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Search result for words starting with 数: 109 word(s) found.

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shǔto count; to enumerate; to criticize (i.e. enumerate shortcomings)
shùnumber; figure; several; CL:
shuòfrequently; repeatedly
shù liàngamount; quantity; CL:; quantitative
shù numeral; digit; number; figure; amount; digital (electronics etc); CL:
shù zhínumerical
shù xuémathematics; mathematical
shù amount; number
shù data; numbers; digital
shù éamount; sum of money; fixed number
shù lièsequence of numbers; numerical series
shù zhóunumber line
shù number; numerals; figures; digital; amount; numerical code
shù wèidigital
shù liàng order of magnitude
shù xué fēn mathematical analysis; calculus
shǔ luòto enumerate sb's shortcomings; to criticize; to scold; to talk on and on
shù lùnnumber theory (math.)
shù tōng xìndigital communications
shǔ jiǔnine periods of nine days each after winter solstice, the coldest time of the year
shǔ lái bǎofolk theater consisting of recitation accompanied by clapper board rhythm
shù xué xíngmathematical model
shǔ shǔ èrto enumerate; reckoned to be first or second best (idiom); one of the very best
shǔ shàngdoes not count; is not important
shǔ shèng shǔtoo many to count (idiom); innumerable
shù duōa small number; one of a very few
shǔ qīngcountless; innumerable
shù bu jìncountless
shǔ zháodoes not count; is not important
shǔ jiǔ tiānnine periods of nine days each after winter solstice, the coldest time of the year
shǔ jiǔ hán tiānnine periods of nine days each after winter solstice, the coldest time of the year
亿shù countless; innumerable
shù bǎi hundreds of
shù wàn tens of thousands; numerous
shǔ same as 三伏天, three periods forming the hottest periods of summer, from mid-July to mid-August, namely: 初伏 (mid-July), 中伏 (late July to early August), 末伏 (mid-August)
shù wèi xìn hàodigital signal
shù wèi wǎng digital network
shù zhí fēn numerical analysis (math.)
shù zhí jiěnumerical solution
shǔ diǎn wàng to recount history but omit one's ancestors (idiom); to forget one's roots
shǔ chūcount in
亿shù shí several billion
shù zhōuseveral weeks
shù number field (math.); subfield of the field of complex numbers
shù xìn hàodigital signal
shù fēn píndigital frequency sharing
shù huàto digitalize; digital
shù mìng xuénumerology
shù dǎo lǎn shè shīdigital navigation equipment
shù shí zhōngdigital clock