794
Luó · ēn Robert Burns (1759-1796), Scottish poet
Luó · luò Robert Frost (1874-1963), American poet

Luó · · wén sēnRobert Louis Stevenson (novelist), author of Treasure Island 金银岛
Luó Roberts
Luō xùnRobertson (name)
Luó Bǎo míngLuo Baoming (1952-), sixth governor of Hainan
luó lún Lawrence (city in Kansas, USA)
Luó jiéRoger
Luó jié Rogers
Luó qiē Rochester
luó chàdemon in Buddhism; poltergeist in temple that plays tricks on monks and has a taste for their food
luó sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum)
luó kǒurib collar; rib top of socks
luó suōlong-winded; wordy
luó zàoto create a disturbance; to make trouble; to harass
Luó Jiā liángGallen Lo (1962-), Hong Kong actor and singer
luó quānround frame of a sieve
luó quānrerhua variant of 罗圈, round frame of a sieve
luó quānr to bow around with hands joined (to people on all sides)
luó quān tuǐbow-legged; bandy-legged
luó chénga second wall built around a city wall
Luó chéng lǎo zhì xiànLuocheng Mulao autonomous county in Hezhou 贺州, Guangxi
Luó chéng xiànLuocheng Mulao autonomous county in Hezhou 贺州, Guangxi
Luó sāi Shí bēiRosetta Stone
Luó rénRomani, an ethnic group of Europe
luō jiǔrum