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ancient; old; paleo-; surname Gu
dàiancient times; olden times
Měng Mongolia
Nèi měng Inner Mongolia; abbr. for Inner Mongolia autonomous region 内蒙古自治区
lǎoancient; old; age-old
rénpeople from ancient times; the ancients; the late (i.e. person who has passed away)
wénold language; the Classics; classical Chinese as a literary model, esp. in Tang and Song prose; classical Chinese as a school subject
(since) ancient times; (from) time immemorial
to return to old ways (a Confucian aspiration); to turn back the clock; neoclassical school during Tang and Song associated with classical writing 古文; retro (fashion style based on nostalgia, esp. for 1960s)
jīnthen and now; ancient and modern
places of historic interest; historical sites; CL:
kǎo archaeology
diǎn wén xuéclassical literature
Měng Mongol ethnic group of north China and Inner Mongolia
antiquarian book
qiān for all eternity; throughout all ages
shūancient book; old book
yuǎn antiquity; ancient times
láisince ancient times
chéngold town
guàieccentric; grotesque; oddly; queer
shīold verse; classical Chinese poem
shàng the distant past; ancient times; antiquity; early historical times
jīn zhōng wàiat all times and in all places (idiom)
xīn diǎn zhǔ neoclassicism
dǒngcurio; antique
Měng rénMongol
tài immemorial
kǎo xuéarchaeology
zhōng medieval; Middle Ages; Chinese middle antiquity, 3rd to 9th centuries, including Sui and Tang Dynasties; Middle (of a language, eg Middle English); used; second-hand; Sino-Cuban; China-Cuba
láisince ancient times; it has ever been the case that; see also 自古以来
shí houin ancient times; in olden days
wàn cháng qīngremain fresh; last forever; eternal
zuò to die; to pass away
the old capital
怀huái to recall the past; to cherish memory of past event
仿fǎng pseudo-classical; modeled on antique; in the old style
wǎng jīn láisince ancient times; since times immemorial
shēng paleo-organism
shī chéng qiān hènlit. one wrong step causes thousand hatred (idiom); A single slip may cause lasting sorrow.
shì jiè xìng lǎo wèn a problem as old as the world itself
zhōng Hàn middle and early Chinese (linguistics)
Zhōng guó dài měi Four legendary beauties of ancient China, namely: Xi Shi 西施, Wang Zhaojun 王昭君, Diaochan 貂蝉 and Yang Yuhuan 杨玉环 or Yang Guifei 杨贵妃
gèn throughout time; from ancient times (up to the present)
gèn wèi yǒuunprecedented; never seen since ancient times
gèn tōng jīnfrom ancient times up to now; throughout history