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jiē (social) class; CL:
chǎn jiē the capitalist class; the bourgeoisie
chǎn jiē proletariat
level; grade; rank; step; CL:
all levels
jiē dòu zhēngthe class struggle
gōng rén jiē working class
zhǔ jiē land-owning classes
gāo high level; high grade; advanced; high-ranking
děng degree; rate
shàng higher authorities; superiors; CL:
xuē jiē exploiting class (in Marxist theory)
chāo guósuperpower
chǎn jiē mìngbourgeois revolution (in Marx-Leninist theory, a prelude to the proletarian revolution)
xiǎo chǎn jiē petty bourgeois
fēn to sort; to separate into different kinds
xià low ranking; low level; an underclass
low level; rudimentary; vulgar; low; inferior
nóng mín jiē peasant class (esp. in Marxist theory); peasantry
nián grade; CL:
néng energy level
pǐn workmanship
bié(military) rank; level; grade
shēng promotion; upgrade; to escalate (in intensity); step up; to increase; to rise; to go up
chū junior; primary
zhōng middle level (in a hierarchy)
bān classes or grades in school
chāo super-; ultra-; hyper-
shù liàng order of magnitude
special grade; top quality
使 shǐ ambassadorial
stair; rung of a ladder
first class; category A
shì guāncorporal (army)
fāng chéng shìFormula One
tóufirst stage (diving)
seven floor pagoda
sān grade 3; third class; category C
sān shì guānstaff sergeant
sān piànthird category movie (containing sexual or violent content)
sān tiàotriple jump (athletics); hop, skip and jump
sān tiào yuǎntriple jump (athletics); hop, skip and jump
shàng lǐng dǎohigh level leadership; top brass
shì jiè world-class
zhōng chǎn jiē middle class
zhōng liàng middleweight
èr grade 2; second class; category B
èr shì guānsergeant
èr tóusecond stage (diving)
xīng five-star (hotel)