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guānglight; ray; CL:; bright; only; merely; to use up
线guāng xiànlight ray; optical line; optical cable; lighting (for a photograph); CL:,
guāng rónghonor and glory; glorious
guāng huīradiance; glory; brilliant; magnificent
guāng mínglight; illumination; radiance (esp. glory of Buddha etc); fig. bright prospect; openhearted
guāng huaglossy; sleek; smooth
guāng zhàoillumination
guāng yuánlight source
guāng luster; gloss; Guangze county in Nanping 南平 Fujian
guāng spectrum
guāng zuò yòngphotosynthesis
Guāng reign name of penultimate Qing emperor Guangxu or Guang-hsu (1875-1908)
guāng quānaperture; diaphragm
guāng to recover (territory or power); the liberation of Taiwan from Japanese rule in 1945; Guangfu or Kuangfu township in Hualien county 花莲县, east Taiwan
guāng liàngbright
guāng photon, particle or quantum of light
guāng xuéoptics; optical (instrument)
guāng light wave
guāng jiébright and clean
guāng shìsolely; just
guāng jǐngcircumstances; scene; about; probably
guāng mángrays of light; brilliant rays; radiance
guāng cǎiluster; splendor; radiance; brilliance
guāng huìanti-Qing revolutionary party set up in 1904 under Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培; same as 复古会
guāng luminosity
guāng diànphotoelectric
guāng nénglight energy (e.g. solar)
guāng diàn xiào yìngphotoelectric effect
guāng yīntime available
guāng the speed of light
guāng diàn photoelectronic
Guāng Guangxu Emperor
guāng fēn spectral analysis
guāng shùlight beam
Guāng shānGuangshan county in Xinyang 信阳, Henan
guāng míng zhèng just and honorable; open and aboveboard; without tricks (idiom)
guāng huábrilliance; splendor; magnificence
guāng tóubald headed person (disrespectful); having a score of zero in a game; to be skunked (game)
guāng Welcome (honorific term used by shop assistant); Thank you for patronizing my humble establishment.
Guāng míng bàoGuangming Daily, a Beijing newspaper
guāng gùngangster; hoodlum; a single person; bachelor
guāng lǎnoptical cable
guāng bald; bare
guāng splendid; magnificent; abbr. for China Everbright Bank 中国光大银行
guāng róng mìngRevolution of 1688
guāng diàn èr guǎnphotodiode
guāng míng lěi luòopen and candid (idiom); straightforward and upright
guāng phosgene COCl2, a poisonous gas; carbonyl chloride
guāng shèlight radiation
guāng tiān huà the full light of day (idiom); fig. peace and prosperity; in broad daylight