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Search result for words containing 淫: 38 word(s) found.

yínexcess; excessive; wanton; lewd; lascivious; obscene; depraved
huāng yínlicentious
jiān yínfornication; adultery; rape; seduction
mài yínprostitution
yín wēiabuse of authority; tyrannical abuse
huāng yín chǐshameless
yín huìobscene; coarse
liù yínsix excesses causing illness in traditional Chinese medicine, namely: excessive wind , cold , heat , damp 湿, dryness, fire
kǒu yínoral sex; fellatio
guì néng yínnot corrupted by wealth and honors
yínto fantasize; sexual fantasy
shǒu yínto masturbate; masturbation
yín luànpromiscuous
yín loose woman; prostitute; Jezebel
yín jìngevil ways; fornication
yín lust
yín shūobscene book; pornography
yín vice; degenerate pleasures
yín shuǐsexual secretions
yín wěiobscene; indecent
yín huàobscene picture
yín yáng huòEpimedium, genus of herbaceous flowering plant, cultivated in the Far East as aphrodisiac; also called barrenwort or horny goatweed (said to resemble crushed goat's testicles)
yín dàngloose in morals; lascivious; licentious; lewd
yín xíngwanton or lascivious behaviour; adulterous behavior
yín xièobscene
yín jiànmorally loose, lewd and low, lascivious and mean; wanton
yín fornication and insults; to rape and insult
yín to indulge in; dissipation; debauchery
yín profligate; extravagantly showy; (of music) lascivious; decadent
yín fēnglascivious; wanton
yín fēng shèn chìblazing wantonness abounds (idiom)
yín guǐlecherous devil
xíng yínto commit adultery
huì yínto stir up lust; to promote sex; to encourage licentiousness
huì yín xìnglicentious
huì yín huì dàoto promote sex and violence; to stir up lust and covetousness
jiāo shē yín extravagant and dissipated; decadent