HSK level 3: 2092 word(s) found.


āiinterjection or grunt of agreement or recognition (e.g. yes, it's me!); to sigh
āi hey; ow; ouch; interjection of pain or surprise
áito suffer; to endure; to pull through (hard times); to delay; to stall; to play for time; to dawdle
áicancer; carcinoma; also pr. [yan2]
āncontent; calm; still; quiet; safe; secure; in good health; to find a place for; to install; to fix; to fit; to bring (a charge against sb); to pacify; security; safety; peace; ampere; surname An
ān dìngstable; quiet; settled; stabilize; maintain; stabilized; calm and orderly; Anting township in Tainan county 台南县, Taiwan
ān zhuāngto install; to erect; to fix; to mount; installation
àn ànsecretly; inwardly
àn on schedule; on time
áoendure; to boil
ào secret; mystery
to hold on to; to cling to; to dig up; to rake; to push aside; to climb; to pull out; to strip off
to grasp (also fig.); to seize; to hold; assurance; certainty; sure (of the outcome)
dam; dike; embankment; CL:
to stop; to cease; to dismiss; to suspend; to quit; to finish
gōnga strike; to go on strike
bái báiin vain; to no purpose; for nothing; white
bǎi huògeneral merchandise
bǎi shùcypress tree; Taiwan pr. [bo2 shu4]
bǎi tuōto break away from; to cast off (old ideas etc); to get rid of; to break away (from); to break out (of); to free oneself from; to extricate oneself
访bài fǎngto pay a visit; to call on
bài huìpay an official call; call on; visit in an official capacity
bānsort; kind; class; way; manner
bànpetal; segment; clove (of garlic); piece; section; fragment; valve; lamella; classifier for pieces, segments etc
bàn dǎopeninsula; Al Jazeera (Arabic-language news network)
bàn to handle; to transact; to conduct
bǎngto tie; bind or fasten together; to kidnap
bànga stick; club or cudgel; smart; capable; strong; wonderful; classifier for legs of a relay race
bàngsee 磅秤 scale; platform balance; pound (unit of weight, about 454 grams)
bāoto peel; to skin; to shell; to shuck
bāo fucloth-wrapper; a bundle wrapped in cloth; load; weight; burden
bāo hánto contain; to embody; to include
bāo wéito surround; to encircle; to hem in
bǎoa jewel or gem; a treasure; precious
bǎo guǎnto assure; to guarantee; to take care of; to safeguard; certainly; surely
bǎo to keep sth confidential; to maintain secrecy
bǎo shíprecious stone; gem; CL:,
bǎo shǒu(politically) conservative; to guard; to keep
bǎo xiǎninsurance; to insure; safe; secure; be sure; be bound to; CL:
bǎo zhàngto ensure; to guarantee; to safeguard
bào chóuto revenge (oneself); to avenge
bào to break out; to erupt; to explode; to burst out
bào to make reprisals; to retaliate; revenge; retaliation
bào kānnewspapers and periodicals; the press
bào to expose; to reveal; to lay bare; also pr. [pu4 lu4]
bào shègeneral office of a newspaper; newspaper office; CL:
bào torrential rain; rainstorm; CL:,
bào zhàexplosion; to explode; to blow up; to detonate
bēi āigrieved; sorrowful
bēi guānpessimistic
bèicontemporaries; generation; lifetime
bèi dòngpassive
bèi jǐngbackground; backdrop; context; CL:
bèi be compelled; be forced
bèi sòngrecite; repeat from memory
bèi xīna sleeveless garment; CL:
bēnto hurry or rush; to run quickly; to elope
bēn pǎoto run
běn rénthe person himself; I (humble form used in speeches); oneself; myself; in person; personal
běn shēnitself; in itself; per se
bèngo to; towards
béngneed not; (contraction of and )
each other; one another
fanganalogy; instance
shìwritten examination
wall; rampart
certainly; must; will; necessarily
dìngbe bound to; be sure to
jìngafter all; all in all; when all is said and done; in the final analysis
the curtain falls; lower the curtain; to come to an end (of a meeting)
xiūa required course
to need; to require; essential; indispensable
biān to edit; to compile; editor; compiler
biān jiāngborder area; borderland; frontier; frontier region
biān jièboundary; border
biān yuánedge; fringe; verge; brink; periphery; marginal; borderline
biān zhìto weave; to plait; to braid; to work out; to draw up; to prepare; to compile; authorized strength; establishment
biàn dòngchange; alteration
biàn transform; change
便biàn convenient; easy; to facilitate
biàn lùndebate; argument; to argue over; CL:,
便biàn easy to; convenient for
biāo slogan; poster; CL:,,
biāo zhìsign; mark; symbol; symbolize; to indicate; to mark
biǎo qíng(facial) expression; to express one's feelings; expression
bié chùelsewhere
bié mispronounced or wrongly written character
bǐngthird of 10 heavenly stems 十天干; third in order; letter "C" or roman "III" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc; propyl
bǐnghandle or shaft (of an axe etc); (of a flower, leaf or fruit) stem; sth that affords an advantage to an opponent; classifier for knives or blades
bǐnground flat cake; cookie; cake; pastry; CL:
bìng chuánghospital bed; sickbed
bìng qíngstate of an illness; patient's condition
to push aside; to appropriate (money); to move; to set aside; to poke; to stir; group (of people); batch; to dial
to sow; to scatter; to spread; to broadcast; Taiwan pr. [bo4]
càispinach; CL:
sòngbroadcast; transmit; beam
xuēto exploit; exploitation
ruòweak; frail
shìdoctor; court academician (in feudal China); Ph.D.
ānunpeaceful; unstable; uneasy; disturbed; restless; worried
céngnever (have done sth)
duìincorrect; wrong; amiss; abnormal; queer
gàoposting on a bulletin board; notice; bulletin; to announce
gòunot enough; insufficient; inadequate
in spite of; regardless of
jiànnot to see; not to meet; to have disappeared; to be missing
jiàn denot necessarily; not likely
jīncan't help (doing sth); can't refrain from
cannot; should not; must not
unfavorable; disadvantageous; harmful; detrimental
liàounexpectedly; to one's surprise
mǎnresentful; discontented; dissatisfied
shì ér shìB, not A
shì jiù shìif not ..., then ...; either ... or ...
shifault; blame
shǔto dispose; to deploy; deployment
xiàng huàunreasonable; shocking; outrageous
zài hunot to care
zěn me yàngnot up to much; very indifferent; nothing great about it; nothing good to be said about it
zhǐnot only; not merely
zhǐincessantly; without end; more than; not limited to
zhòuprocedure; step
insufficient; lacking; deficiency; not enough; inadequate; not worth; cannot; should not
cāi xiǎngguess; conjecture; suppose; suspect
cái chǎnproperty; CL:
cái wealth; riches
cái néngtalent; ability; capacity
cái pànjudgment; to referee; umpire; judge; referee; CL:,,
cái zhèngfinances (public); financial
cān chēdining car; diner
cān kǎoconsultation; reference; to consult; to refer
cān móustaff officer; give advice
cán cruel; cruelty
cán kuìashamed
cǎnmiserable; wretched; cruel; inhuman; seriously; badly; tragic
càn lànto glitter; brilliant; splendid
cāngcabin; the hold of a ship or airplane
cāng báipale; wan
cāng depot; storehouse; warehouse
cāng yinghousefly; CL:
cāo xīnto worry about
cāo zòngto operate; to control; to rig; to manipulate
cāo zuòto work; to operate; to manipulate
cǎo àndraft (legislation, proposal etc)
the side; to incline towards; to lean; inclined; lateral; side
side; to lean; to survey; to measure; conjecture
liángsurvey; to measure; to gauge; to determine
shìto test (machinery etc); to test (students); test; quiz; exam; beta (software)
chā biédifference; distinction; diversity; disparity
chā yāngtransplant rice seedlings
chá guǎnteahouse; CL:
chá huà huìtea party
chá tea; tea-leaves; CL:,,,
chǎnto shovel; to remove; spade; shovel; to level off; to root up
chǎn product; result (of)
chǎn zhívalue of output; output value
chàn dòngto tremble
chàn dǒuto shudder; to shiver; to shake; to tremble
cháng length
cháng jiǔ(for a) long time
cháng shícommon sense; general knowledge; CL:
cháng yuǎnlong-term; long-range
chǎng space; site; place; sports pitch
chǎng situation; occasion
chǎng miànscene; spectacle; occasion
chǎng zhǎngfactory director
chāo éabove quota
chāo piàopaper money; a bill (e.g. 100 yuan); CL:,
cháotide; current; damp; moist; humid
湿cháo shīdamp; moist
chǎosaute; pan-fry; to fry; fried
chǎo jiàto quarrel; to have a row; CL:
chē liàngvehicle
chē xiāngcarriage; CL:
chěto pull; to tear; (of cloth, thread etc) to buy; to chat; to gossip
chèto remove; to take away; to withdraw
chénto submerge; to immerse; to sink; to keep down; to lower; to drop; deep; profound; heavy
chén lièto display; to exhibit
chén contemplate; contemplation; meditation; ponder
chén dust
chén zhòngheavy; hard; serious; critical
chēngto support; to prop-up; to push or move with a pole; to maintain; to open or unfurl; to fill to bursting point; brace; stay; support
chēng huto call; to address as; appellation
chéngto hold; to contain; to ladle; to pick up with a utensil
chéng bāoto contract; to undertake (a job)
chéng běn(manufacturing, production etc) costs
chéng dānto undertake; to assume (responsibility etc)
chéng passenger
chéng qiān shàng wànlit. by the thousands and tens of thousands (idiom); untold numbers; innumerable; thousands upon thousands
chéng tiān(coll.) all day long; all the time
chéng procedures; sequence; order; computer program
chéng Chinese set expression, often made up of 4 characters or two couplets of 4 characters each, often alluding to a story or historical quotation; idiom; proverb; saying; adage; set expression; CL:,,
chéng yuánmember
chī to bear; hardships
chī kuīto suffer losses; to come to grief; to lose out; to get the worst of it; to be at a disadvantage; unfortunately
chī entail strenuous effort; be a strain
chípond; reservoir; moat; surname Chi
chílate; delayed; slow; surname Chi
chí jiǔlasting; enduring; persistent; permanent; protracted; endurance; persistence; to last long
chǐ cunsize; dimension; measurement
chǐ zirule; ruler (measuring instrument); CL:
chì dàoequator (of the earth or astronomical body)
chōng an attack; under attack; a shock
chōng shírich; substantial; enrich; substantiate
chōng conflict; to conflict; clash of opposing forces; collision (of interests); contention
chòngpowerful; vigorous; pungent; towards; in view of
chóuhatred; animosity; enmity; a rival; an enemy; feud
chóu hènhatred; enmity; hostility
chǒushameful; ugly; disgraceful; clown; 2nd earthly branch: 1-3 a.m., 12th solar month (6th January to 3rd February), year of the Ox; surname Chou
chū a way out (of a difficulty etc)
chū màito offer for sale; to sell; to sell out or betray
chū ménto go on a journey; away from home; exit door; to go out of the door
chū nán to raise a tough question
chū initial stage; beginning period
chū shēnfamily background; class origin
chū shìhave an accident; meet with a mishap
chū xifuture prospects; profit; to mature; to grow up
chū yáng xiàngto make a fool of oneself
chū zhōngjunior high school
chū to rent
chú fēionly if (..., or otherwise, ...); only when; only in the case that; unless
chǔ to be in (some state, position, or condition)
chù chùeverywhere; in all respects
chuán to pass on; to convey; to relay; to transmit; transmission
chuán rǎnto infect; contagious
chuán shuōlegend; folklore; tradition; it is said; they say that...
chuǎnto gasp; to pant; asthma
chuànto string together; to mix up; to conspire; to rove; to make a swift or abrupt linear movement (like a bead on an abacus); to move across; bunch or cluster; string (computing); classifier for rows or strings
chuāng kǒuwindow; opening providing restricted access (e.g. customer service window); computer operating system window; fig. medium; intermediary; showpiece; testing ground
chuāng liánwindow curtains
chuāng táiwindow sill; window ledge
chuáng dānbed sheet; CL:,,,
chuàng to establish; to set up; to found
chuàng xīninnovation; to bring forth new ideas; to blaze new trails
chuíto hang (down); droop; dangle; bend down; hand down; bequeath; nearly; almost; to approach
chuí zhíperpendicular; vertical
chūn springtime
chúnpure; simple; unmixed; genuine
chún jiépure; clean and honest; to purify
chinaware; porcelain; china
huìvocabulary; list of words (e.g. for language teaching purposes)
this moment; now; at present
to provoke; to irritate; to upset; to stimulate; to excite; irritant
cōng mánghasty; hurried
cóngcluster; collection; collection of books; thicket
cóng róngto go easy; unhurried; calm; Taiwan pr. [cong1 rong2]
còuto gather together, pool or collect; to happen by chance; to move close to; to exploit an opportunity
xīncareless; thoughtless
xīn negligent; careless; inadvertent
使 shǐto induce; to promote; to urge; to impel; to bring about; to provoke; to drive (sb to do sth); to catalyze; to actuate; to contribute to (some development)
cuànto flee; to scuttle; to exile or banish; to amend or edit
cuī huǐdestroy; wreck
cūn zhuāngvillage; hamlet; CL:
cūn zivillage
cuōto rub or roll between the hands or fingers; to twist
cuò zhésetback; reverse; check; defeat; frustration; disappointment; to frustrate; to discourage; to set sb back; to blunt; to subdue
cuò incorrect character; typo (in Chinese text)
to attain; to reach; to amount to; to communicate; eminent; surname Da
chéngto reach (an agreement); to accomplish
to answer; to reply; Reply to: (in email header)
bàito defeat; to overpower; to beat; to suffer a defeat; to be defeated
to hit; to strike; to attack; to crack down on sth; a setback; a blow; percussion (music)
jiàto fight; to scuffle; to come to blows; CL:
jiāo dàoto come into contact with; to have dealings
liangto size sb up; to take measure of; to suppose; to reckon
to break; to smash
sǎoto clean; to sweep
zhàngto fight a battle; to go to war
zhāo huto greet sb by word or action; to give prior notice
bànmore than half; greater part; most; probably; most likely
便 biànto defecate; excrement; feces
greatly; enormously; uncle
dàomain street; avenue
earth; mother earth
metropolitan; Dadu, capital of China during the Yuan Dynasty (1280-1368), modern day Beijing
duìgroup; a large body of; production brigade; military group
fanggenerous; magnanimous; stylish; in good taste; easy-mannered; natural and relaxed
eldest brother
energetically; vigorously
nǎobrain; cerebrum
sǎoolder brother's wife; sister-in-law; elder sister (respectful appellation for an older married woman)
使 shǐambassador; envoy; CL:,
general idea; main idea
zhìmore or less; roughly; approximately
zhòngthe masses; the great bulk of the population; popular (of music, science etc); Volkswagen (automobile manufacturer)
ránnature (the natural world)
dài bànto act for sb else; to act on sb's behalf; an agent; a diplomatic representative; a chargé d'affaires
dài to arrest; to apprehend; an arrest
dài dòngto spur; to provide impetus; to drive
dài jiàprice; cost; consideration (in share dealing)
dài to act on behalf of sb in a responsible position; to act as an agent or proxy; surrogate
dài lǐngto guide; to lead
dài tóuto take the lead; to be the first; to set an example
dài treatment; pay; wages; status; salary
dānto undertake; to carry; to shoulder; to take responsibility
dān chúnsimple; pure; alone; merely
dān alone; by oneself; on one's own
dān to shoulder; to bear; to undertake
dān wudelay; hold-up; to waste time; to interfere with
dǎnthe gall; the nerve; courage; guts; gall bladder
dàn bái zhìprotein
dàn shēngto be born
dāng chūat that time; originally
dāng dàithe present age; the contemporary era
dāng jiāto manage the household; to be the one in charge of the family; to call the shots; to be in charge
dāng miànto sb's face; in sb's presence
dāng zhōngamong; in the middle; in the center
dǎng pàipartisan; political party related
dǎng wěiParty committee
dàng ànfile; record; archive; Taiwan pr. [dang3 an4]
dǎo dànguided missile; cruise missile; missile; CL:
dǎo méihave bad luck; be out of luck
dǎo shītutor; teacher; academic advisor
dǎo tengto move; to shift; to exchange; to buy and sell; peddling
dǎo yǎndirect; director (film etc)
屿dǎo island
dǎo zhìto lead to; to create; to cause; to bring about
dào wéi zhǐas far as...
bìngto fall ill; to contract a disease
leall right!; that's enough!
proud of oneself; pleased with oneself; complacent
dēngto pedal
dēng huǒlights
děng dàoto wait until; by the time when (sth is ready etc)
děng hòuto wait; to wait for
dèngto open (one's eyes) wide; to stare at; to glare at
background; bottom; base; the end of a period of time; towards the end of (last month)
to press against; to support; to prop up; to resist; to equal; to balance; to make up for; to mortgage; to arrive
kàngto resist; resistance
piànnegative; photographic plate
condition; situation; plight; extent; room for action
dàotunnel; causeway
shìterrain; topography relief
tǎncarpet; rug
xíngtopography; terrain; landform
zhǔlandlord; land-owner
diǎn celebration; ceremony
diǎn xíngmodel; typical case; archetype; typical; representative
diànpad; cushion; mat
diàn chíbattery; CL:,
diàn dìngto establish; to fix; to settle
diàn to think of; to keep thinking about; to be concerned about
diàn electrical power; electricity
diàn língelectric bell
diàn liúelectric current
diàn electric stove; hot plate
diàn nǎocomputer; CL:
diàn (electrical) appliance; device
线diàn xiànwire; power cord; CL:
diàn voltage
diàn electronic; electron
diāo to carve; to engrave; carving
diào dòngto transfer; to maneuver (troops etc)
diéto fold; to fold over in layers; to furl; to layer; to pile up; to repeat; to duplicate
dīngfourth of 10 heavenly stems 十天干; fourth in order; letter "D" or roman "IV" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc; butyl; cubes (of food); surname Ding
dīngto watch attentively; to fix attention on; to stare; to gaze; to follow; to shadow sb
dīngnail; to pin up; to nail; to keep at sb; to follow closely
dīng zinail; snag
dìng hūnengagement
dìng regularly; at regular intervals
dōng winter
dǒng shìsensible; thoughtful; intelligent
dòng motor; locomotive; motive; motivation; intention
dòng power; motion; propulsion; force
dòng yáoto sway; to waver; to rock; to rattle; to destabilize; to pose a challenge to
dǒuto tremble; to shake out; to reveal; to make it in the world
dǒusteep; precipitous; abrubtly; suddenly; unexpectedly
dòuto fight; to struggle; to condemn; to censure; to contend; to put together; coming together
dòu jiāngsoy milk
dòu zibean; pea; CL:
poison; narcotics; evil
unique; distinct; having special characteristics
reading material
duān zhèngupright; regular; proper; correct
duī to pile up; to heap; accumulation
duì de not to let sb down; to treat sb fairly; be worthy of
duì huànto convert; to exchange
duì lái shuōas regards...
duì leCorrect!; Oh, that's right, ... (when one suddenly remembers sth one wanted to mention); Oh, by the way, ...
duì to oppose; to set sth against; to be antagonistic to; antithetical; relative opposite; opposing; diametrical
duì ménthe building or room opposite
duì yuánteam member
dùn shíimmediately; suddenly
duō bànchiefly; likelihood
duō kuīthanks to; luckily
duō láo duō work more and get more
duō suoto tremble; to shiver; uncontrolled shaking of the body
duō superfluous; unnecessary; surplus
duó to seize; capture; to wrest control of
é Russian (language)
èevil; fierce; vicious; ugly; coarse; to harm
è huàto worsen
è lièvile; nasty; of very poor quality
ér children; sons and daughters
diànto generate electricity; to send a telegram
juéto find; to detect; to discover
shèto shoot (a projectile); to fire (a rocket); to launch; to emit (a particle); to discharge; emanation; emission
xíngto publish; to issue (stocks, currency etc); to release; to distribute (a film)
to develop; growth; development
to punish; to penalize
lìngdecree; ordinance
yuàncourt of law; court
zhìmade in France; legal system and institutions
ziway; method
fānforeign; ethnic groups from outside China; (when used after a verb) times or fold; classifier for the number of iterations of an action or deed etc
fān shēnturn over; free oneself; stand up
fánto feel vexed; to bother; to trouble; superfluous and confusing; edgy
fán shìevery; all
fán zhíto breed; to reproduce; to propagate
fǎncontrary; in reverse; inside-out or upside-down; to reverse; to return; to oppose; opposite; against; anti-; to rebel; to use analogy; instead; abbr. for 反切 phonetic system
fǎnto return (to)
fǎn érinstead; on the contrary; contrary (to expectations)
fǎn to strike back; to beat back; to counterattack
fǎn wènto ask (a question) in reply; to answer a question with a question; rhetorical question
fàn guǎnrestaurant; CL:
fàn lànto be in flood; to overflow (the banks); to inundate; to spread unchecked
fàn rénconvict; prisoner; criminal
fàn zuìto commit a crime; crime; offense
fáng àito hinder; to obstruct
fáng shǒudefend; protect (against)
fáng house; building; CL:,
fáng defense; to defend
fáng zhìprevention and cure
fǎngto spin (cotton or hemp etc); fine woven silk fabric
fàng shǒulet go; have a free hand; let go one's hold
fàng sōngto loosen; to relax
fàng xuéto dismiss students at the end of the school day
fàng yìngto show (a movie); to screen
fēito not be; not; wrong; incorrect; non-; un-; in-; to reproach or blame; (colloquial) to insist on; simply must; abbr. for 非洲, Africa
fēi kuàivery fast; at lightning speed
fēi xíng(of planes etc) to fly; flying; flight; aviation
fēi yuèto leap
féi liàofertilizer; manure
féi zàosoap; CL:,
fèito abolish; to abandon; to abrogate; to discard; to depose; to oust; crippled; abandoned; waste
fèi chúto abolish; to abrogate; to repeal
fèi huànonsense; rubbish; superfluous words; You don't say!; No kidding! (gently sarcastic)
fèi great effort; to strain (oneself)
fèi téngboiling; ebullition
fèi ruins
fēn distributed; to distribute
fēn to cut up; to break up
fēn gōngdivide the work; division of labor
fēn jiěto resolve; to decompose; to break down
fēn to separate
fēn lièto split up; to divide; to break up; fission; schism
fēn to secrete; secretion
fēn míngclearly demarcated; sharply contoured
fēn sànto scatter; to disperse; to distribute
fēn shùfraction; score
fēn molecule; (math) numerator of a fraction
féngrave; tomb; CL:; embankment; mound; ancient book
fěnpowder; cosmetic face powder; food prepared from starch; noodles or pasta made from any kind of flour; whitewash; white; pink
fěn suìcrash; break up
fènmanure; dung
fèn members of a class or group; political elements (such as intellectuals or extremists); part
fēnginsane; mad; wild
fēng chǎnhigh yield; bumper crop
fēng style
fēng kuángmadness; extreme popularity
fēng general mood; atmosphere; common practice
fēng shōubumper harvest
fēng suǒto blockade; to seal off
féngto sew; to stitch
fěng to satirize; to mock; irony; satire; sarcasm
man and wife
clothes; dress; garment; to serve; to obey; to convince; to acclimatize; to take (medicine); mourning clothes; to wear mourning clothes
look down; stoop
shícorrosion; to corrode (degrade chemically); to rot; corruption
xiǔrotten; decayed; decadent; degenerate
lose; negative (math. etc); to bear; to carry (on one's back)
dānburden; to bear a burden
huó jiéEaster
rénmarried woman
yǒurich; full of
prosperous; well-to-do; well-off; Fuyu county in Qiqihar 齐齐哈尔, Heilongjiang
zhìto duplicate; to make a copy of; to copy; to reproduce; to clone
gǎi biānto adapt; to rearrange; to revise
gǎi liángimprove
gài zicover; lid; shell
gānsweet; willing; surname Gan; abbr. for Gansu Province 甘肃省
gān hàndrought; arid; dry
gān rǎoto interfere; obstruction
gān shèto interfere; to meddle; interference
gǎn mángto hurry; to hasten; to make haste
gǎn shàngto keep up with; to catch up with; to overtake; to chance upon; in time for
gǎn shòuto sense; perception; to feel (through the senses); a feeling; an impression; an experience
gǎn to have the courage to do sth; to dare to; bold in
gàn jìnenthusiasm for doing sth
gāngjar; vat; classifier for loads of laundry; CL:
gāng lǐngprogram; guiding principle
gǎng Hong Kong currency; Hong Kong dollar
gǎng kǒuport; harbor
gǎng wèia post; a job
gāo cháohigh tide; high water; upsurge; climax; orgasm; chorus (part of a song)
gāo děnghigher; high level; advanced
gāo fēngpeak; summit; height
gāo high level; high grade; advanced; high-ranking
gāo shàngnoble; lofty; refined; exquisite
gāo high speed
gāo high pressure; high-handed
gāo zhōngsenior high school (Taiwan); abbr. for 高级中学
稿gǎomanuscript; draft; stalk of grain
gào to take leave
chàngto sing
western opera; CL:,
sòngsing the praises of; extol; eulogize
zipigeon; dove; various birds of the species Columbidae
wàiespecially; particularly
shì yàng(of) all kinds and sorts; various
self-employed; a private firm (PRC usage)
xìngindividuality; personality
gěi give; grant
gēn yuánorigin; root (cause)
gēng arable land; to plow land
gōngpublic; collectively owned; common; international (e.g. high seas, metric system, calendar); make public; fair; just; Duke, highest of five orders of nobility 五等爵位; honorable (gentlemen); father-in-law; male (animal)
gōngpalace; castration (as corporal punishment); first note in pentatonic scale; surname Gong
gōnga bow (weapon); CL:; surname Gong
gōngto attack; to accuse; to study
gōng ān(Ministry of) Public Security; public safety; public security
gōng to announce; to make public; to publish
gōng construction site
殿gōng diànpalace; CL:
gōng to attack; to accuse; to charge; an attack (terrorist or military)
gōng homework; assignment; task; classwork; lesson; study; CL:
gōng to capture; to take
gōng láocontribution; meritorious service; credit
gōng línglength of service; seniority
gōng míncitizen
gōng néngfunction; capability
gōng qǐnghectare
gōng shìformula
gōng working procedure; process
gōng yìngto supply; to provide; to offer
gōng yòngpublic; for public use
gòng guórepublic
gòng qīng tuánthe Communist Youth League
gōuditch; gutter; groove; gully; ravine; CL:
gōuto hook; to sew; to crochet; hook; check mark or tick; window catch; arb
gōu jiéto collude with; to collaborate with; to gang up with
gōu zihook
gòuto buy; to purchase
gòu mǎito purchase; to buy
to fail to live up (to expectations); unworthy (of trust); to let down; to betray (hopes); to disappoint
isolate; isolated
share; portion; section; part; thigh; classifier for smells, electric currents, spirals etc; whiff
dòngto agitate; to arouse; to instigate; to encite
gàndiaphysis (long segment of a bone); fig. backbone
to employ; to hire; to rent
dìngfixed; set; regular
ránadmittedly (it's true that...)
wènadviser; consultant
guāmelon; gourd; squash
guā melon seeds
guǎ fuwidow
guāi(of a child) obedient, well-behaved; clever; shrewd; alert; perverse; contrary to reason; irregular; abnormal
guài bu delit. you can't blame it!; no wonder!; so that's why!
guān to observe; to survey; observation (scientific etc)
怀guān huáicare; solicitude; to show care for; concerned about; attentive to
guān kànto watch; to view
guān liáo zhǔ bureaucracy
guān niànnotion; thought; concept; sense; views; ideology; general impressions
guān tóujuncture; moment
guǎn dàopipeline
guǎn zitube; pipe; drinking straw; CL:
guànaccustomed to; used to; indulge; to spoil (a child)
guànto irrigate; to pour
guàncan; jar; pot
guàn gàito irrigate
guāng cǎiluster; splendor; radiance; brilliance
guāng huaglossy; sleek; smooth
guāng lín(honorific) Welcome!; You honor us with your presence.; It is an honor to have you.
广guǎngwide; numerous; to spread; surname Guang
guīto go back; to return; to return or give back sth; to resign; to surrender; (of a woman) to get married (old)
guī huàplan; program
guī julit. compass and set square; fig. established standard; rule; customs; practices; fig. upright and honest; well-behaved
guī rule; regulation; rules and regulations
guǐ dàoorbit; railway or tram line; fig. conventional way of thinking
guì bīnhonored guest; distinguished guest; VIP
guì táisales counter; front desk; bar
guì zicupboard; cabinet
gùn zistick; rod
guō boiler
guó fángnational defense
guó nationality
guó flag (of a country); CL:
guó qìng jiéPRC National Day (October 1st)
guó yuànState Council (PRC); State Department (USA)
guó yíngstate-run (company etc); nationalized
guǒto bind; to wrap; a bundle; a parcel
guǒ shífruit; gains
guǒ shùfruit tree; CL:
guò to cross over (by ferry); transition; interim; caretaker (administration)
guò fènexcessive; undue; overly
hāisound of sighing
hǎi height above sea level; elevation
hǎi jūnnavy
hǎi miànsea level; sea surface
hǎi xiáchannel; strait
hài chónginjurious insect; pest
hán liàngcontent; quantity contained
hǎn jiàoto cry out; to shout
hànto solder; weld by heat; to weld
háng lièprocession
háng xíngto sail; to fly; to navigate
háng industry; business
háo millimeter
hǎo be just like; can be compared to
hàomouse; new; to waste; to spend; to consume; to squander
hào inquisitive; curious; inquisitiveness; curiosity
expel breath; my goodness
to investigate; pit; stone; nucleus; nuclear; to examine; to check; to verify
there is no need; why should
chàngchorus; to chorus
chéngto compose; to constitute; compound; synthesis; mixture; synthetic
lawful; legitimate; legal
qualified; meeting a standard; eligible (voter)
kuàngmuch less; let alone
liúriver; CL:
suànworthwhile; be a good deal; be a bargain; reckon up; calculate
hēi night
hén vestige; mark; trace
hěnfierce; very
hénghorizontal; across; (horizontal character stroke)
hóng shuǐdeluge; flood
hóng wěigrand; imposing; magnificent
hóu lóngthroat; larynx
hǒuroar or howl of an animal; bellow of rage
hòu dàiposterity; later periods; later ages; later generations
hòu fāngthe rear; far behind the front line
hòu guǒconsequences; aftermath
hòu toubehind; in the back; the rear side; later; in future
退hòu tuìrecoil; draw back; fall back; retreat
sound of wind blowing (onomatopoeia)
shìto neglect; to ignore
diébutterfly; CL:
shuōto talk nonsense; drivel
tònglane; alley; CL:
to protect
zhùhelp each other; Huzhu Tuzu autonomous county in Haidong prefecture 海东地区, Qinghai
huā duǒflower
huā huāsound of gurgling water
huā shēngpeanut; groundnut; CL:
huá qiáooverseas Chinese; (in a restricted sense) Chinese emigrant who still retains Chinese nationality; CL:,,
huá rénethnic Chinese person or people
huá xuěto ski; skiing
huà gōngchemical industry, abbr. of 化学工业; chemical engineering, abbr. of 化学工程
huà chemical combination
huà jiāpainter; CL:
huà stage play; modern drama; CL:,
huà shé tiān lit. draw legs on a snake (idiom); fig. to ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous; to overdo it
huà shífossil
huà yànlaboratory test; chemical experiment; assay
怀huáibosom; heart; mind; to think of; to harbor in one's mind; to conceive (a child); surname Huai
怀huái niànto cherish the memory of; to think of; reminisce
怀huái to doubt; to suspect; doubt; suspicion; skeptical
huài dànbad egg; scoundrel; bastard
huān to cheer for; to acclaim
huān gaiety; gladness; glee; merriment; pleasure; happy; joyous; gay
huān happy; joyous; delighted; to like; to be fond of
huǎn to ease (tension); to alleviate; to moderate; to allay; to make more mild
huǎn huǎnslowly; unhurriedly; little by little
huǎn mànslow; slow-moving
huànto call
huànto suffer (from illness); to contract (a disease); misfortune; trouble; danger; worry
huàn dēnglantern slides
huàn xiǎngdelusion; fantasy
huāngdesolate; shortage; scarce; out of practice; absurd; uncultivated; to neglect
huāng mángin a great rush; in a flurry
huáng hūndusk; evening; nightfall
huáng yellow (color); pornographic
huàngto sway; to shake
huī chéndust
huī huángsplendid; glorious
huī xīnlose heart; be discouraged
huí xiǎngto recall; to recollect; to think back
huǐdefame; to slander; o destroy by fire; a blaze; to destroy; to damage; to ruin
huìclass; collection; remit; to converge (of rivers); to exchange
huì bàoto report; to give an account of; report; to collect information and report back
huì kuǎnto remit money; remittance
hūnmuddle-headed; twilight; to faint; to lose consciousness
hún shēnall over; from head to foot
hùn to mix; to blend
hùn luànconfusion; chaos; disorder
hùn níng concrete
hùn xiáoto obscure; to confuse; to mix up; to blur; to mislead
huó gāi(coll.) serve sb right; deservedly; ought; should
huǒcompanion; partner; group; classifier for groups of people; to combine; together; meals (abbr. for 伙食
huǒ bànpartner; companion; comrade
huǒ jiànrocket; CL:
huǒ fire; firepower
huǒ yànblaze; flame
huǒ yàogunpowder
huòto reap; to harvest; to catch; to obtain; to capture
huò currency; monetary; money
huò duō huò shǎomore or less
huò goods; commodity; merchandise; CL:
machine; engine; opportunity; intention; aircraft; pivot; crucial point; flexible (quick-witted); organic; CL:; surname Ji
céngbasic level; grass-roots unit; basement layer
base (of operations); industrial or military base; al-Qaeda
dònglocomotive; motorized; power-driven; adaptable; flexible (use, treatment, timing etc)
饿 èhunger; starvation; famine
gòumechanism; structure; organization; agency; institution; CL:
ròumuscle; flesh
bié(military) rank; level; grade
bìngdisease; sickness; ailment
jiāngon the eve of; to be about to; to be on the verge of
使 shǐeven if; even though; given that
tuángroup; bloc; corporation; conglomerate
zàoirritable; irascible; impetuous
to accord; to give; to show (respect)
season; the last month of a season; fourth or youngest amongst brothers; classifier for seasonal crop yields; surname Ji
to calculate; to compute; to count; to regard as important; to plan; ruse; meter; gauge; surname Ji
chéngto inherit; to carry on; to succeed
lonely; lonesome; quiet; silent
néngtechnical ability; skill
qiǎoskill; technique
suàn computer; calculator; CL:
zǎiwrite down; record; written account
jiābeautiful; fine; good
jiā huohousehold dish, implement or furniture; domestic animal; guy (slang); chap
jiā jǐnto intensify; to speed up; to step up
jiā to become a member; to join; to mix into; to participate in; to add in
jiā shǔfamily member; (family) dependent
jiā accelerate; expedite
jiā yóuto add oil; to top up with gas; to refuel; to accelerate; abbr. for 加大油门; to step on the gas; fig. to make an extra effort; fig. to cheer sb on
jiā ziclip; clamp; tongs; folder; wallet
jiǎfirst of the ten heavenly stems 十天干; (used for an unspecified person or thing); first (in a list, as a party to a contract etc); armor plating; shell or carapace; (of the fingers or toes) nail; bladed leather or metal armor (old); ranking system used in the Imperial examinations (old); civil administration unit (old)
jiǎ if
jiǎ ruòif; supposing; in case
使jiǎ shǐif; in case; suppose; given...
jiàprice; value; valence (on an atom)
jià(of a woman) to marry; to marry off a daughter; to shift (blame etc)
jià vacation
jià qianprice
jià shǐto pilot (ship, airplane etc); to drive
jià zishelf; frame; stand; framework; airs; arrogance
jiāndouble; twice; simultaneous; holding two or more (official) posts at the same time
jiānto pan fry; to sauté
jiān to control; to supervise; to inspect
jiān firm; firmly; hard; stable
jiān mièto wipe out; to crush; to annihilate
jiān nándifficult; hard; challenging
jiān shìto monitor; to oversee; to keep a close watch over; to spy on
jiān yìnghard; solid
jiān prison
jiān zibest of its kind; cream of the crop
jiǎnbase; alkali; soda (chemistry)
便jiǎn biànsimple and convenient; handy
jiǎn tǎoto examine or inspect; self-criticism; review
jiǎn yànto inspect; to examine; to test
jiǎn zhísimply; at all; practically
jiàngradual; gradually
jiàninexpensive; lowly
jiàn dìngto appraise; to identify; to evaluate; o identify
jiàn jiěopinion; view; understanding
jiàn quánrobust; sound
jiàn zàoto construct; to build
jiāngigid; stiff (corpse); rigid; deadlock
jiāng jūngeneral; high-ranking military officer; to check or checkmate; fig. to embarrass; to challenge; to put sb on the spot; Chiangchun township in Tainan county 台南县, Taiwan
jiǎng jīnpremium; award money; a bonus
jiǎng jiuto pay particular attention to; exquisite; aesthetic
jiǎng teach; lecture
jiǎng to reward; reward (as encouragement)
jiǎng teaching materials
jiàngthick paste of fermented soya bean; marinated in soya paste; paste; jam
jiāoto pour liquid; to irrigate (using waterwheel); to water; to cast (molten metal); to mold
jiāo dàito hand over; to explain; to make clear; to brief (sb); to account for; to justify oneself; to confess; to finish (colloquial)
jiāo anxiety; anxious
jiāo juǎnfilm; film roll
jiāo tánto discuss; to converse; chat; discussion
jiāo (business) transaction; business deal; CL:
jiǎoto disturb; to annoy; to mix; to stir
jiǎo footstep; step
jiǎo angle; point of view
jiǎo huácrafty; cunning; sly
jiǎo luònook; corner
jiàoa nap; a sleep; CL:
jiào dǎoto instruct; to teach; guidance; teaching
jiào liàninstructor; sports coach; trainer; CL:,,
jiào tángchurch; chapel; CL:
jiào yán shìteaching and research section
jiēto take the lid off; to expose; to unmask
jiēto bear fruit; to produce; firm; solid
jiē cénghierarchy; stratum
jiē liánon end; in a row; in succession
jiē to expose; to unmask; to ferret out; to disclose; disclosure
jiéa section; to cut off (a length)
jiéknot; sturdy; bond; to tie; to bind; to check out (of a hotel)
jié báispotlessly white; pure white
jié to do one's utmost
jiě fàng jūnPeople's Liberation Army (i.e. the Chinese army)
jiě pōuto dissect (an animal); to analyze; anatomy
jiè kǒuto use as an excuse; on the pretext
线jiè xiànlimits; bounds; dividing line
jīn today
jīn goldfish
jǐn urgent; emergency
jǐn inseparably close
jǐn qiào(merchandise) in high demand
jǐn shèncautious; prudent
jìnto immerse; to soak; to steep; gradually
jìn dàimodern times
jìn jūnto march; to advance
jìn to strive one's hardest; to spare no effort
jīngto start; to be frightened; to be scared; alarm
jīngessence; extract; vitality; energy; semen; sperm; mythical goblin spirit; highly perfected; elite; the pick of sth; proficient (refined ability); extremely (fine); selected rice (archaic)
jīng dòngalarm; alert; disturb
jīng fèifunds; expenditure; CL:
jīng to be amazed; to be surprised; to wonder
jīng rénastonishing
jīng shenvigor; vitality; drive; spiritual
jīng fine; meticulous; careful
jīng amazed; astonished; to surprise; amazing; astonishment; awe
jīng amazed
jīng yíngto engage in (business etc); to run; to operate
jīng whale; CL:
jīng zhìdelicate; fine; exquisite; refined
jǐng gàoto warn; to admonish
jǐng scenery; scene; landscape; view
jǐng to be on the alert; vigilant; alert; on guard; to warn
jǐng scenery
jǐng xiàngscene; sight (to behold)
jìngclean; completely; only
jìngborder; place; condition; boundary; circumstances; territory
jìngunexpectedly; actually; to go so far as to; indeed
jìng jiǔto toast; to propose a toast
jìng ránunexpectedly; to one's surprise; in spite of everything; in that crazy way; actually; to go as far as to
jìng zhēngto compete; competition
jiūto seize; to clutch; to hold tight; to grip
jiǔ diànwine shop; pub (public house); hotel; restaurant
jiù jiumother's brother; maternal uncle (informal); CL:
jiù shì shuōin other words; that is
jiù shì ...even if...
mínresident; inhabitant
ránunexpectedly; to one's surprise; go so far as to
zhùto reside; to dwell; to live in a place; resident in
office; situation; classifier for games: match, set, round etc; narrow
part; local
miànaspect; phase; situation
bànto conduct; to hold
drama; play; show; severe
according to; to act in accordance with; to depend on; to seize; to occupy
to congregate; to assemble; to mass; to gather together; to amass; to polymerize
at a distance of; distance; to be apart
to assemble; to gather
jīng huì shénto concentrate one's attention (idiom)
lièviolent; acute; severe; fierce
yuàntheater; CL:,
juéto cut short; extinct; to disappear; to vanish; absolutely; by no means
juéfeel; find that; thinking; awake; aware
jué kǒube breached; burst
jué resolution; decision (of a congress)
jūnequal; even; all; uniform
jūn bèi(military) arms; armaments
jūn guānofficer (military)
jūn jiànwarship; military naval vessel; CL:
jūn rénserviceman; soldier; military personnel
jūn yúneven; well-distributed; homogeneous
kāi bànto open; to start (a business etc); to set up
kāi chúto expel
kāi dòngstart; set in motion; move; march; dig in (eating); tuck in (eating)
kāi to exploit (a resource); to open up (for development); to develop
kāi fànto serve a meal
kāi kǒuopen one's mouth; start to talk
kāi to open (a conference); to inaugurate
kāi shèto offer (goods or services); to open (for business etc)
kāi shuǐboiled water; boiling water
kāi chēburn the midnight oil; work late into the night
kān publication
kàng protest
kǎo cháto inspect; to observe and study; on-the-spot investigation
kǎo yànto test; to put to the test
kào jìnnear; to approach
science and technology
popular science; popularization of science; abbr. of 科学普及
bu shìthat's just the way it is; exactly!
jiànit can clearly be seen (that this is the case); it is (thus) clear; clear; visible
qiǎoby happy coincidence
wàngto thirst for; to long for
it is a pity; what a pity; unfortunately
xiàofunny; ridiculous
customer; visitor; guest
guānobjective; impartial
tángclassroom; CL:
tīngdrawing room (room for arriving guests); living room; CL:
kēngpit; to defraud
kōng jūnair force
kǒng terrible; frightful; frightening; terror; terrorist
kòngto empty; vacant; unoccupied; space; leisure; free time
kǒu tone of voice; the way one speaks; manner of expression; tone
kǒu shìoral examination; oral test
kǒu tóuoral; verbal
dried up
窿 longhole; pocket; cavity; loophole; debt
kuāto boast; to exaggerate; to praise; see 夸克
kuǎto collapse; to break or wear down; to defeat
kuài cānfast food; snack; quick meal
kuài huohappy; cheerful
kuān kuòexpansive; wide; width; thickness
kuǎn dàientertain
kuāngbasket; CL:
kuángmad; wild; violent
kuáng fēngfierce wind
kuàng qiěmoreover; besides; in addition; furthermore
kuàng shíore
kūn chónginsect; CL:,,
kuòrich; wide; broad
bahorn (automobile, alarm siren, musical etc) which produces a sound; loudspeaker; brass wind instrument; trumpet; suona 锁呐
hot (spicy); pungent
jiāohot pepper; chili
zhúcandle; CL:,
lái bīnguest; visitor; Laibin prefecture level city in Guangxi; Zhuang: Leizbingz
lái huíto make a round trip; return journey; back and forth; to and fro; repeatedly
lái guest
lái wǎngto come and go; to have dealings with; to be in relation with
lái yuánsource (of information etc); origin
lán zibasket; CL:
lǎng sòngread aloud with expression; recite; declaim
láofirm; sturdy; fold (for animals); sacrifice; prison
láo firm; secure
láo sāodiscontent; complaint
lǎo lao(informal) mother's mother; maternal grandmother
lǎo niánelderly; old age; autumn of one's years
lǎo xiāngfellow townsman; fellow villager; sb from the same hometown
happy; laugh; cheerful; surname Le
lèi similar; analogous
lèi xíngtype; category; genre; form; style
lěng jìngcalm; cool-headed
lěng quèto cool off; cooling
lěng yǐncold drink
lèngto look distracted; to stare blankly; distracted; blank; (coll.) unexpectedly; rash; rashly
míngdawn; daybreak
texture; grain (of wood); inner essence; intrinsic order; reason; logic; truth; science; natural science (esp. physics); to manage; to pay attention to; to run (affairs); to handle; to put in order; to tidy up
gift; rite; ceremony; CL:; propriety; etiquette; courtesy; surname Li
bàiweek; religious service; worship; CL:
touinside; interior
sharp; favorable; advantage; benefit; profit; interest; to do good to; to benefit; surname Li
niánover the years; bygone years; calendar year
qiúto make every effort to; striving to do one's best
zhēngto work hard for; to do all one can; to contend strongly
lián jiēto link; to join; to attach; connection; a link (on web page)
lián luòcommunication; to get in touch with; to contact; connection (math.)
lián méngalliance; union; coalition
liǎn complexion; look
liànto refine; to smelt
liáng shuǐcool water; unboiled water
liǎng pángboth sides; either side
liàngcapacity; quantity; amount; to estimate; abbr. for 量词, classifier (in Chinese grammar); measure word
liàng jiěto understand; to make allowances for; understanding
liàomaterial; stuff; grain; feed; to expect; to anticipate; to guess
lièto split; to crack; to break open; to rend
liè chētrain (railway term)
liè rénhunter
liè shìmartyr
línto drain; to drench; to drip; diseases of the bladder
líng húnsoul; spirit
líng jiànpart; component
lǐng huìto understand; to comprehend; to grasp
lǐng territory
lǐng domain; sphere; field; territory; area
lìngto order; to command; an order; warrant; writ; to cause; to make sth happen; virtuous; honorific title; season; government position (old)
liūto slip away; to escape in stealth; to skate
liú chuánto spread; to circulate; to hand down
liú dòngto flow; to circulate; to go from place to place; to be mobile; (of assets) liquid
liú mángrogue; hoodlum; gangster; immoral behavior
liú shuǐrunning water
liú xíngto spread; to rage (of contagious disease); popular; fashionable; prevalent; (math.) manifold
liú xuéto study abroad
liú river basin; valley; drainage area
liǔ shùwillow
lóng zicage; coop; basket; container
lǒngto gather together; to collect; to approach; to draw near to; to add; to sum up; to comb (hair)
lǒng duànenjoy market dominance; monopolize
lǒng zhàoto envelop; to shroud
lóu dàocorridor; passageway (in storied building)
lóu fánga building of two or more stories; CL:,,
lǒuto hug; to embrace; to hold in one's arms
lòu miànto show one's face; to appear (in public)
lou(final particle equivalent to )
zistove; oven; furnace
dew; syrup; nectar; outdoors (not under cover); to show; to reveal; to betray; to expose; surname Lu
dry land (as opposed to the sea)
guòpass by or through
kǒucrossing; intersection (of roads)
aluminum (chemistry)
yóutrip; journey; tourism; travel; tour
lüè duóto plunder; to rob; also written 略夺
luǎnegg; ovum; spawn
lún kuòan outline; silhouette
lún liúto alternate; to take turns
lún ziwheel; CL:
lùnby the; per; discuss; theory; to talk (about); to discuss
luógong; CL:
luó jilogic (loanword)
luò tuocamel; (coll.) blockhead; ninny; CL:
zhǔ Marxism
mánto conceal from; to keep (sb) in the dark
mǎn qiāngone's heart filled with; full of (joy)
màn chángvery long; endless
máng blind; blindly; ignorant; lacking understanding
máo writing brush; CL:,
máo tái jiǔmaotai (a Chinese liquor); CL:,
线máo xiànknitting wool; wool yarn
máo dōng xiǎngMao Zedong Thought; Maoism
méi huāplum blossom; clubs ♣ (a suit in card games); wintersweet (topolect)
méi maoeyebrow; CL:
méi shuō dereally good
méi tóubrows
měi guānpleasing to the eye; beautiful; artistic
mēnstuffy; shut indoors; to smother; to cover tightly
mén zhěnoutpatient service
mènbored; depressed; melancholy; sealed; airtight; tightly closed
méngto cover; ignorant; to suffer (misfortune); to receive (a favor); to cheat; surname Meng; blind; dim sighted; drizzle; mist
měngferocious; suddenly; fierce; violent; abrupt
měng lièfierce; violent (criticism etc)
měng ránsuddenly; abruptly
mèng xiǎng(figuratively) to dream of; dream
to squint
bewilder; crazy about; fan; enthusiast; lost; confused
humuddle-headed; dazed; only half conscious
riddle; conundrum
miǎn deso as not to; so as to avoid
miǎn qiǎngto do with difficulty; to force sb to do sth; reluctant; barely enough
miàn duìto confront; to face
miàn fěnflour
miàn kǒngface
miàn línto face sth; to be confronted with
miáosprout; Hmong or Miao ethnic group of southwest China; surname Miao
miè wángto be destroyed; to become extinct; to perish; to die out; to destroy; to exterminate
mín bīngpeople's militia; militia
mín jiānamong the people; popular; folk; non-governmental; involving people rather than governments
mín yòng(for) civilian use
mǐn jiénimble; quick; shrewd
míngto cry (of birds)
míng baiclear; obvious; unequivocal; to understand; to realize
míng míngobviously; plainly; undoubtedly; definitely
míng xìn piànpostcard
mìnglife; fate; order or command; to assign a name, title etc
fànmodel; fine example
huvague; indistinct; fuzzy
tuō chēmotorbike; motorcycle; CL:,
xíngmodel; mould; matrix; pattern
to smear; to wipe; to erase; classifier for wisps of cloud, light-beams etc
ink stick; China ink; corporal punishment consisting of carving and inking characters on the victim's forehead; abbr. for 墨西哥 Mexico; CL:; surname Mo; abbr. for 墨西哥, Mexico
tip; end; final stage; latter part; inessential detail; powder; dust; opera role of old man
shēngstrange; unfamiliar
mǒu xiēsome; certain (things)
grave; tomb; mausoleum
curtain or screen; canopy or tent; headquarters of a general; act (of a play)
chǎngpasture; grazing land; ranch
guāngsight; vision; view; gaze; look
nǎibreast; lady; milk
nàicapable of enduring; able to tolerate; patient; durable; hardy; resistant
nài fánpatient (not impatient)
nán seldom; rare; hard to come by
nán guài(it's) no wonder (that...); (it's) not surprising (that)
nán difficult problem
nán hard to (predict, imagine etc)
nán a man; a male
nǎo jīnbrains; mind; head; way of thinking
nǎo mental
nào xiào huàmade to look a fool; a laughingstock
nèi medicine; "internal" medicine, i.e. treatment by administering drugs, as opposed to surgical intervention 外科; medical department
nèntender; soft; delicate; light (color); inexperienced; unskilled
néng shàn can sing and dance (idiom); fig. a person of many talents
néng liàngenergy; capabilities
earth; soil; mud; clay
niàn shūread; study
niángmother; young lady
niēto pinch (with one's fingers); to knead; to make up
nǐngmistake; to twist
nìng preferably; one would prefer to...(or not to...); would rather; (would) be better to; (to pick) the lesser of two evils
niǔ zhuǎnto reverse; to turn around (an undesirable situation)
nóng chǎngfarm
nóng farm implements; farm tools
nóng mào shì chǎngfarmer's market
nóng tiánfarmland; cultivated land
nóng yàoagricultural chemical; farm chemical; pesticide
nóng zuò (farm) crops
anger; fury; flourishing; vigorous
woman; female
òoh (interjection indicating that one has just learned sth)
ǒu ěroccasionally; once in a while; sometimes
ǒu ránincidentally; occasional; occasionally; by chance; randomly
to lie on one's stomach; to lean forward, resting one's upper body (on a desktop etc); (Taiwan) percent
pāi shèto film; to shoot (a picture)
pāi ziracket (sports); bat; beat (music)
pái chìto reject; to exclude; to eliminate; to remove; to repel
pái lièarray; arrangement; permutation (i.e. ordered choice of n elements out of m)
pái zisign; trademark; brand
pānto climb (by pulling oneself up); to implicate; to claim connections of higher status
pān dēngto climb; to pull oneself up; to clamber; to scale; fig. to forge ahead in the face of hardships and danger
pànbank; field-path
pànto hope for; to long for; to expect
pāoto throw; to toss; to fling; to cast; to abandon
pàobubble; foam; blister (i.e. skin bubble); to soak; to steep; to infuse; to dawdle; to shilly-shally; to hang about; to pick up (a girl); to get off with (a sexual partner)
pào dànartillery shell; CL:
péi chángto compensate
péi tóngaccompany
péi yǎngto train; culture; to bring up; to groom (for a position)
péi to train; to breed
pèito join; to fit; to mate; to mix; to match; to deserve; to make up (a prescription)
pén basin (low-lying geographical feature); depression
péngshed; canopy; shack
péng vigorous; flourishing; full of vitality
péng zhàngto expand; to inflate; to swell
pèng dīng zito meet with a rebuff
juànto tire; tired
gubuttocks; bottom; butt; back part
for example; for instance; such as
piān piān(indicates that sth turns out just the opposite of what one would expect or what would be normal); unfortunately; against expectations
piāo yángwave; flutter; fly
pīnto piece together; to join together; to stake all; adventurous; at the risk of one's life; to spell
pín poverty-stricken; poor
pín qióngpoor; impoverished
pǐn moral character
pǐn zhìquality
píngto lean against; to rely on; on the basis of; no matter (how, what etc); proof
píngto discuss; to comment; to criticize; to judge; to choose (by public appraisal)
píng fáncommonplace; ordinary; mediocre
píng héngbalance; equilibrium
píng jiàto evaluate; to assess
píng lùnto comment on; to discuss; comment; commentary; CL:
píng xíngparallel; of equal rank; simultaneous
to splash; to spill; rough and coarse; brutish
chǎnto go bankrupt; to become impoverished; bankruptcy
hàito persecute; persecution
popular; to popularize; universal; ubiquitous; pervasive
tōng huàMandarin (common language); Putonghua (common speech of the Chinese language); ordinary speech
paint; lacquer; CL:
futo bully
his; her; its; theirs; that; such; it (refers to sth preceding it)
chess; CL:
miracle; miraculous; wonder; marvel
páoChinese-style dress; cheongsam
shíactually; in fact; really
zhìensign; flag
chūoriginally; at first; at the outset
fēito take off (in an airplane)
uprising; insurrection; revolt
yuánorigin; to originate; to come from
cáiequipment; material
chuánsteamboat; steamship
fēnatmosphere; mood
fènindignant; furious
gàilofty quality; mettle; spirit
guānorgan (part of body tissue); apparatus
gas (i.e. gaseous substance)
wèiodor; scent
atmospheric pressure; barometric pressure
qià dàngappropriate; suitable
qià hǎoas it turns out; by lucky coincidence
qià qiàexactly; just; precisely
qiānlead (chemistry)
qiān fāng bǎi lit. thousand ways, a hundred plans (idiom); by every possible means
qiān kilogram
qiān modest; self-effacing; to make modest remarks
qián fāngahead; the front
qián hòuaround; from beginning to end; all around; front and rear
qián touin front; at the head; ahead; above
qiàn apology; regret
qiáng wall
qiǎng to compel; to force
qiàoto stick up; to rise on one end; to tilt
qiè shífeasible; earnestly; conscientiously; realistic; practical
qīnparent; one's own (flesh and blood); relative; related; marriage; bride; close; intimate; in person; first-hand; in favor of; pro-; to kiss
qīn fànto infringe on; to encroach on; to violate
qīn affectionate; intimate; warm-hearted
qīn rénone's close relatives
qīn to make (military) incursions; to invade; to intrude into; to trespass; to gain unauthorized access (computing)
qīn yǎnwith one's own eyes; personally
qínguqin or zither, cf 古琴; musical instrument in general
qín láohardworking; industrious; diligent
qīng càigreen vegetables; Chinese cabbage
qīng chénearly morning
qīng chúeliminate; get rid of
qīng chūnyouth; youthfulness
qīng jiéclean; purity
qīng shìcontempt; contemptuous; to despise; to scorn; scornful
qīng frog; CL:
qīng clear; distinct
qīng xiàngtrend; tendency; orientation
qīng xǐngclear-headed; sober; awake
qīng easily; lightly; rashly
qíngfeeling; emotion; passion; situation
qíng bào(spy) intelligence; information-gathering
qíng tiānclear sky; sunny day
qǐng jiàoto ask for guidance; to consult
qǐng shìto ask for instructions
qióng rénpoor people; the poor
qiū autumn; fall
qiū línghills
area; region; district
zhécomplicated; winding
dàoirrigation ditch; medium or channel of communication
to take a wife; to marry (a woman)
wèifun; interest; delight; taste; liking; preference
quān zicircle; ring
quán overall situation
quán power; right; privilege
quán power; authority
quán toufist; clenched fist; competitive (product); superior quality; CL:
quàn gàoto advise; to urge; to exhort; exhortation; advice; CL:
qún dǎogroup of islands; archipelago
rán liàofuel
rǎn liàodye
ráorich; abundant; exuberant; to add for free; to throw in as bonus; to spare; to forgive; despite; although; surname Rao
dàitropic; tropical
liàngheat; how hot; quantity of heat; calorific value
rén jiaother people; sb else; he, she or they; I, me, myself (as "one" or "people")
rén jiānman's world; the world
rén manpower; labor power
rén qúncrowd
rén shìperson; figure; public figure
rén human body
rén xīnpopular feeling; the will of the people
rěn bu zhùcannot help; unable to bear
rěn nàito show restraint; to repress (anger etc); to exercise patience
rěn shòuto bear; to endure
rènto assign; to appoint; to take up a post; office; responsibility; to let; to allow; to give free rein to; no matter (how, what etc); surname Ren
rèn xìngwillful; headstrong; uninhibited
rèn arbitrary; at will; at random
réng jiùstill (remaining); to remain (the same); yet
bàodaily newspaper
day and night; around the clock
day by day; more and more; increasingly; more and more with each passing day
yòngdaily expenses; of everyday use
róngto hold; to contain; to allow; appearance; look; countenance
róng receptacle; vessel
róng xìnghonored
róng permit; allow
róng solution (chemistry)
róuto knead; to massage; to rub
róu ruǎnsoft
in this way; so
tónglike; as
xiàas follows
ruǎn ruòweak; feeble; flabby
ruòto seem; like; as; if
ruò gāna certain number or amount; how many?; how much?
sāito stop up; to squeeze in; to stuff; cork; stopper; Serbia; Serbian; abbr. for 塞尔维亚
sǎnleisurely; loosen; powdered medicine; to scatter; to come loose
sǎn wénprose; essay
sànto break up (of couples); to distribute; to let out; to fire or discharge (sb)
sàn to disseminate
sàng shīto lose; to forfeit
cǎitint; coloring; coloration; character
shācotton yarn; muslin
shānto delete
shān mountainous region; hilly area; hilly country
shān fēng(mountain) peak
shān valley
shǎn diànlightning; CL:
shǎn shuòflickering; twinkling; evasive; vague (of speech)
shāng hàito injure; to harm
shāng kǒuwound; cut
shāng nǎo jīnknotty; troublesome; bothersome
shāng rénmerchant; businessman
shàng God
shàng shēngto rise; to go up; to ascend
shàng shùaforementioned; above-mentioned
shàng touabove; on top of; on the surface of
shàng xiàup and down; top and bottom; old and new; length; about
shàng xúnfirst third of a month
shàng yóuupper reaches (of a river); upper level; upper echelon; upstream
shào bīngsentinel
shào maiden
shào xiān duìYoung Pioneers (primary school league, a preparation for Communist Youth League)
shě bu deto hate to do sth; to hate to part with; to begrudge
shě deto be willing to part with sth
shèto set up; to arrange; to establish; to found; to display
shè to try; to make and attempt; to think of a way (to accomplish sth)
shè huì zhǔ socialism
shè to shoot; to fire (a gun)
shè lùneditorial (in a newspaper); CL:
shè shìCelsius; centigrade
shè xiǎngto imagine; to assume; to envisage; tentative plan; to have consideration for
shè yǐngto take a photograph; photography; to shoot (a movie)
shēn cáistature; build (height and weight); figure
shēn depth; (of a speech etc) profundity; advanced stage of development
shēn qǐngto apply for sth; application (form etc); CL:
shēn very late at night
shēn zibody; pregnancy
shén huàfairy tale; mythology; myth
shén mysterious; mystery
shén expression; manner; spirited; vigorous
shén qínglook; expression
shén shèngdivine; hallow; holy; sacred
shěn cháto examine; to investigate; to censor out; censorship
shěn zi(informal) father's younger brother's wife; aunt
shèn zhìeven; so much so that
shèn zhì so much (that); even (to the extent that)
shèn zhòngcautious; careful; prudent
shēng bìngto fall ill; to sicken
shēng cúnto exist; to survive
shēng physiology
shēng míngstatement; declaration; CL:,
shěng deto avoid; so as to save (money or time)
shěng zhǎnggovernor of a province
shèng dàn jiéChristmas time; Christmas season; Christmas
shèng remainder; surplus
shī diàoto lose; to miss
shī fànteacher-training; pedagogical; normal (school, e.g. Beijing Normal University)
shī mián(suffer from) insomnia
shī rénbard; poet
湿shī rùnmoist
shí chángoften; frequently
shí huàtruth
shí fortunate timing; occasion; opportunity
shí jiéseason; time
shí kuànglive (e.g. broadcast or recording); what is actually happening; scene; the real situation
shí shīto implement; to carry out
shí shíoften; constantly
shí to practice; field work; to intern; internship
shí zhìsubstance; essence
shǐto gallop; speedily; to proceed to; to pilot (ship, plane etc); to sail
使shǐ deusable; workable; feasible; doable; to make; to cause
使shǐ jìnto exert all one's strength
shì bīngsoldier; CL:
shì deseem as if; rather like
shì deyes
shì fēiright and wrong; quarrel
shì fǒuwhether (or not); if; is or isn't
shì accident; CL:,,
shì deed; past achievement; important event of the past
shì lipower; (ability to) influence
shì shìto pass away; to die
shì wēito demonstrate (as a protest); a demonstration; a military show of force
shì (political, economic etc) affairs; work
shì suitable; appropriate
shì zhǎngmayor
shōu to harvest; to reap; to gather in crops
shōu to gather; to collect
shōu suōto pull back; to shrink; to contract
shǒuto guard; to defend; to keep watch; to abide by the law; to observe (rules or ritual); nearby; adjoining
shǒu qiāngpistol; CL:
shǒu shìgesture; sign; signal
shòuto sell; to make or carry out (a plan or intrigue etc)
shòu huòto sell goods
寿shòu mìnglife span; life expectancy
shūa comb; to comb
shū běnbook; CL:
shū chànghappy; entirely free from worry
shū books; works
shū zicomb; CL:
shùto bind; bunch; bundle; classifier for bunches, bundles, beams of light etc; to control; surname Shu
shù to bind; to restrict; to tie; to commit; fetters
shù data; numbers; digital
shù to set up; to establish
shù amount; number
shù trees
shuā zibrush; scrub; CL:
shuǎto play with; to juggle
shuāi ruòweak; feeble
shuānto tie up
shuǐ fènmoisture content
shuǐ reservoir; CL:
shuǐ water conservancy; irrigation works
shuǐ water power; hydraulic; water conservancy; irrigation works
shuìtaxes; duties
shuì miánsleeping; slumber
shùn shǒueasily; without trouble; while one is at it; in passing; handy
shuō bu dìngcan't say for sure; maybe
shuō faway of speaking; wording; formulation; one's version (of events); statement; theory; hypothesis; interpretation
shuō to persuade; to convince; to talk sb over; Taiwan pr. [shui4 fu2]
háothe slightest amount or degree; a bit
kǎoto reflect on; to ponder over
lìngcommanding officer
niànthink of; long for; miss
suǒthink deeply; ponder
wéi(line of) thought; thinking
yǒuprivate; privately-owned
wángdeath; deadly
chùall over the place; everywhere and all directions
miàn fāngin all directions; all around; far and near
yǎngto raise; to rear
zhōuall around
sōng shùpine; pine tree; CL:
sòng to give a present
sōuclassifier for ships; Taiwan pr. [sao1]
sōu to gather; to collect
huàcommon saying; proverb
chéngcrash course; intensive course
suàn shìconsidered to be; at last
suàn shùto count numbers; to keep to one's word; to hold (i.e. to remain valid); to count (i.e. to be important)
suīalthough; even though
suī shuōthough; although
suí hòusoon after
suí immediately; presently; following which
suí shǒuconveniently; without extra trouble; while doing it; in passing
suì shuage (number of years old)
sūn son's daughter; granddaughter
sūn zigrandson; son's son
sǔn hàiharm; to damage; to impair
sǔn huàito damage; to injure
suō duǎnto curtail; to cut down
suō xiǎoto reduce; to decrease
suǒto lock up; to lock; CL:
suǒ zàiplace; location; whereabouts; domicile; to be located; to belong to (organization etc)
shipractical; down-to-earth; realistic; firmly based; steadfast; to have peace of mind; free from anxiety
to tread; to stamp; to step on; to press a pedal; to investigate on the spot
tānto spread out; vendor's stand
tānbeach; shoal; CL:
tán lùnto discuss; to talk about
tǎn tank (military vehicle) (loanword)
tàn to sigh; to heave a sigh
tàn suǒto explore; to probe; commonly used in names of publications or documentaries
tǎng ruòprovided that; supposing that; if
táo to escape; to evade; to avoid; to shirk
special; unique; distinguished; especially; unusual; very
wuspecial assignment (military); special agent; operative; spy
zhēngcharacteristic; diagnostic property; distinctive feature; trait
hoof; pig's trotters
bāohandbag; bag; valise
gāngthe key point; outline
wènto question; to quiz; to grill
xǐngto remind; to call attention to; to warn of
proposal; suggestion; to propose; to suggest
cāogymnastic; gymnastics
physical strength; physical power
wēn(body) temperature
xiànto embody; to reflect; to incarnate
tiān cáitalent; gift; genius; talented; gifted
tiān kōngsky
tiān ránnatural
tiān rán natural gas
tiān shàngcelestial; heavenly
tiān wénastronomy
tiān xiàland under heaven; the whole world; the whole of China; realm; rule; domination
tiān zhǔ jiàoCatholic church
tián field; farmland; cropland
tiāo xuǎnchoose; select
tiáo jiéto adjust; to regulate; to harmonize; to reconcile (accountancy etc)
tiáo regulations; rules; code of conduct; ordinances; statutes
tiáo naughty; mischievous; unruly
tiào dòngto beat; to pulse
tīng(reception) hall; office
tíng liúto stay somewhere temporarily; to stop over
tíng zipavilion
tōng chángregular; usual; normal; usually; normally
tōng shùnsmooth; clear and coherent
tōng xìnto communicate
tóng bàncompanion; comrade; fellow
tóng bāoborn of the same parents; sibling; fellow citizen; compatriot
tóng méngalliance
tǒngtube; cylinder
tǒng statistics; to count; to add up
tǒng tǒngtotally
tóu to speculate (on financial markets); opportunistic; congenial; agreeable
tóu nǎobrains; mind
tóu xiángto surrender; surrender
tòu míngtransparent; open (non-secretive)
to break through; to make a breakthrough; to surmount or break the back of (a task etc); (of ball sports) to break through a defense
huàdrawing; picture
jìngway; channel
tuán group; organization; team; CL:
tuán yuánmember; group member
tuán zhǎngregimental command; head of a delegation
tuī chíto postpone; to put off; to defer
tuī to decline (an appointment, invitation etc)
tuī fānoverthrow
tuī jiànto recommend; recommendation
tuī jìnto impel; to carry forward; to push on; to advance; to drive forward
退tuì degenerate; regress
退tuì xiūretirement (from work)
tūnto swallow; to take
tuō ér suǒnursery
tuō tractor; CL:
tuóto carry on one's back
wababy; small child; doll
roof tile; abbr. for 瓦特, watt (loan)
wāi to distort; to misrepresent
wài external part; external
wài jièthe outside world; external
wài surgery; "external" medicine, i.e. surgical intervention, as opposed to 内科 "internal" treatment by administering drugs; surgical department
wài tououtside; out
wài outer clothing; semblance; appearance
wài maternal grandfather (i.e. mother's father)
wài mother's mother; maternal grandmother
wān to bend; to curve around; curved; crooked; to wind; to warp
wán bèifaultless; complete; perfect; to leave nothing to be desired
wán stubborn; obstinate
wán qiángtenacious; hard to defeat
wán shànperfect; to make perfect; to improve
wán xiàojoke; jest
wǎnto pull; to draw (a cart or a bow); to lead (an animal); an elegy (for use in funeral procession); to turn (change direction); to roll up (a scroll); to coil
wǎn bàoevening paper
wǎn jiùto save; to remedy; to rescue
wàn fēnvery much; extremely; one ten thousandth part
wàn cháng qīngremain fresh; last forever; eternal
wàn suìlive long; wish a long life; your majesty
wàn wànabsolutely; wholly
wàn just in case; if by any chance; contingency
wǎngnet; network
wǎng láidealings; contacts; to go back and forth
wēi xiǎominute (i.e. extremely small); infinitesimal
wēi xiéto threaten; to menace
wéi bèito violate; to be contrary to
wéi chíto keep; to maintain; to preserve
wéi jīnscarf; shawl; CL:
wéi nánto feel embarrassed or awkward; to make things difficult (for someone); to find things difficult (to do or manage)
wéi shēng vitamin
wéi shǒuhead; be headed by
wéi zhǐuntil
wěi tuōto entrust; to trust; to commission
wèitaste; smell
wèi not necessarily; maybe not
wèi wènto express sympathy, greetings, consolation etc
wèi to be located at; to be situated at; to lie
wēnwarm; lukewarm; temperature; to warm up; mild; soft; tender; to review; to revise; epidemic; surname Wen
wēn dàitemperate zone
wēn mild; gentle; moderate
wén míngwell-known; famous; renowned; eminent
wén zimosquito
wěnkiss; to kiss; mouth
wēngonomat. buzz; hum; drone
to lie; to crouch
dirty; filthy; foul; corrupt; to smear; to defile; dirt; filth
mièslander; smear; to vilify
chǎn jiē proletariat
unable; incapable
nài have no way out; have no alternative; abbr. to 无奈
lùn anyhow; anyway; whatever
qíngpitiless; ruthless; merciless; heartless
suǒ wèito be indifferent; not to matter
线 xiàn diànwireless
no doubt; undoubtedly
huìdance; ball; party; CL:
to insult; to humiliate; dishonor
táistage; arena; fig. in the limelight
zhuāngarms; equipment; to arm; military; armed (forces)
mistake; error; to miss; to harm; to delay; to neglect
pǐnarticles; goods; materials
object; body; substance
goods; supplies
rare; uncommon; watery; sparse
tin (chemistry); to bestow; to confer; to grant; Taiwan pr. [xi2]
西 suit; western-style clothes (historical usage)
to absorb; to draw (a lesson, insight etc); to assimilate
西 Western medicine; a doctor trained in Western medicine
daughter-in-law; wife (of a younger man); young married woman; young woman
an attack (esp. surprise attack); raid; to attack
àito like; to love; to be fond of; favorite
yuèhappy; joyous
bāocell (biology)
drama; play; theater
zhìdelicate; fine; careful; meticulous; painstaking
xiāblind; groundlessly; foolishly; to no purpose
xiāshrimp; prawn
xiá canyon; gill; ravine
xià summer
xià jiàngto decline; to drop; to fall; to go down; to decrease
xià lièfollowing
xià xúnlast third of the month
xià yóulower reaches (of a river); lower level; lower echelon; downstream
xiān míngbright; clear-cut; distinct
xiān xuèblood
xiān yànbright-colored; gaily-colored
xiánsalted; salty; stingy; miserly; all; everyone; each; widespread; harmonious; surname Xian
xiánto dislike; suspicion; resentment; enmity; abbr. for 嫌犯, criminal suspect
xián huàdigression; gossip; complaint; scandal; CL:; igression
xiǎndanger; dangerous; rugged
xiǎn shìto show; to illustrate; to display; to demonstrate
xiànappear; present; now; existing; current
xiànpitfall; trap; to get stuck; to sink; to cave in; to frame (false charge); to capture (a city in battle); to fall (to the enemy); defect
xiàn chéngcounty seat; county town
xiàn chéngready-made; readily available
xiàn constitution (of a country); CL:
线xiàn line; circuit; wire; road; railway track; bus route
xiāngbox; trunk; chest
xiāng cūnrustic; village; countryside
xiāng duìrelatively; opposite; to resist; to oppose; relative; vis-a-vis; counterpart
xiāng yāncigarette; smoke from burning incense; CL:,
xiǎng liàngloud and clear; resounding
xiànglane; alley
xiàng dǎoguide
xiàng láialways (previously)
xiàng shengcomic dialog; sketch; cross talk
xiàng zhēngemblem; symbol; token; badge; to symbolize; to signify; to stand for
xiāoto scrape
xiāo chúto eliminate; to remove
xiāo to disinfect; to sterilize
xiāo hàoto use up; to consume
xiāo negative; passive; inactive
便xiǎo biànto urinate; to pass water; urine
xiǎo group
xiào róngsmile; smiling expression; CL:
xié dìng(reach an) agreement; protocol
xié huìan association; a society; CL:,
xié zhùprovide assistance; aid
xié zuòcooperation; coordination
xiě zuòwriting; written works
xièto unload; to unhitch; to remove or strip; to get rid of
xīn àibeloved
xīn mental; psychological
xīn qínhardworking; industrious
xīn shǎngto appreciate; to enjoy; to admire
xīn shēngnewborn; new student
xīn shìnew type; latest type; new-style
xīn sithought; idea; to think hard about sth; inclination; mood
xīn xíngnew type; new kind
xīn regard; kindly feelings; intention
xìn hàosignal
xìn niànfaith; belief; conviction
xìn rènto trust; to have confidence in
xìn information; news; message
xíng rénpedestrian; traveler on foot; passer-by; official responsible for arranging audiences with the emperor
xíng shǐto travel along a route (of vehicles etc)
xíng tàishape; form; pattern; morphology
xíng wéiaction; conduct; behavior; activity
xíng xīngplanet; CL:
xíng zhèngadministration; administrative
xìng biégender; sex; distinguishing between the sexes
xìng kuīfortunately; luckily
xìng néngfunction; performance
xiōngvicious; fierce; ominous; inauspicious; famineterrible; fearful
xiōng èerocious; fiendish; frightening; fierce; ferocious
xiū jiànto build; to construct
xiū zhèngto revise; to amend
xiū zhùto build
xiùto embroider; embroidery
xiùto corrode; to rust
to require; to need; to want; necessity; need
beard; mustache; feeler (of an insect etc); tassel; must; to have to; to wait
shùto relate (a story or information); to tell or talk about; to recount; narration; telling; narrative; account
xuān gàoto declare; to proclaim
xuān yándeclaration; manifesto
xuánto hang or suspend; to worry; public announcement; unresolved; baseless; without foundation
xuán precipice; overhanging cliff
xuán zhuǎnto rotate; to revolve; to spin; to whirl
xuǎn xiūoptional course (in school); to take an optional course
xué huìto learn; to master; institute; learned society; (scholarly) association
xué subject; branch of learning; course; academic discipline
xué niánacademic year
xué shíclass hour; period
xué shuōtheory; doctrine
xué wèiacademic degree, e.g.: BSc 学士学位, MSc 硕士学位, Diploma 学位证书, PhD 博士学位
xué zhěscholar
xué zhìeducational system; length of schooling
xuě huāsnowflake
xuè guǎnvein; artery; CL:
xuè hànblood and sweat; sweat and toil
xúnto search; to look for; to seek
xún huánto cycle; to circulate; circle; loop
xún wènto inquire
mortgage; to pawn; to detain in custody
suōto compress; compression
zhìto suppress; to inhibit; to stifle
ziduck; male prostitute (slang)
bud; sprout
齿 chǐdental; tooth; CL:
gāotoothpaste; CL:
jūnsecond place (in a sports contest); runner-up
yānto flood; to submerge; to drown; to irritate the skin (of liquids); to delay
yāncigarette or pipe tobacco; CL:; smoke; mist; vapour; CL:[lu:3]; tobacco plant; (of the eyes) to be irritated by smoke
yān cōngchimney
yántight (closely sealed); stern; strict; rigorous; severe; father; surname Yan
沿yán hǎicoastal
yán jìnstrictly prohibit
yán jiū shēnggraduate student; postgraduate student; research student
yán severe; strict
yán strict; tight (organization, surveillance etc)
yán shírock
yán zhìto manufacture; to develop
yǎn gàito conceal; to hide behind; to cover up
yǎn guānggaze; insight; foresight; vision; way of looking at things
yǎn to screen; to shield; to cover; protection; cover; CL:
yǎn kànsoon; in a moment
yǎn shuōspeech; to deliver a speech
yàn to loath; to hate; disgusted with sth
yàn ziswallow
yángto raise; to hoist; the action of tossing or winnowing; scattering (in the wind); to flutter; to propagate
yángocean; vast; foreign; silver dollar or coin
yǎng chéngto cultivate; to raise; to form (a habit); to acquire
yǎng huàoxidize
yǎng liàonutriment; nourishment
yǎng oxygen
yáokiln; oven
yáo bǎito sway; to wobble; to waver
yáo yánrumor
yáo yuǎndistant; remote
yào otherwise; or; or else; how about...? (one choice or the other); either this, or else...
yào ránotherwise; or else; or
yào bu shìif it were not for; but for
yào diǎnmain point; essential
yào fāngprescription
yào hǎobe on good terms; be close friends
yào pǐnmedicaments; medicine; drug
yào shikey; CL:
yào medicaments; pharmaceuticals; medication; medicine; drug
shòubeast; wild animal
jiānnighttime; evening or night (e.g. classes)
dàiregion; district
jiùas before; still
according to; basis; foundation
kǒu one breath; in one breath; at a stretch
liánin a row; in succession; running
liáomedical treatment
píng ānto have a pleasant journey; Bon voyage!
shùn fēngto have a pleasant journey (idiom)
pángaside; to the side of
ránstill; as before
lán jiàoIslam
lièa series of; a string of
xià(used after a verb) give it a go; to do (sth for a bit to give it a try); one time; once; in a while; all of a sudden; all at once
xiàngalways (previously); a period of time in the recent past
xīnwholeheartedly; heart and soul
xíngparty; delegation
one by one; one after another
zhàoaccording to; in light of
zhèna burst; a fit; a peal; a spell (period of time)
mother's sister; aunt
biǎoappearance; bearing; meter (i.e. measuring instrument)
chǎnheritage; legacy; inheritance; bequest; CL:
hànregret; to regret; to be sorry that
liú(leave or be a) legacy; left over; hand down (to next generation)
xīnsuspicion; to suspect
second of 10 heavenly stems 十天干; second in order; letter "B" or roman "II" in list "A, B, C", or "I, II, III" etc; second party (in legal contract, usually 乙方, as opposed to 甲方); ethyl; bent; winding; radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 5)
to lean on; rely upon
便 biànso that; so as to; in order to
zhìdown to; up to; to such an extent as to... (also written 以至于)
zhìto such an extent as to; down to; up to
easy; amiable; to change; to exchange; surname Yi
huìparliament; legislative assembly
perseverance; willpower
wèi zheto signify; to mean; to imply
duty; obligation; commitment; volunteer duty; CL:; mandatory; voluntary
zhìto inhibit; to keep down; to suppress
yīnsound; noise; note (of musical scale); tone; news; syllable; reading (phonetic value of a character)
yīn móuplot; conspiracy
yīn tiāncloudy day; overcast sky
yín movie screen
yǐnto draw (e.g. a bow); to pull; to stretch sth; to extend; to lengthen; to involve or implicate in; to attract; to lead; to guide; to leave; to provide evidence or justification for; old unit of distance equal to 10 , one-thirtieth of a km or 33.33 meters
yǐn dǎoto guide; to lead; to conduct; introduction
yǐn jìnto recommend; to introduce (from outside)
yǐn liàodrink; beverage
yǐn yuēvague; faint; indistinct
yìn rǎnprinting and dyeing
yīng bàngpound sterling
yīng érinfant; baby; CL:; lead (Pb)
yīng míngwise; brilliant
yíngto welcome; to meet; to face; to forge ahead (esp. in the face of difficulties)
yǐng piànfilm; movie; CL:
yìngto answer; to respond; to comply with; to deal or cope with; surname Ying
yìng chousocial niceties; social interaction; a dinner party
yìng futo deal with; to cope
yìng yāoat sb's invitation; on invitation
yo(sentence-final particle expressing exhortation); (syllable filler in a song)
yōng crowded; to throng; congestion
yǒngto bubble up; to rush forth
yǒng yuèto leap; to jump; eager; enthusiastically
yòng pǐnarticles for use; products; goods
yòng use; application
yòng xīnmotive; intention; to be diligent or attentive; careful
yōu shèngwinning; superior
yōu shìsuperiority; dominance; advantage
yōu yuèsuperior; superiority
yóuto walk; to tour; to roam; to travel; to swim; surname You
yóu bāopostal parcel; parcel
yóu tiánoil field
yóu game; CL:; to play
yóu xíngmarch; parade; demonstration
yóu to hesitate
yǒu àifriendly affection; fraternal love
yǒu organic
yǒu liǎng xià zihave real skill; know one's stuff
yǒu xiànlimited; finite
yǒu xiēsomewhat; rather; some
yǒu to intend; intentionally; interested in
yǒu useful; profitable
yòu ér yuánkindergarten; nursery school
yòu zhìyoung; childish; naive
extra; surplus; remaining; remainder after division; (following numerical value) or more; in excess of (some number); residue (math.); after; I; me; I (used by emperor)surname Yu
chǔnsilly; stupid
to entertain; to amuse; entertainment; recreation; amusement; hobby; fun; joy
mínfisherman; fisher folk
rather than...; 与其 A 不如 B (rather than A, better to B)
wénliterature and language
zhòuuniverse; cosmos
fángto prevent; to take precautions against; to protect; to guard against; precautionary; prophylactic
gàoto forecast; to predict; advance notice
shìbathroom (room used for bathing); CL:
xiānbeforehand; in advance
yánfable; CL:
the more...the more
zhùcongratulate beforehand; offer best wishes for
yuān wanghatred; injustice; bad luck; unjust treatment; wronged; not worthwhile
yuán dànNew Year's Day
yuán reason; cause
yuán principle; theory
yuán língardens; park; landscape garden
yuán mǎnsatisfactory; consummate; perfect
yuán rénape man
yuán shǐfirst; original; primitive; original (document etc)
yuán element; element of a set; chemical element
yuán xiānformer; original
yuán zhùto help; to support; to aid; aid; assistance
yuán atom; atomic
yuán dànatom bomb; atomic bomb; A-bomb
yuǎn xiāoto sell to far away lands
yuànto hope; to wish; to desire; hoped-for; ready; willing; sincere
yuànpark; surname Yuan
yuèto exceed; to climb over; to surpass; the more... the more; generic word for peoples or states of south China or south Asia at different historical periods; abbr. for Vietnam 越南
yuè guāngmoonlight
yuè jìnmake a leap; leap forward
yuè musical instrument; CL:
yūnconfused; dizzy; giddy; to faint; to swoon; to lose consciousness; to pass out
yùn qiluck (good or bad)
smash; smashed; to fail; to get it wrong
zhìmagazine; CL:,,
zāito grow; to plant; to insert; to force on sb; to fall head first
zāi nàndisaster; catastrophe
zāi zhòngto plant; to grow
zàito carry; to convey; to load; to hold; to fill up; and; also; as well as; simultaneously
zài sānover and over again; again and again
zài shuōto say again; to put off a discussion until later; moreover; what's more; besides
zài to be in; to lie in; to consist in; to depend on; to rest with
zài zuòbe present
zàn měiadmire; applause; praise; to eulogize
zàn yángto praise; to approve of; to show approval
zāodregs; draff; pickled in wine; rotten; messy; ruined
zāoto meet by chance (usually with misfortune); classifier for events: time, turn, incident
zāo to meet with; to encounter; (bitter) experience
záochisel; to bore a hole; to chisel or dig; certain; authentic; irrefutable
zǎo early period; early phase; early stage
zǎo wǎnmorning and evening; sooner or later
zǎo long ago; for a long time
bèito blame; to criticize; condemnation; reproach
zēng chǎnincrease production
zēng jìnpromote; enhance; to further; to advance (a cause etc)
zēng qiángto increase; to strengthen
zèng sòngto present as a gift
zhāslag (in mining or smelting); dregs
zhā shistrong; solid; sturdy; firm; practical
zháto deep fry
zhàto explode
zhàidebt; CL:
zhāno moisten; to moisten; to be infected by; to receive favors
zhǎna small cup; classifier for lamps
zhǎn xīnbrand new
zhàn chǎngbattlefield; CL:
zhàn lǐngto occupy (a territory); to hold
zhàn lüèstrategy
zhàn shùtactics
线zhàn xiànbattle line; battlefront; front
zhàn yǒuto have; to own; to hold; to possess
zhàn yǒucomrade-in-arms; battle companion
zhāng wàngto peep (through a crack); to look around
zhǎng shēngapplause; CL:
zhàngcovering veil; canopy; screen; tent; variant of
zhàngdropsical; swollen; to swell; to be bloated
zhàng àibarrier; obstruction; hindrance; impediment; obstacle
zhāoto recruit; to provoke; to beckon; to incur; to infect; contagious; a move (chess); a maneuver; device; trick; to confess
zhāo shǒuto wave; beckon
zháo liángcatch cold
zhàocover; fish trap (basket); shade
zhào to convene; to gather
zhào as a rule; as usual; usually
zhào xiàng camera; CL:,,,,
zhào yàngas before; (same) as usual
耀zhào yàoto shine; to illuminate
zhēto cover up (a shortcoming); to screen off; to hide; to conceal
zhé to convert into; to amount to; to be equivalent to
zhě(after a verb or adjective) one who (is) ...; (after a noun) person involved in...; -er; -ist; (used after a number or or to refer to sth mentioned previously); (used after a term, to mark a pause before defining the term); (old) (used at the end of a command); (old) this
zhè yàng láithus; if this happens then
zhēn guìprecious
zhēn jiǔacupuncture and moxibustion; to give or have acupuncture and moxibustion
zhēn to treasure; to value; to cherish
zhēn zhūpearl; CL:
zhěn toupillow
zhèncomposed; small town; to suppress; to press down; to guard; garrison; to cool or chill (food or drinks)
zhènto shake; to vibrate; to jolt; to quake; excited; shocked; one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing thunder; ☳
zhèn position; front
zhèn dòngvibration
zhèn dòngto shake; to vibrate; to strongly affect; shock; vibration
zhèn jìngcalm; cool
zhèn suppression; repression; to suppress; to put down; to quell
zhēngto request; to impose (taxes); to levy (troops); to draft (for military service); phenomenon; symptom; characteristic sign (used as proof); evidence; journey; trip; expedition; to go on long campaign; to attack
zhēng duófight over; contest; vie over
zhēng to evaporate; evaporation
zhēng to conquer; to subdue; to vanquish
zhēng steam
zhēng zháto struggle
zhěngexactly; in good order; whole; complete; entire; in order; orderly; to repair; to mend; to renovate; to make sb suffer; to punish; to fix; to give sb a hard time
zhěng dùnto tidy up; to reorganize; to consolidate; to rectify
zhěng fēngRectification or Rectifying incorrect work styles, Maoist slogan; cf Rectification campaign 整风运动, army purge of 1942-44 and anti-rightist purge of 1957
zhěng whole entity; entire body; synthesis; as a whole (situation, construction, team etc); global; macrocosm; integral; holistic; whole
zhèngto earn; to make (money)
zhèng dānghonest; reasonable; fair; sensible; timely; just (when needed)
zhèng dǎngpolitical party; CL:
zhèng jiànpaperwork; credentials
zhèng evidence; proof; testimony
zhèng miànfront; obverse side; right side; positive; direct; open
zhèng quánregime; (wield) political power
zhèng shíto confirm (sth to be true); to verify
zhèng shūcredentials; certificate
zhèng justice; righteous; righteousness
zhèng zhuàngsymptom (of an illness)
zhī(possessive particle, literary equivalent of ); him; her; it
zhībranch; classifier for sticks, rods, pencils etc
zhīto know; to be aware
zhī lèiand so on; and such
zhī nèiinside; within
zhī pèito control; to dominate; to allocate
zhī shi fèn intellectual; intelligentsia; learned person
zhī wàioutside; excluding
zhívalue; (to be) worth; to happen to; to be on duty
zhí through; nonstop
zhí jìngdiameter
zhí mín colony
zhí yuánoffice worker; staff member; CL:,
zhǐ biāonorm; index; target
zhǐ to have no alternative but to; to be obliged to
zhǐ diǎngive directions
zhǐ nán zhēncompass
zhǐ toufinger; toe; CL:
zhǐ yǐnto guide; to show; to point (the way)
zhìto manufacture; to make; system; to control; to regulat
zhìto send; to devote; to deliver; to cause; to convey; fine; delicate
zhìcharacter; nature; quality; plain; to pawn; pledge; hostage; to question; Taiwan pr. [zhi2]
zhì huìwisdom; knowledge; intelligent; intelligence
zhì liáoto treat; to cure; medical treatment; cure
zhì as for; as to; to go so far as to
zhì yuànaspiration; ambition; to volunteer
zhì zhǐto curb; to put a stop to; to stop; to check; to limit
zhì zuòto make; to manufacture
zhōng middle part; central section
zhōng chéngdevoted; fidelity; loyal; loyalty
zhōng duànto cut short; to break off; to discontinue
zhōng niánmiddle-aged
zhōng shēnlifelong; all one's life; marriage
zhōng shífaithful
zhōng xīnheartfelt; wholehearted; cordial
zhōng xúnmiddle third of a month
zhōng traditional Chinese medical science; a doctor trained in Chinese medicine
zhǒngto swell; swelling; swollen
zhǒng lèikind; genus; type; category; variety; species; sort; class
zhòngto hit (the mark); to be hit by; to suffer
zhòng zhíplant; grow
zhōucongee; gruel; porridge; CL:
zhōu weekend
zhōu niánanniversary; annual
zhòuto wrinkle; wrinkled; to crease
zhòu wénwrinkle; CL:
zhǔ chíto take charge of; to manage or direct; to preside over; to uphold; to stand for (eg justice); to host (a TV or radio program etc)
zhǔ main force; main strength of an army
zhǔ quánsovereignty
zhùto help; to assist
zhùto cast or found metals
zhùto halt; to stay; to be stationed (of troops, diplomats etc)
zhù shèinjection; to inject
zhù shìto watch attentively; to gaze
zhù shǒuassistant; helper
zhù yuànwish
zhù zháiresidence; tenement
zhù zipillar; CL:
zhuānfor a particular person, occasion, purpose; focused on one thing; special; expert; particular (to sth); concentrated; specialized
zhuān zhèngdictatorship
zhuǎn relay; broadcast (on radio or TV)
zhuǎn to pass on; to convey; to communicate
zhuǎn dòngto turn sth around; to swivel
zhuǎn huàto change; to transform; isomerization (chemistry)
zhuǎn change over to; shift to; switch to
zhuǎn wānto turn; to go around a corner
zhuǎn to shift; to divert or distract (attention etc); to change; to transform; metastasis (medicine)
zhuànto earn; to make a profit
zhuàn dòngto rotate (about an axis); to revolve; to turn; to move in a circle; to gyrate
zhuāngstump; stake; pile; classifier for items
zhuāng bèiequipment; to equip; to outfit
zhuāng shìto decorate; decoration; decorative; ornamental
zhuāng zhìto install; installation; equipment; system; unit; device
zhuàngto strengthen; strong; robust; Zhuang ethnic group of Guangxi, the PRC's second most numerous ethnic group; Zhuang: Bouxcuengh
zhuàngclassifier for buildings; carriage curtain (old)
zhuàng to expand; to strengthen
zhuàng magnificence; magnificent; majestic; glorious
zhuī qiúto pursue (a goal etc) stubbornly; to seek after; to woo
zhuó shǒuto put one's hand to it; to start out on a task; to set out
zhuó zhòngput emphasis on; to stress; to emphasize
běncapital (as in capitalism)
běn jiācapitalist
běn zhǔ capitalism
chǎn jiē the capitalist class; the bourgeoisie
jīnfunds; funding; capital
姿 shìposture; position
姿 tàiattitude; posture; stance
son; child; seed; egg; small thing; 1st earthly branch: 11 p.m.-1 a.m., midnight, 11th solar month (7th December to 5th January), year of the Rat; Viscount, fourth of five orders of nobility 五等爵位
dànbullet; CL:,,
diǎndictionary; character dictionary; CL:
háo(feel a sense of) pride; to be proud of sth (in a good way)
lái shuǐrunning water; tap water
mǎncomplacent; self-satisfied
letter (of the alphabet); CL:
shēnitself; oneself; one's own
shǐ zhì zhōngfrom start to finish (idiom)
selfish; selfishness
xiāng máo dùnto contradict oneself; self-contradictory; inconsistent
xìnto have confidence in oneself; self-confidence
yán talk to oneself; think aloud; soliloquize
zhì autonomous region, namely: Inner Mongolia 内蒙古自治区, Guangxi 广西壮族自治区, Tibet 西藏自治区, Ningxia 宁夏回族自治区, Xinjiang 新疆维吾尔自治区
zhǔindependent; to act for oneself; autonomous
zōng jiàoreligion
zōng pàisect
zǒngalways; to assemble; gather; total; overall; head; chief; general; in every case
zǒng děimust; have to; be bound to
zǒng ér yán zhīin short; in a word; in brief
zǒng gòngaltogether; in sum; in all; in total
zǒng suànat long last; finally; on the whole
zǒng zhīin a word; in short; in brief
zǒu lángcorridor; aisle; hallway; colonnade; passageway; piazza; veranda
zǒu wān to take an indirect route
to hire; to rent; to charter; to rent out; to lease out; rent; land tax
foot; to be sufficient; ample
àito obstruct; to hinder; to block
chéngto form; to make up; to constitute
father's father; paternal grandfather
obstacle; hindrance; resistance; obstruction
father's mother; paternal grandmother
xiānancestor; forebears
zhǎnggroup leader
zhǐto prevent; to block
zuǐ chúnlip; CL:
zuìguilt; crime; fault; blame; sin
zuì ècrime; evil; sin
zuì xíngcrime; offense
zūn zhòngto esteem; to respect; to honor; to value; eminent; serious; proper
zuò fēngstyle; style of work; way
zuò crop
zuò zhàncombat; to fight