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Search result for words starting with 心: 191 word(s) found.

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xīnheart; mind; intention; centre; core; CL:,
xīn lichest; heart; mind
xīn mental; psychological
xīn xuépsychology
xīn qíngmood; frame of mind; CL:
xīn zhōngcentral point; in one's thoughts; in one's heart
xīn zàngheart; CL:,
xīn língbright; smart; quick-witted; heart; thoughts; spirit
xīn tóuheart; thoughts; mind
xīn shìa load on one's mind; worry; CL:,
xīn sithought; idea; to think hard about sth; inclination; mood
xīn xiǎngto think to oneself; to think; to assume
xīn mentality; mental attitude; viewpoint
xīn regard; kindly feelings; intention
xīn xuèheart's blood; expenditure (for some project); meticulous care
xīn shìventricle (heart)
xīn yuàncherished desire; dream; craving; wish; aspiration
xīn chángheart; intention; one's inclination; state of mind; to have the heart for sth; mood
xīn myocardium
xīn fángcardiac atrium
xīn àibeloved
xīn jìngmood; mental state; frame of mind
xīn tiàoheartbeat; pulse
xīn character
xīn trusted aide; confidant; reliable agent; to confide
xīn téngto love dearly; the pain of love
xīn shēngthoughts; feelings; aspirations; heartfelt wishes; inner voice
xīn knowledge gained; CL:
xīn bāopericardium
xīn bottom of one's heart
怀xīn huáito harbor (thoughts); to cherish; to entertain (illusions)
xīn zhōng yǒu shùto know what's going on
xīn xuéSchool of Mind; Neo-Confucian Idealistic School (from Song to mid-Qing times, c. 1000-1750, typified by the teachings of Wang Yangming 王阳明)
xīn shénmind; state of mind; attention; (Chinese medicine) psychic constitution
xīn xiōngbreadth of mind
xīn gānconscience; darling; character; sincerity; cordiality
xīn li huà(to express one's) true feelings; what is on one's mind; secret mind
xīn kǎnbottom of one's heart
xīn kǒupit of the stomach; solar plexus; words and thoughts
xīn hurried; ruffled; impatient; short tempered
xīn mǎn perfectly contented (idiom); perfectly satisfied
xīn zhóucentral axis; spindle
xīn zài yānabsent-minded; preoccupied; inattentive; with one's thoughts wandering
xīn xìngone's nature; temperament
xīn yǎnrone's thoughts; mind; intention; willingness to accept new ideas; baseless suspicions
xīn subsoil
xīn to be convinced
xīn state of mind; mood
xīn yánmyocarditis
xīn lacking in confidence; diffident; to have a guilty conscience