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guānglight; ray; CL:; bright; only; merely; to use up
线guāng xiànlight ray; optical line; optical cable; lighting (for a photograph); CL:,
guāng rónghonor and glory; glorious
yáng guāngsunshine; CL:线
guāng huīradiance; glory; brilliant; magnificent
bào guāngexposure (e.g. of photosensitive material); to expose (a scandal to the public)
yǎn guānggaze; insight; foresight; vision; way of looking at things
dēng guāng(stage) lighting; light
guāng mínglight; illumination; radiance (esp. glory of Buddha etc); fig. bright prospect; openhearted
guāng huaglossy; sleek; smooth
guāng zhàoillumination
guāng yuánlight source
guāng luster; gloss; Guangze county in Nanping 南平 Fujian
guāng spectrum
guāngsight; vision; view; gaze; look
gǎn guānglight-sensitive
guāng zuò yòngphotosynthesis
Guāng reign name of penultimate Qing emperor Guangxu or Guang-hsu (1875-1908)
guāng quānaperture; diaphragm
guāng to recover (territory or power); the liberation of Taiwan from Japanese rule in 1945; Guangfu or Kuangfu township in Hualien county 花莲县, east Taiwan
guāng liàngbright
guāng photon, particle or quantum of light
guāng xuéoptics; optical (instrument)
Dào guāngreign name of Qing emperor (1821-1850)
guāng light wave
guāngcolored light
guāngnot the only one; not only
guāng jiébright and clean
yíng guāng píngfluorescent screen; TV screen
guāng shìsolely; just
guāng jǐngcircumstances; scene; about; probably
yuè guāngmoonlight
guāng mángrays of light; brilliant rays; radiance
shǎn guāngflash
guāng cǎiluster; splendor; radiance; brilliance
guāng huìanti-Qing revolutionary party set up in 1904 under Cai Yuanpei 蔡元培; same as 复古会
fǎn guāngto reflect light
guāng luminosity
guāng diànphotoelectric
jiàn guāngvisible light; light in optical spectrum
shí guāngtime; era; period of time
fēng guāngscene; view; sight; landscape; to be well-regarded; to be well-off; grand (topolect); impressive (topolect)
guāngto polish
guāngbacklighting (lighting design)
yòng guāngout of (supply); spent; exhausted (used up); depleted
guāng dēngfluorescent light
guāng nénglight energy (e.g. solar)