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xìnletter; mail; to trust; to believe; to profess faith in; truthful; confidence; trust; at will; at random
xìn hàosignal
xiāng xìnto be convinced (that sth is true); to believe; to accept sth as true
tōng xìnto communicate
xìn xīnconfidence; faith (in sb or sth); CL:
xìn rènto trust; to have confidence in
xìn information; news; message
lái xìnincoming letter; send a letter here
xìn yòngto trust; credit (commerce); trustworthiness; creditworthiness
xìn dàicredit; borrowed money
wēi xìnprestige; reputation; trust; credit with the people; Weixin county in Zhaotong 昭通, Yunnan
xìn niànfaith; belief; conviction
shēn xìnto believe firmly
diàn xìn hàoelectrical signal
xìn jiàna letter (i.e. sent in the mail)
xìnto have confidence in oneself; self-confidence
jiān xìnto believe firmly; without any doubt
qīn xìntrusted aide
què xìnto be convinced; to be sure; to firmly believe; to be positive that; definite news
xìn làito trust; to have confidence in; to have faith in; to rely on
huí xìnto reply; to write back; letter written in reply; CL:
xìn believer
xìn to believe; to be convinced; to convince sb
diàn xìntelecommunications
shū xìnletter; epistle
chú xìnto eliminate superstition (idiom)
qīng xìnto easily trust; gullible; naïve
xìn fèngbelief; to believe (in sth)
xìn fēngenvelope; CL:
sòng xìnto send word; to deliver a letter
bèi xìn breaking faith and abandoning right (idiom); to betray; treachery; perfidy
xìn prestige; distinction; reputation; trust
xìn tiáocreed; article of faith
Xìn yángXinyang prefecture level city in Henan
zhì xìnto be confident in; confidence; to believe
yīn xìnmessage
xìnpost a letter
tīng xìnto listen to information; to get the news; to believe what one hears
tōng xìn wèi xīngcommunications satellite
xìn good faith; honor; trust and justice; Xinyi or Hsinyi district of Taipei City 台北市, Taiwan; Xinyi or Hsini district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan; Xinyi or Hsini township in Nantou county 南投县, central Taiwan
xìn hào dēngsignal light; car indicator
gōng kāi xìnopen letter
xìnto reply to a letter
xìn tuōto entrust; trust bond (finance)
xìn lùninformation theory
xìn zhǐletter paper; writing paper
shī xìnto break a promise
zhōng xìnfaithful and honest; loyal and sincere
shù tōng xìndigital communications