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Search result for words containing 典: 78 word(s) found.

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diǎncanon; law; standard work of scholarship; literary quotation or allusion; ceremony; to be in charge of; to mortgage or pawn
diǎn xíngmodel; typical case; archetype; typical; representative
Ruì diǎnSweden
diǎnlegal code; statute
jīng diǎnthe classics; scriptures; classical
diǎn celebration; ceremony
diǎnAthens, capital of Greece
diǎn fànmodel; example; paragon
diǎn wén xuéclassical literature
diǎn ancient books or records
xīn diǎn zhǔ neoclassicism
diǎn zhānginstitution; institutional
diǎndictionary; character dictionary; CL:
diǎn xíng huàstereotype; exemplar; typification
ēn diǎnfavor; grace
diǎndictionary (of Chinese compound words); also written 词典; CL:,
diǎn dàngto pawn; pawnshop
qìng diǎna celebration
diǎndictionary (of Chinese compound words); also written 辞典; CL:,
diǎn allusion (to classic story or saying); classical quotation; parable
shì diǎnencyclopedia
diǎnBuddhist scriptures; Buddhist classics
diǎn xíng yòng typical use; typical application
diǎn xíng dēng dengue fever
diǎn zhǎngwarden
diǎn cángrepository of items of cultural significance; collection
diǎn zhìto mortgage; to pawn
diǎn refined; elegant
qián diǎn yīn jiā gōngprelexical phonology
jìng diǎnto continue to respect ancient canons (idiom)
diǎn yuèclassical music (mainly western)
diǎn pàiclassicists
diǎn yánclassical language
diǎn yīn yuèclassical music
diǎnancient Athens
wài diǎn xiě zuòapocryphal writings
hūn diǎnwedding; marriage celebration
bǎo diǎncanonical text; treasury (i.e. book of treasured wisdom)
jiù zhí diǎn inauguration
Kāng diǎnthe Kangxi Dictionary
yǐn jīng diǎnlit. to quote the classics; to quote chapter and verse (idiom)
xīn diǎnmental lexicon
chéng diǎn idiom that quotes a classic story
cāo diǎndrill book
diǎnold pattern; old recipe
shǔ diǎn wàng to recount history but omit one's ancestors (idiom); to forget one's roots
mín diǎncivil code
Yǒng diǎnthe Yongle Great Encyclopedia (1408)