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Search result for words containing 焚: 20 word(s) found.

fén shāoto burn; set on fire
fén huǐto burn down; to destroy with fire; trad. also written 焚毀
fén shūto burn the books (one of the crimes of the first Emperor in 212 BC)
huǒ fén shēnburning with desire
jiù fén xīnadd firewood to put out the flames (idiom); fig. ill-advised action that only makes the problem worse; to add fuel to the fire
fén huàto cremate
fén shīto cremate
fén shī crematorium; crematory oven
fén shū kēng to burn the books and bury alive the Confucian scholars (one of the crimes of the first Emperor in 212 BC)
fén qín zhǔ lit. to burn zithers and cook cranes; fig. to waste valuable resources; to destroy wantonly beautiful things
fén yànto destroy one's ink-slab; to write no more because others write so much better (idiom)
fén gāo guǐto burn the midnight oil (idiom); to work continuously night and day
fén xiāngto burn incense
fén xiāng jìng shénto burn incense in prayer to a God
shí fénto burn both jade and common stone; to destroy indiscriminately (idiom)
wán huǒ fénto play with fire and get burnt (idiom); fig. to play with evil and suffer the consequences; to get one's fingers burnt
zhī fén huì tànlit. when one grass burns the other grass sighs (idiom); fig. to have sympathy with a like-minded person in distress
lán ài tóng fénlit. to burn both fragrant orchids and stinking weeds (idiom); fig. to destroy indiscriminately the noble and common; the rain falls on the just and unjust alike