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qiánhidden; secret; latent; to hide; to conceal; to submerge; to dive
qián potential; capacity
qián to hide; to cover up; to conceal
qián tǐngsubmarine
qián zàihidden; potential; latent
qián to submerge; to infiltrate; to steal into
qián shuǐ tǐngsubmarine
qián shuǐto dive; to go under water; lurker (Internet slang for sb who reads forum posts but never replies)
qián huàimperceptible influence; to influence secretly
qián tǐngnuclear submarine; abbr. for 核动力潜艇
qián latent heat
qián táoto abscond; to slink off
fǎn qiánanti-submarine; antisubmarine
qián shíunconscious mind; subconscious mind; subconsciousness
qián incubation period (of disease)
qián shuǐ yuánfrogman
dǎo dàn qián tǐngnuclear-powered missile submarine
dǎo dàn qián tǐng(guided) missile submarine
shù qián shuǐtechnical diving
gōng xíng qián tǐngnuclear-powered attack submarine
yǒu qián promising; showing potential
dòng gōng qián tǐngnuclear attack submarine
dòng qián tǐngnuclear submarine; same as 核潜艇
bǎo qián táoto jump bail
qiánto snorkel; snorkeling
qián diving equipment
qián tái unspoken words in a play (i.e. unambiguously hinted at, but not spoken)
qián zài wēi xiǎn latent hazard
qián zài wēi xiépotential threat; potential menace
qián zài méi jièpotential vector
Qián shānQianshan county in Anqing 安庆, Anhui
Qián shān xiànQianshan county in Anqing 安庆, Anhui
qián yǐngto hide; latent image (in photography)
qián xīnto concentrate fully on sth; single-minded
qián wàng jìngperiscope
qián shuǐ dāodive knife
qián shuǐ bìngbends
qián shuǐ zhèngbends
qián shuǐ diving suit; wetsuit
qián shuǐ zhěa diver
qián shuǐ diving suit
qián shuǐ zhuāng bèi tuō lún xiāngdiving bag; diving suitcase
Qián jiāngQianjiang sub-prefecture level city in Hubei
Qián jiāng shìQianjiang sub-prefecture level city in Hubei
qián to submerge; to subduct (of tectonic plates)
qián yǒngdiving; esp. skin diving
qián shén to devote oneself to a task in silence (idiom)
qián intangible changes; unnoticed transformation; changes behind the scenes
qián néngpotential; hidden capability
qián jiàna submarine