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Search result for words containing 玄: 33 word(s) found.

xuánblack; mysterious
xuán xuéWei and Jin philosophical school amalgamating Daoist and Confucian ideals; translation of metaphysics (also translated 形而上学)
Huán XuánHuan Xuan (369-404), general involved in the break-up of Eastern Jin
Táng Xuán zōngTang Emperor Xuanzong (685-762), also known as Emperor Ming of Tang 唐明皇, reign name of seventh Tang emperor 李隆基, reigned 712-756
tiān xuán huángfirst line of Thousand character classic 千字文, equivalent to ABC
Fáng Xuán língFang Xuanling (579-648), Tang dynasty historian, compiler of History of Jin dynasty 晋书
nòng xuán deliberately mystifying; to make sth unnecessarily complicated
zhěn zhuàng xuán yánpillow lava (geology); pillow basalt
yuān xuánprofundity; depth
xuán zhī yòu xuánmystery within a mystery; the mysteries of the Dao according to Laozi 老子
xuán unreliable; incredible
Xuán mythical fairyland on Kunlun Mountain 昆仑
Xuán zàngXuanzang (602-664) Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator, who traveled to India 629-645
xuán àoabstruse; profound mystery; the mysteries of the universe
xuán miàomysterious; profound; abstruse
xuán sūngreat-great-grandson
xuán profound theory (in Daoism and Buddhism); mysterious principles
Xuán Black Tortoise (the seven mansions of the north sky); (in Daoism) God of the north sky
Xuán Xuanwu (Black tortoise) district of Nanjing City 南京市 in Jiangsu 江苏
xuán yánbasalt (geology); lava
xuán zhì róng yánbasalt; also written 玄熔岩
Xuán mén zhī biànXuanwu gate coup of June 626 in early Tang, in which Li Shimin 李世民 killed his brothers, seized the throne from his father as Emperor Taizong 唐太宗
xuán silver or black fox (Vulpes alopex argentatus)
xuán profound theory; philosophical theory of Wei and Jin 玄学 sect
xuán shímagnetite Fe3O4
xuán mystery; mysterious; occult; abstruse doctrine (e.g. religious)
xuán chágenmaicha; Japanese tea with added roasted brown rice
Xuán jùnXuantu commandery (108 BC-c. 300 AD), one of four Han dynasty commanderies in north Korea
xuán deceitful trick; mystery; unfathomable
xuán yuǎnprofound; abstruse mystery
xuán guānentrance hall; front door; porch; vestibule
xuán qīngdeep black
Zhèng XuánZheng Xuan (127-200), late Han scholar