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zhuàng tàistate of affairs; state; mode; situation; CL:
tài dumanner; bearing; attitude; approach; CL:
xíng tàishape; form; pattern; morphology
tàiliquid (state)
dòng tàidevelopment; trend; dynamic state; movement; moving
姿 tàiattitude; posture; stance
shí xíng tàiideology
shēng tàiway of life; ecology
tàisolid state (physics)
biàn tàimetamorphosis; abnormal; anomalous
tàigaseous state (physics); manner; air; bearing
shén tàiappearance; manner; bearing; deportment; look; expression; mien
shì tàisituation; existing state of affairs
jìng tàistate of not working; static (as in electrostatic force)
cháng tàinormal state
xíng tài xuémorphology (in biology or linguistics)
tàifigure; physique; posture
bìng tàimorbid or abnormal state
shēng tài xuéecology
biǎo tàito declare one's position; to say where one stands
biāo zhǔn zhuàng tàistandard conditions for temperature and pressure
chǒu tàishameful performance; disgraceful situation
fǎn cháng tàicomplete change from the normal state (idiom); quite uncharacteristic; entirely outside the norm; out of character
Sān jiāng shēng tài yóu Sanjiang ecological tourist area in Wenchuan county 汶川县, northwest Sichuan
shì tài zhǎncourse of events
piān tàiskewness (math)
jiàn kāng zhuàng tàistate of health
cuī mián zhuàng tàihypnosis
tàibearing; deportment
níng tàicondensed matter (physics)
dòng tài zhù aspect particle, such as , ,
dòng tài xínganimated graphics; animation
dòng tài cún chǔ dynamic memory
dòng tài yǐng xiàngvideo
dòng tài gēng xīndynamic update (Internet)
dòng tài wǎng dynamic webpage
dòng tài liàn jiē dynamic-link library (DLL); shared library (computing)
shì tàisituation; state
姿qiān bǎi tàiin different poses and with different expressions; in thousands of postures (idiom)
tóng tàihomomorphism (math.)
shī tàito forget one's manners; to forget oneself; to lose self-control (in a situation)
姿 tài ē nuóto have an elegant countenance (idiom)
jiāo tàicharming attitude; lascivious pose
dìng cháng tàiconstant state; fixed state
tai(euphemism) stout; portly
cháng tài fēn normal distribution (in statistics)
cháng tài huànormalization of relations
píng héng tàibalance; (state of) equilibrium
qiáng yìng tài unyielding attitude