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HSK level 2: 1407 word(s) found.


ā Arabic (language)
ā maternal aunt; step-mother; childcare worker; nursemaid; woman of similar age to one's parents (term of address used by child); CL:
āi interjection of wonder, shock or admiration
ài hàoto like; to take pleasure in; keen on; fond of; interest; hobby; appetite for; CL:
ài to cherish; to treasure; to take care of; to love and protect
ài qíngromance; love (romantic); CL:
ài renspouse; husband; wife; sweetheart; CL:
ān quánsafe; secure; safety; security
ān wèito comfort; to console; CL:
ān xīnat ease; to feel relieved; to set one's mind at rest; to keep one's mind on sth
àn shíon time; before deadline; on schedule
àn zhàoaccording to; in accordance with; in the light of; on the basis of
bái càiChinese cabbage; pak choi; CL:,
bái tiāndaytime; during the day; day; CL:
bān zhǎngclass monitor; squad leader; team leader; CL:
bàn dǎo semiconductor
bàn gōngto handle official business; to work (esp. in an office)
bàn shìto handle (affairs); to work; to run an errand (outside the office); to go on a business trip
bàn midnight; in the middle of the night
bāng mángto help; to lend a hand; to do a favor; to do a good turn
bǎng yàngexample; model; CL:
bàng wǎnin the evening; when night falls; towards evening; at night fall; at dusk
bāo kuòto comprise; to include; to involve; to incorporate; to consist of
bāo zisteamed stuffed bun; CL:
bǎo chíto keep; to maintain; to hold; to preserve
bǎo cúnto conserve; to preserve; to keep; to save (a file etc) (computing)
bǎo guìvaluable; precious; to value; to treasure; to set store by
bǎo to protect; to defend; to safeguard; protection; CL:
bǎo liúto retain; to continue to have; to preserve; to maintain; to reserve; reservations; to hold back (approval or acceptance)
bǎo wèito defend; to safeguard
bǎo zhèngguarantee; to guarantee; to ensure; to safeguard; to pledge; CL:
bào dàoto report for duty; to check in; to register
bào dàoreport; CL:,
bào gàoto inform; to report; to make known; speech; talk; lecture; CL:,,,
bào míngto sign up; to enter one's name; to apply; to register; to enroll; to enlist
bào qiànto be sorry; to feel apologetic; sorry!
bào zhǐnewspaper; newsprint; CL:,,
bēi tònggrieved; sorrowful
běi northern part; Tonkin (region in Vietnam)
běi fāngnorth; the northern part a country; China north of the Yellow River
běi miànnorthern side; north
bèi hòubehind; at the back; in the rear; behind sb's back
bèi ziquilt; CL:
běn láioriginal; originally; at first; it goes without saying; of course
běn lǐngskill; ability; capability; CL:,
běn shìsource material; original story
běn zhìessence; nature; innate character; intrinsic quality
zinose; CL:,
to take down (in writing); notes; a type of literature consisting mainly of short sketches; CL:
proportion; scale
for example; for instance; such as
miǎnto avert; to prevent; to avoid; to refrain from
ráninevitable; certain; necessity
yàonecessary; essential; indispensable; required
graduation; to graduate; to finish school
biān biānat the same time, simultaneously
便biàn tiáo(informal) note; CL:,
biāo diǎnpunctuation; a punctuation mark; to punctuate; CL:
biāo zhǔn(an official) standard; norm; criterion; CL:
biǎo to voice (an opinion); to express; to convey
biǎo miànsurface; face; outside; appearance
biǎo míngto make clear; to make known; to state clearly; to indicate; known
bīn guǎnguesthouse; CL:,
bǐng gānbiscuit; cracker; cookie; CL:,
bìng fángward (of a hospital); sickroom; CL:
bìng jūnharmful bacteria; pathogenic bacteria; germs
bìng qiěand; besides; moreover; furthermore; in addition
bìng rénsick person; patient; invalid; CL:
liglass; nylon; plastic; CL:,
bofather's elder brother; uncle
wife of father's elder brother; aunt; (polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother); CL:
zineck; CL:
chōngto replenish; to supplement; to complement; additional; supplementary; CL:
to make up missed lesson; to reschedule a class
to take extra lessons; to cram (for a test)
need not; does not have to
not very; not too; not often
have no choice or option but to; cannot but; have to; can't help it; can't avoid
liǎodesperately serious; disastrous; extremely; exceedingly
duànunceasing; uninterrupted; continuous; constant
duìarmy; armed forces; troops; force; unit; CL:
gǎn dānglit. I dare not (accept the honor); fig. I don't deserve your praise; you flatter me
guǎnno matter (what, how); regardless of; no matter
guòonly; merely; no more than; but; however; anyway (to get back to a previous topic)
hǎo sito feel embarrassed; to find it embarrassing; to be sorry (for inconveniencing sb)
jǐnnot only (this one); not just (...) but also
lùnwhatever; no matter what (who, how etc); regardless of; not to discuss
méndepartment; branch; section; division; CL:
pínguneven; injustice; unfairness; wrong; grievance; indignant; dissatisfied
ránnot so; no; or else; otherwise; if not
shǎomany; a lot; not few
shì maisn't that so?
xíngwon't do; be out of the question; be no good; not work; not be capable
xìngmisfortune; adversity; unfortunate; sad; unfortunately; CL:
not allow; must not; can't
yào jǐnunimportant; not serious; it doesn't matter; never mind; it looks all right; but
dìngnot necessarily; maybe
zhǎnghead of a (government etc) department; section chief; section head; secretary; minister; CL:,,
zhìto put in order; to arrange; to decorate; to fix up; to deploy
zhùrepeatedly; continuously; constantly; unable to (resist, conceal etc)
cái liàomaterial; data; makings; stuff; CL:,
cǎi gòuto procure (for an enterprise etc); to purchase
cǎi to adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action); to take
cǎi color; multi-colored; CL:
cǎi yòngto adopt; to employ; to use
cān tīngdining-hall; dining-room; restaurant; CL:,
cǎo lawn; meadow; sod; turf; CL:
cǎo yuángrassland; prairie; CL:
suǒtoilet; lavatory; CL:,
yàntest; to test; CL:,
céng jīngonce; already; former; previously; ever; (past tense marker used before verb or clause)
chā zifork; CL:
chà bu duōalmost; nearly; more or less; about the same; good enough; not bad
chǎn liàngoutput
chǎn pǐngoods; merchandise; product; CL:
chǎn shēngto arise; to come into being; to come about; to give rise to; to bring into being; to bring about; to produce; to engender; to generate; to appear; appearance; emergence; generation; production; yield
cháng long term; long time; long range (of a forecast)
cháng long distance
chāo guòto surpass; to exceed; to outstrip
chāo xiěto copy; to transcribe
chē jiānworkshop; CL:
chè thorough; thoroughly; complete
chén taciturn; uncommunicative; silent
chèn shānshirt; blouse; CL:
chèn shirt; CL:
chēng zànto praise; to acclaim; to commend; to compliment
chéng degree (level or extent); level; CL:
chéng fèncomposition; make-up; ingredient; element; component; one's social status; CL:
chéng gōngsuccess; to succeed; CL:,; Chenggong or Chengkung town in Taitung county 台东县, southeast Taiwan
chéng guǒresult; achievement; gain; profit; CL:
chéng jiùaccomplishment; success; attain a result; achievement; CL:
chéng kěnsincere; honest; cordial
chéng to establish; to set up; to be tenable; to hold water
chéng rènto admit; to concede; to recognize; recognition (diplomatic, artistic etc); to acknowledge
chéng shíhonest; honesty; honorable; truthful
chéng shúmature; ripe; Taiwan pr. [cheng2 shou2]
chéng wéito become; to turn into
chéng zhǎngto mature; to grow; growth
chī jīngto be startled; to be shocked; to be amazed
chì bǎngwing; CL:,
chōng fènfull; abundant
chōng mǎnfull of; brimming with; very full; permeated
chōng adequate; sufficient; abundant
chóng diéto overlap; to superimpose; to telescope; to run together; to duplicate; one over another; superposition; an overlap; redundancy; reduplication (in Chinese grammar, e.g. 散散步 to have a stroll)
chóng to repeat; to duplicate; CL:
chóng gāomajestic; sublime
chóng xīnagain; once more; re-
chóng ziinsect; bug; worm; CL:,
chōu xiàngabstract; abstraction; CL:
chū bǎnto publish; to come off the press; to put out
chū initial; preliminary; tentative
chū junior; primary
chū kǒuan exit; CL:; to speak; to export; (of a ship) to leave port
chū shēngto be born
chū to attend; to participate; present
chū yuànto leave hospital; to be discharged from hospital
chú fángkitchen; CL:
chǔ fènto discipline sb; to punish; disciplinary action; to deal with (a matter); CL:
chǔ to handle; to treat; to deal with; to process; CL:
chuán to disseminate; to propagate; to spread
chuán tǒngtradition; traditional; convention; conventional; CL:
chuàng zàoto create; to bring about; to produce; CL:
chuàng zuòto create; to produce; to write; creative work; creation; CL:
chūn jiéSpring Festival (Chinese New Year)
wàibesides; in addition; moreover; furthermore
/cóng méinever
cóng chū depart from...
cóng from now on; since then; henceforth
cóng érthus; thereby
cóng láialways; at all times; never (if used in negative sentence)
cóng shìto go for; to engage in; to undertake; to deal with; to handle; to do
jìnto promote (an idea or cause); to advance; boost
cún zàito exist; to be; existence
cuò shīmeasure; step; CL:
yingto promise; to agree; to reply; to respond
ànanswer; solution; CL:
dàoto reach; to achieve; to attain
juàncompleted examination paper; answer sheet; CL:,
banto decorate; to dress; to make up; to adorn; manner of dressing; style of dress
dǎoto overthrow; to knock down; Down with... !
rǎoto disturb; to bother; to trouble
tingto ask about; to inquire about
zhēnto give or have an injection
dǎnbrazen; audacious; outrageous; bold; daring; fearless
duō shù(great) majority
huìgeneral assembly; general meeting; convention; CL:,
jiēstreet; main street; CL:
liànggreat amount; large quantity; bulk; numerous; generous; magnanimous
continent; mainland (esp. of China); mainland China; refers to People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国; CL:
large quantities of
renadult; grownup; title of respect toward superiors
使 shǐ guǎnembassy; CL:,
xiǎodimension; magnitude; size; measurement; large and small; adults and children; consideration of seniority
xínglarge; large-scale
overcoat; topcoat; cloak; CL:
yuēapproximately; about
dài instead; to replace; to substitute (X for Y, or a number in an algebraic expression)
dān word; CL:
dān diàomonotonous
dān rènto hold a governmental office or post; to assume office of; to take charge of; to serve as
dān wèia unit; unit (of measure); work unit (one's workplace); CL:
dān xīnanxious; worried; uneasy; to worry; to be anxious
dàn gāocake; CL:,
dāng de shí houwhen..., at the time...
dāng local
dāng niánin those days; then; in those years; during that time
dāng qiáncurrent; today's; modern; present; to be facing (us)
dāng shíthen; at that time; while
dǎng yuánpolitical party member; CL:,,
dàng zuòto treat as; to regard as; to look upon as
dāo ziknife; CL:
dào chùeverywhere
dào to reach; to arrive
dào virtue; morality; ethics; moral; CL:
dào finally; in the end; when all is said and done; after all; to the end; to the last
dào road; path; way; CL:
dào qiànto apologize
dào shicontrary to what one might expect; actually; contrariwise; why don't you
German (language)
dēng to register (one's name)
děng dàito wait; to wait for
děng to equal; to be tantamount to
xiàlow status; lowly; to lower (one's head)
quèreally; indeed
rénenemy; CL:
dàizone; CL:
diǎnplace; site; location; venue; CL:
fāngregion; regional (away from the central administration)
miànfloor; ground; surface
qiúthe Earth; planet; CL:
local; regional; district (not necessarily formal administrative unit); region; area; as suffix to city name, means prefecture or county (area administered by a prefecture level city or county level city); CL:
map; CL:,
wèiposition; status; place; CL:
xiàunderground; subterranean; covert
zhǐaddress; CL:
diàn bàotelegram; cable; telegraph; CL:,
diàn bīng xiāngrefrigerator; CL:
diàn fēng shànelectric fan; CL:,
diàn shì táitelevision station; CL:
diàn táitransmitter-receiver; broadcasting station; radio station; CL:,
diàn elevator; escalator; CL:,
diàn yǐng yuàncinema; movie theater; CL:,
diào cháinvestigation; inquiry; to investigate; to survey; survey; (opinion) poll; CL:,
dōng běinortheast
dōng the east; eastern part
dōng fāngthe East; eastern countries; the orient
dōng miàneast side (of sth)
dōng nánsoutheast
dǒng deto understand; to know; to comprehend
dòng réntouching; moving
dòng shēngo on a journey; leave
dòng shǒuto set about (a task); to hit; to punch; to touch
dòng yuánzoo; CL:
dòng yuánto mobilize; to arouse; mobilization; CL:,
dòng zuòmovement; motion; action; CL:
dòu futofu; bean curd
dòu zhēnga struggle; fight; battle
independent; independence; to stand alone
shūto read a book; to study; to attend school
zhěreader; CL:
guòto pass; to spend (time); to survive; to get through
zibelly; abdomen; stomach; CL:
duǎn short-term
duì to contrast; contrast; ratio; CL:
duì dàito treat; treatment
duì fāngcounterpart; other person involved; opposite side; other side; receiving party
duì futo handle; to deal with; to cope; to get by with
duì huàdialog; CL:
duì miànopposite
duì xiàngtarget; object; partner; boyfriend; girlfriend; CL:
duì regarding; as far as sth is concerned; with regards to
duì zhǎngcaptain; team leader; CL:
duō shùmajority; most
ér tóngchild; CL:
ěr duoear; CL:,,
biǎoto issue; to publish
chūto issue (an order, decree etc); to send out; to dispatch; to produce a sound; to let out (a laugh)
developed (country etc); flourishing; to develop
dòngto start; to launch; to unleash; to mobilize; to arouse
dǒuto tremble; to shake; to shiver
huīto display; to exhibit; to bring out implicit or innate qualities; to express (a thought or moral); to develop (an idea); to elaborate (on a theme)
míngto invent; invention; CL:
yánstatement; utterance; CL:
yángto develop; to make full use of
lángfranc; CL:
law; CL:, ,
French (language)
fán róngprosperous; booming (economy)
fǎn dòngreaction; reactionary
fǎn repeatedly; over and over
fǎn kàngto resist; to rebel
fǎn yìngto react; to respond; reaction; response; reply; chemical reaction; CL:
fǎn yìngto mirror; to reflect; mirror image; reflection; fig. to report; to make known; to render; used erroneously for 反应, response or reaction
fǎn zhèngto put things back in order; to return to the correct path; in any event; come what may; whatever happens (I'm still sure it's right); anyway
fàn wéirange; scope; limit; extent; CL:
fāng ànplan; program (for action etc); proposal; proposed bill; CL:,
fāng shìway (of life); pattern; style; mode; manner; CL:
fāng zhēnpolicy; guidelines; CL:
fáng zhǐto prevent; to guard against; to take precautions
fáng zihouse; building (single- or two-story); apartment; room; CL:,,,
仿fǎng to seem; as if; alike; similar
fǎng zhīspinning and weaving
fàng to enlarge; to magnify
fàng to renounce; to abandon; to give up
fàng xīnto feel relieved; to feel reassured; to be at ease
fēi must...
fèi yòngcost; expenditure; expense; CL:,
fēn biéto part or leave each other; to distinguish; difference; in different ways; differently; separately or individually
fēn fēnone after another; in succession; one by one; continuously; diverse; in profusion; numerous and confused; pell-mell
fēn to tell; to instruct; to command
fēn pèito distribute; to assign; to allocate; to partition (a hard drive)
fēn to analyze; analysis; CL:
fěn chalk; CL:,
fèn dòuto strive; to struggle
fèn angry; indignant; wrath; ire
fēng jiànsystem of enfeoffment; feudalism; feudal; feudalistic
fēng jǐngscenery; landscape; CL:
fēng wind-force; wind power
fēng social custom; CL:
fǒu dìngto negate; to deny; to reject; negative (answer); negation
fǒu if not; otherwise; else; or else
cóngto obey (an order); to comply; to defer
in keeping with; in accordance with; tallying with; in line with; to agree with; to accord with; to conform to; to correspond with; to manage; to handle
shínon-staple food; CL:
shùto repeat; to retell
yìnto photocopy; to duplicate a document
gǎi reform; CL:,,; to reform
gǎi jìnto improve; to make better; CL:
gǎi shànto make better; to improve; CL:
gǎi zàoto transform; to reform; to remodel; to remould
gǎi zhèngto correct; to amend; to put right; correction; CL:
gài kuòto summarize; to generalize; briefly; CL:
gài niànconcept; idea; CL:
gān bēito drink a toast; Cheers! (proposing a toast); Here's to you!; Bottoms up!; lit. dry cup
gān cuìstraightforward; clear-cut; blunt (e.g. statement); you might as well; simply
gān zàoto dry (of weather, paint, cement etc); desiccation; dull; uninteresting; arid
gǎn dòngto move (sb); to touch (sb emotionally); moving
gǎn to be grateful; to appreciate; thankful
gǎn jǐnhurriedly; without delay
gǎn juéto feel; to become aware of; feeling; sense; perception; CL:
gǎn kuàiat once; immediately
gǎn qíngfeeling; emotion; sensation; likes and dislikes; deep affection for sb or sth; relationship (i.e. love affair); CL:,
gǎn xiǎngimpressions; reflections; thoughts; CL:,
gǎn xìng to be interested
gàn see 干嘛
gāo tall; lofty
gāo height; altitude; elevation; high degree; highly; CL:
gāo yuánplateau; CL:
gào biéto leave; to bid farewell to; to say good-bye to
boarm; CL:,,
next door; neighbor
mìngrevolution; revolutionary (politics); CL:
biéindividual; specific; respective; just one or two
rénindividual; personal; oneself
ziheight; stature; build; size
gēn běnfundamental; basic; root; simply; absolutely (not); (not) at all; CL:
gēn according to; based on; basis; foundation; CL:
gēn qiánin front of; close to; nearby; the time just before
gèng jiāmore (than sth else); even more
gōng chéngengineering; an engineering project; project; undertaking; CL:,
gōng chéng shīengineer; CL:,,
gōng fèiat public expense
gōng fuskill; art; kung fu; labor; effort
gōng futime; spare time; skill; labor; effort
gōng gòngpublic; common (use)
gōng huìlabor union; trade union; CL:
gōng to furnish; to provide; supply (as in supply and demand)
gōng tool; instrument; utensil; means (to achieve a goal etc)
gōng kāipublic; to publish; to make public
gōng public road; CL:
gōng (business) company; company; firm; corporation; incorporated; CL:
gōng pǐnhandicraft article; handiwork; CL:
gōng yòng diàn huàpublic phone; CL:
gōng wages; pay; CL:,,
gǒng to consolidate; consolidation; to strengthen
gòng chǎn dǎngCommunist Party
gòng tóngcommon; joint; jointly; together; collaborative
gòng xiànto contribute; to dedicate; to devote; contribution; CL:
gòu chéngto constitute; to form; to compose; to make up; to configure (computing)
gòu zàostructure; composition; tectonic (geology); CL:
gupaternal aunt; CL:
to estimate; to reckon; CL:
dàiancient times; olden times
lǎoancient; old; age-old
to encourage
toubone; strong character; CL:,
heartening (news); boost (morale); CL:
zhǎngto applaud; to clap
client; customer; CL:
xiānghome; homeland; native place; CL:
deliberately; on purpose
guà hàoto register (a letter etc)
guān cháto observe; to watch; to survey; to examine; observation; view; perspective; CL:
guān diǎnpoint of view; viewpoint; standpoint; CL:
guān jiàncrucial point; crux; CL:; key; crucial; pivotal
guān pertaining to; concerning; regarding; with regards to; about; a matter of
guān zhàoto take care; to keep an eye on; to look after; to tell; to remind
guān zhòngspectators; audience; visitors (to an exhibition etc)
guǎn to supervise; to manage; to administer; management; administration; CL:
guàn chèto implement; to put into practice; to carry out
guàn jūnchampion; CL:
guàn toutin; can; CL:
guāng huīradiance; glory; brilliant; magnificent
guāng mínglight; illumination; radiance (esp. glory of Buddha etc); fig. bright prospect; openhearted
guāng rónghonor and glory; glorious
线guāng xiànlight ray; optical line; optical cable; lighting (for a photograph); CL:,
广guǎng chǎngpublic square; plaza
广guǎng (of an area) vast or extensive; large-scale; widespread; (of people) numerous
广guǎng fànextensive; wide range
广guǎng gàoto advertise; a commercial; advertisement; CL:
广guǎng kuòwide; vast
guī dìngprovision; to fix; to set; to formulate; to stipulate; to provide; regulation; rule; CL:
guī rule (e.g. of science); law of behavior; regular pattern; rhythm; discipline
guī scale; scope; extent; CL:
guó international
guó mín dǎngGuomindang or Kuomintang; nationalist party; KMT
guó wángking; CL:
guǒ ránreally; sure enough; as expected
guò chéngcourse of events; process; CL:
guò niánto celebrate the Chinese New Year
hǎi guāncustoms (i.e. border crossing inspection); CL:
hǎi yángocean; CL:
hài chudamage; harm; CL:
hài to be afraid; to be scared
hán lěngcold (climate); frigid; very cold
háng kōngaviation
háo hardly; not in the least; not at all
háo not in the least; none whatsoever; completely without
hǎo jiǔquite a while
hǎo róng with great difficulty; have a hard time
hǎo tīngpleasant to hear
hǎo xiēa good deal of; quite a lot
hào number; CL:,
hào zhàoto call; to appeal
rational; reasonable; fair
píngpeace; Heping district of Shenyang city 沈阳市, Liaoning; Hoping township in Taichung county 台中县, Taiwan
tong(business) contract; CL:
zuòto cooperate; to collaborate; to work together; cooperation; CL:
hēi àndark; darkly; darkness
hóng cháblack tea; CL:,
hóng red flag; CL:; Red flag city district; Hongqi district of Xinxiang city 新乡市, Henan
hóu zimonkey; CL:
hòu huǐto regret; to repent
hòu láiafterwards; later
hòu mianrear; back; behind; later; afterwards
hòu niánthe year after next
hòu tiānday after tomorrow; post-natal
to breathe
luàncareless; reckless; casually; absent-mindedly; at will; at random; any old how
tumuddled; silly; confused
zibeard; moustache or whiskers; facial hair; CL:,
shinurse; CL:
zhàopassport; CL:,
huā yuángarden; CL:,
huá bīngto skate; skating
huà bàopictorial (magazine); CL:,,,
huài chuharm; troubles; CL:
huān sòngsee off; send off
huán jìngenvironment; circumstances; surroundings; CL:; ambient
huáng emperor; CL:
huáng yóubutter; CL:
huī to reinstate; to resume; to restore; to recover; to regain; to rehabilitate
huí tóuto turn round; to turn one's head; later; by and by
huí xìnto reply; to write back; letter written in reply; CL:
huí to recall; recollection; CL:
huì chǎngmeeting place; place where people gather; CL:
huì jiànto meet with (sb who is paying a visit); CL:
huì to receive a visitor
huì tántalks; discussions; CL:
huì meeting; conference; CL:,
hūn to lose consciousness; to be in a coma; stupor; coma; stunned; disoriented
hūn yīnmatrimony; wedding; marriage; CL:
huó polively; vivacious; brisk; active
huó yuèactive; vigorous
huǒ cháimatch (for lighting fire); CL:,
huò to obtain; to receive; to get
chuángmachine tool; a lathe; CL:
dòngto excite; to agitate; exciting
guānmechanism; gear; machine-operated; office; agency; organ; organization; establishment; institution; body; strategum; scheme; intrigue; plot; trick; CL:
almost; nearly; practically
active; energetic; vigorous; positive (outlook); proactive
xìngzeal; initiative; enthusiasm; activity
lěito accumulate; accumulation; cumulative; cumulatively
lièintense; acute; fierce
xièmachine; machinery; mechanical
to pass a test
and; as well as
shíin time; promptly; without delay; timely
collective; social; team; CL:
zhōngto concentrate; to centralize; to focus; centralized; concentrated; to put together
deto remember
jiétime; season; period; CL:
record; CL:
niànto commemorate; to remember; CL:
ránsince; as; this being the case
shù yuántechnician; CL:
suànto count; to calculate; to compute; CL:
both... and...
memories; remember; memory; CL:
yòuboth... and...
zhěreporter; journalist; CL:
jiā gōngto process; processing; working (of machinery)
jiā qiángto reinforce; to strengthen; to increase
jiā xiānghometown; native place; CL:
jiā in addition; moreover; (before polysyllabic verb) to handle it; to deal with (the subject just mentioned)
jià price; CL:
jià tiáoleave permit; application for leave; CL:
jià zhívalue; worth; fig. values (ethical, cultural etc); CL:
jiān dìngfirm; steady; staunch; resolute
jiān arduous; terrible (task); very difficult; formidable
jiān juéfirm; resolute; determined
jiān difficult; hard; arduous
jiān qiángstaunch; strong
jiān ruìsharp; intense; penetrating; pointed; acute (illness)
jiǎn qīngto lighten; to ease; to alleviate
jiǎn shǎoto lessen; to decrease; to reduce; to lower
jiàn jiàngradually
jiàn to establish; to set up; to found
jiàn to propose; to suggest; to recommend; proposal; suggestion; recommendation; CL:,
jiàn zhùto construct; building; CL:
jiāng yàowill; shall; be going to
jiǎng huàa speech; to speak; to talk; to address; CL:
jiǎng xué jīnscholarship; CL:
jiǎng zuòa course of lectures; CL:
jiàng to reduce; to lower; to bring down
jiàng yóusoy sauce
jiāo àopride; arrogance; conceited; proud of sth
jiāo huànto exchange; to swap; to switch (telecom); commutative (math); to commute
jiāo communication; social intercourse
jiāo liúexchange; give-and-take; to exchange; to alternate; communication; alternating current (electricity)
jiāo suburban district; outskirts; suburbs; CL:
jiāo tōngto be connected; traffic; communications; liaison
jiào cáiteaching material; CL:
jiào shīteacher; CL:
jiào shòuprofessor; to instruct; to lecture on; CL:,
jiào xuéteacher and student; education; CL:,
jiào xuna lesson; a moral; to chide sb; to lecture sb
jiào yuánteacher; instructor; CL:
jiào zuòto be called; to be known as
jiē chùto touch; to contact; access; in touch with
jiē dàito receive (a visitor); to admit (allow sb to enter)
jiē dàoto receive (letter etc)
jiē dàostreet; CL:; subdistrict; residential district
jiē duànstage; section; phase; period; CL:
jiē (social) class; CL:
jiē jiànto receive sb; to grant an interview
jiē jìnto approach; to get close to
jiē shirugged; sturdy
jiē shòuto accept; to receive
jié gòustructure; composition; makeup; architecture; CL:,
jié to combine; to link; to integrate; binding; CL:
jié hūnto marry; to get married; CL:
jié lùnconclusion; verdict; CL:; to conclude; to reach a verdict
jié shěngsaving; to save; to use sparingly; to cut down on
jié yuēto economize; to conserve (resources); economy; frugal
jiě answer; explanation; solution (to a math equation)
jiě fàngto liberate; to emancipate; liberation; refers to the Communists' victory over the Nationalists in 1949; CL:
jiě shìexplanation; to explain; to interpret; to resolve; CL:
jīn hòuhereafter; henceforth; in the future; from now on
jīn shǔmetal; CL:
jǐn guǎndespite; although; even though; in spite of; unhesitatingly; do not hesitate (to ask, complain etc); (go ahead and do it) without hesitating
jǐn jǐnbarely; only; merely; only (this and nothing more)
jìn progress; improvement; to improve; to progress; CL:
jìn gōngto attack; to assault; to go on the offensive; attack; assault; offense (sports)
jìn huàevolution; CL:
jìn kǒuto import; imported
jìn láirecently; lately
jìn liàngas much as possible; to the greatest extent
jìn to enter; to join; to go into
jìn xiūadvanced studies; additional studies
jìn one step further; to move forward a step; further onwards
jìn zhǐto prohibit; to forbid; to ban
jīng Beijing opera; CL:,
jīng manager; director; CL:,,
jīng energy
jīng experience; CL:,; to experience; to go through
jǐng chápolice; policeman; policewoman; CL:
jìng àirespect and love
jìng to salute; salute
jìng sàirace; competition; CL:
jìng zimirror; CL:,
jiū jìngafter all (when all is said and done); actually; outcome; result
jiū zhèngto correct; to make right
jiù shì(emphasizes that sth is precisely or exactly as stated); precisely; exactly; even; if; just like; in the same way as
zhǎngbureau chief; CL:,
xíngto hold (a meeting, ceremony etc)
bèito possess; to have; equipped with; able to fulfill (conditions or requirements)
chǎngtheater; CL:
huge; immense; very large; tremendous; gigantic; enormous
juéto refuse; to decline; to reject
club (i.e. a group or organization) (loanword); CL:
distance; to be apart; CL:
shuōit is said that; reportedly
concrete; definite; specific
yǒuto have; to possess
jué duìabsolute; unconditional
jué consciousness; awareness; Buddhist enlightenment (Sanskrit: cittotpāda)
jué xīndetermination; resolution; determined; firm and resolute; to make up one's mind; CL:
jūn duìarmy troops; CL:,
jūn shìmilitary affairs; military matters; military
kāi fàngto bloom; to open; to be open-minded; to be open (to the public); to open up (to the outside)
kāi huìto hold a meeting; to attend a meeting
kāi school begins; give a course; teach a subject
kāi míngenlightened; open-minded; enlightenment
kāi to open up; to set up; to establish
kāi yǎn(of a play, movie etc) to begin
kāi zhǎn(begin to) develop; unfold; to start; to launch; to open; to carry out
kàn bu to look down upon; to despise
kàn way of looking at a thing; view; opinion; CL:
kàn láiapparently; it seems that; it appears; it seems
kàn yàng ziit seems; it looks as if
kǎo to think over; to consider; consideration
xué jiāscientist; CL:
xué yuànacademy of sciences; CL:
yán(scientific) research
zhǎngsection chief; CL:
àiadorable; cute; lovely
liánpitiful; pathetic; to have pity on
awful; dreadful; fearful; formidable; frightful; scary; hideous; horrible; terrible; terribly
chéngcourse; class; CL:,,
(try to) overcome (hardships etc); to conquer; to put up with; to endure
hardworking; assiduous
kěn dìngto be sure; to be certain; sure; certain; definite; to confirm; to affirm; affirmative; to approve; approval; recognition
kōng jiānspace; CL:
kōng qiánunprecedented
kōng zhōngin the sky; in the air
kǒng fear; to dread; I'm afraid that...; perhaps; maybe
kòng zhìcontrol; to exercise control over; to contain
kǒu dàipocket; bag; sack; CL:
kǒu hàoslogan; catchphrase; CL:
zitrousers; pants; CL:
kuài happy; merry
kuài zichopsticks; CL:,,,
kuò to expand; to enlarge; to broaden one's scope
trash; refuse; garbage; Taiwan pr. [le4 se4]
lái bu there's not enough time (to do sth); it's too late (to do sth)
lái de there's still time; able to do sth in time
lái xìnincoming letter; send a letter here
lái to come from (a place); From: (in email header)
lǎng read aloud; read loudly and clearly
làng fèito waste; to squander
lǎo bǎi xìngordinary people; the "person in the street"; CL:
lǎo bǎnboss; business proprietor; CL:; Robam (brand)
lǎo "Madam" (affectionate term for an elderly woman); CL:
lǎo niángold lady; Madam (polite address); CL:
lǎo tiger; CL:
lǎo rénold man or woman; the elderly; one's aged parents or grandparents
lǎo shialways
lǎo tài taielderly lady (respectful); esteemed mother; CL:
guānoptimistic; hopeful
hūnto divorce; divorced from (one's spouse)
centimeter; also written 厘米
bài tiānSunday
a barber; hairdressing
jiěto comprehend; to understand; comprehension; understanding
lùntheory; CL:
màocourtesy; manners
miàninside; interior
tángassembly hall; auditorium; CL:,
xiǎnga dream; an ideal; perfection; ideal; perfect; desirable; CL:
yóureason; grounds; justification; CL:
chǎngposition; standpoint; CL:
haiterrible; formidable; serious; devastating; tough; capable; sharp; severe; fierce
liangpower; force; strength
qistrength; CL:
suǒ néng as far as one's capabilities extend (idiom); to the best of one's ability; within one's powers
benefit; (in sb's) interest; CL:
zicase; (for) instance; example; CL:
lián to combine; to join; unite; alliance
lián huānhave a get-together
lián mángpromptly; at once
lián continuous; in a row; serial; consecutive
liàn ài(romantic) love; in love; to have an affair; CL:
liáng hǎogood; favorable; well; fine
liáng shifoodstuff; cereals; CL:
liáo tiānto chat; to gossip
liǎo bu amazing; terrific; extraordinary
lín neighbor; next door; CL:
lín shíat the instant sth happens; temporary; interim; ad hoc
líng huóflexible; nimble; agile
líng qiánchange (of money); small change; pocket money
lǐng xiùleader; CL:,,
lìng wàiadditional; in addition; besides; separate; other; moreover; furthermore
liú fluent
lóu stair; staircase; CL:
shangon the road; on a journey; road surface
线 xiànitinerary; route; political line (e.g. right revisionist road); CL:
xiàngvideo tape; video recording; CL:
in turn; successively; one after the other; bit by bit
yīn (tape) recording machine; tape recorder; CL:
guǎnhotel; CL:
traveler; tourist
journey; trip
lún chuánsteamship; CL:
lùn wénpaper; treatise; thesis; CL:; to discuss a paper or thesis (old)
luó boradish; CL:
luò hòuto fall behind; to lag (in technology etc); backward; to retrogress
hucareless; sloppy; negligent; skimpy
Mark (name)
street; road; CL:
mǎi màibuying and selling; business; business transactions; CL:,
mán tousteamed roll; steamed bun; steamed bread; CL:
mǎn to satisfy; to meet (the needs of); satisfied; content
máo dùncontradictory; contradiction; CL:
máo jīntowel; CL:
mào (commercial) trade; CL:
méi cuòthat's right; sure!; rest assured!; that's good; can't go wrong
méi coal gas; gas (fuel)
méi shén menothing; it doesn't matter; it's nothing; never mind; t doesn't matter
méi yònguseless
měi hǎobeautiful; fine
měi beautiful
měi shùart; fine arts; painting; CL:
měi yuánAmerican dollar; US dollar
fēngbee; honeybee; CL:,
secret; CL:
qièclose; familiar; intimate; closely (related); to foster close ties; to pay close attention
mián huacotton
mián cotton-padded clothes; CL:
miàn màoappearance; face; features; CL:
miàn qiánin front of; facing; presence
miáo xiěto describe; to depict; to portray; description
mín zhǔdemocracy
míng liàngbrightness
míng quèclear-cut; definite; explicit; to clarify; to specify; to make definite
míng shènga place famous for its scenery or historical relics; scenic spot; CL:
míng xiǎnclear; distinct; obvious
mìng lìngorder; command; CL:,
mìng yùnfate; destiny; CL:
仿 fǎngto imitate; to copy; to emulate; to mimic; model
yànglook; style; appearance; approximation; about; CL:
biāotarget; goal; objective; CL:
purpose; aim; goal; target; objective; CL:
touslow-witted; blockhead; log (of wood, timber etc); CL:,
gewhich; who
even; even if; even though; no matter how
xiēwhich ones?; who?; what?
nǎi nai(informal) father's mother; paternal grandmother; CL:
nài xīnto be patient; patience
nài yòngdurable
nán southern part
nán dàodon't tell me...; could it be that...?
nán fāngsouth; the southern part of the country; the South
nán guòfeel sorry; be grieved
nán kànugly; unsightly
nán miànsouth side; south
nán réna man; a male; men; CL:
nán shòuto feel unwell; to suffer pain; to be difficult to bear
nǎo zibrains; mind; CL:
nèi interior; inside (part, section); internal
néng gàncapable; competent
néng capability; capable; able; ability; CL:
néng yuánenergy; power source; CL:
nián dàia decade of a century (e.g. the Sixties); age; era; period; CL:
nián líng(a person's) age; CL:,
nián qīngyouthful
shìlady; madam; CL:,; Miss; Ms
nuǎn central heating
pán zitray; plate; dish; CL:
pàn duànto decide; to determine; CL:
pàn wàngto hope for; to look forward to
pèi matching; fitting in with; compatible with; to correspond; to fit; to conform to; rapport; to coordinate with; to act in concert with; to cooperate; to become man and wife; to combine parts of machine
pèng jiànto run into; to meet (unexpectedly); to bump into
pàncriticize; CL:
zhǔnto approve; to ratify
skin; CL:,
láofatigue; wearily; weariness; weary
piàn miànunilateral; one-sided
pīn mìngto do one's utmost; with all one's might; at all costs; (to work or fight) as if one's life depends on it
pǐn zhǒngbreed; variety; CL:
pīng pāng qiútable tennis; ping-pong; ping pong; table tennis ball; CL:
píng ānsafe and sound; well; without mishap
píng chángordinary; common; usually; ordinarily
píng děngequal; equality
píng fāngsquare (as in square foot, square mile, square root)
píng jìngtranquil; undisturbed; serene
píng jūnaverage
píng shíordinarily; in normal times; in peacetime
píng yuánfield; plain; CL:
píng zibottle; CL:
huàidestruction; damage; to wreck; to break; to destroy
qièurgent; pressing
biànuniversal; general; widespread; common
plain and simple; unadorned; simple living; not frivolous
tōngcommon; ordinary; general; average
jiānperiod of time; time; time period; period; CL:
piànto deceive; to cheat
ziwife; CL:
next; secondly
guàistrange; odd; to marvel; to be baffled
other; the others; else; other than (that person); in addition to the person mentioned above
other; the others; else; other than it; in addition to the thing mentioned above
the rest; the others; remaining; remainder; apart from them
zhōngamong; in; included among these
ziflag; banner; CL:
to enlighten; to explain and arouse interest; to inspire; inspiration; heuristic (attributively); to teach; CL:
to attempt; to try; attempt; CL:
company; firm; enterprise; corporation; CL:
hòuclimate; atmosphere; situation; CL:
wēnair temperature; CL:
xiàngmeteorological feature; CL:; meteorology; atmosphere or scene
qiān dìngto agree to and sign (a treaty etc)
qiān wànten million; countless; many; one must by all means
qián jìnto go forward; to forge ahead; to advance; onward
qián niánthe year before last
qián tiānthe day before yesterday
qián prospects; future outlook; journey
qiáng large; formidable; powerful; strong
qiáng dàoto rob (with force); bandit; robber; CL:
qiáng diàoto emphasize (a statement); to stress
qiáng strength; intensity; CL:
qiáng lièintense; (violently) strong
qiáo liángbridge; fig. connection between two areas
qiǎo miàoingenious; clever; ingenuity; artifice
qīn àiDear or beloved (way of starting a letter)
qīn lüèinvasion; encroachment
qīn qia relative (i.e. family relation); CL:,,
qīn qièamiable; friendliness; gracious; hospitality; intimate; cordial; kind; close and dear; familiar
qīn personally
qīng sōnggentle; relaxed
qíng jǐngscene; sight; circumstances; CL:
qíng xingcircumstances; situation; CL:
qíng mood; state of mind; moodiness; CL:
qǐng to give a dinner party; to entertain guests; to invite to dinner
qǐng qiúrequest; CL:
qìng zhùto celebrate
qiú chǎngstadium; sports ground; court; pitch; field; golf course; CL:,
biédifference; to distinguish; to discriminate; to make a distinction; CL:
xiāoto cancel; cancellation
quán miànall-around; comprehensive; total; overall
quē diǎnweak point; fault; shortcoming; CL:
quē shortage; be lacking; to be short of; to lack; scarcity
quē shǎolack; shortage of; shortfall; to be short (of); to lack
què dìngdefinite; certain; fixed; to fix (on sth); to determine; to be sure; to ensure; to make certain; to ascertain; to clinch; to recognize; to confirm; OK (on computer dialog box)
qún zhòngmass; multitude; the masses
qún ziskirt; CL:
rán érhowever; yet; but
rán shāocombustion; flaming; kindle
àito love ardently; to adore
lièwarm (welcome etc)
naobustling with noise and excitement; lively
shuǐ píngthermos bottle; vacuum bottle; hot water dispenser (appliance); CL:
xīnenthusiasm; zeal; zealous; zest; enthusiastic; ardent; warmhearted
rén cáia person's talent; talented person; distinguished person; a talent (worth head-hunting); person's looks; an attractive woman; used interchangeably with 人材; CL:
rén gōngartificial; manpower; manual work
rén jiāhousehold; dwelling; family; sb else's house; household business; house of woman's husband-to-be; CL:,
rén kǒupopulation
rén lèihumanity; human race; mankind
rén mín Renminbi (RMB); Chinese Yuan (CNY)
rén person; character (in a play, novel etc); protagonist; CL:
rén yuánstaff; crew; personnel; CL:
rén zàoman-made; artificial; synthetic
rèn deto recognize; to remember sth (or sb) on seeing it; to know
rèn wumission; assignment; task; duty; role; CL:,
réng ránstill; yet
chángdaily; everyday
chéngschedule; itinerary; CL:
diary; CL:,,
date; CL:
yòng pǐnarticles for daily use; CL:,
yuánJapanese yen (unit of currency); also written 日圆
guǒif; in case; in the event that
how; what way; what
jīnnowadays; now
sǎng zithroat; voice; CL:
sǎo zi(informal) older brother's wife; sister-in-law; CL:
sēn línforest; CL:
shā sofa; CL:,
shā desert; CL:
shā zisand; grit; CL:,
shān màimountain range; CL:
shān mountain area; CL:
shàn to be good at; to be adept at
shāng chǎngmarket; bazaar; CL:
shāng liangto consult; to talk over; to discuss
shāng pǐngood; commodity; merchandise; CL:
shāng xīnto grieve; to be broken-hearted; to feel deeply hurt
shāng business; trade; commerce
shàng bānto go to work; to be on duty; to start work; to go to the office
shàng dàngtaken in (by sb's deceit); to be fooled; to be duped
shàng higher authorities; superiors; CL:
shàng mianon top of; above-mentioned
shàng jacket; upper outer garment; CL:
shāo wēia little bit
sháo ziscoop; ladle; CL:
shǎo shùsmall number; few; minority
shào niányoungster; juvenile
shé toutongue; CL:; enemy soldier captured for the purpose of extracting information
shè bèiequipment; facilities; installations; CL:
shè plan; design; to design; to plan; CL:
shēn biānat one's side; on hand
shēn hòudeep; profound
shēn profound; deep; deep-going
shēn to penetrate deeply; thorough
shén jīngnerve
shén me deand so on; and what not
shēng dòngvivid; lively
shēng mìnglife; living; biological; CL:
shēng angry; mad; offended; animated; to get angry; to be enraged; to take offense; animation
shēng organism; living creature; life form; biological; CL:
shēng yibusiness; CL:
shēng zhǎngto grow
shéng zicord; string; rope; CL:
shī bàito be defeated; to lose; to fail (e.g. experiments); failure; defeat; CL:
shī gōngconstruction
shī to lose
shī wàngdisappointed; to lose hope; to despair
shī unemployment
shī zilion; CL:,; Leo (star sign)
shí dàiage; era; epoch; period; CL:
shí actual; reality; practice
shí moment; CL:; constantly; always
shí pǐnfoodstuff; food; provisions; CL:
shí a period in time or history; period; time (interval); phase; CL:
shí shì qiú shìto seek truth from facts (idiom); to be practical and realistic
shí toustone; CL:
shí food; CL:
shí xíngto implement; to carry out; to put into practice
shí yòngpractical; functional; pragmatic; applied (science)
shí yóuoil; petroleum
shí zàireally; actually; indeed; true; real; honest; dependable; (philosophy) reality
shǐ zhōngfrom beginning to end; all along
shì chǎngmarket place; market (also in abstract); abbr. for 超级市场 supermarket; CL:
shì dàngsuitable; appropriate
shì to fit; to suit
shì century; CL:
shì jiànevent; happening; incident; CL:
shì juànexamination paper; test paper; CL:,
shì shífact; CL:
shì thing; object; CL:
shì xiānin advance; before the event; beforehand; prior
shì yànexperiment; test; experimental; CL:,
shì undertaking; project; activity; (charitable, political or revolutionary) cause; publicly funded institution, enterprise or foundation; career; occupation; CL:
shì yìngto suit; to fit; to be suitable; to adapt; to get used to sth
shōu huòcrop (in agriculture); harvest; acquisition; profit; gain; bonus; success; reward; benefit
shōu to take in; income; revenue; CL:,
shōu yīn radio; CL:
shǒu duànmethod; means (of doing sth); strategy; trick; CL:
shǒu gōnghandwork; manual
shǒu handkerchief; CL:
shǒu shùsurgical operation; operation; surgery; CL:
shǒu tàoglove; mitten; CL:,
shǒu xiānfirst (of all); in the first place
shǒu procedure; CL:,; formalities
shǒu zhǐfinger; CL:,
shū bāoschoolbag; satchel; CL:,
shū càivegetables; produce; CL:
shū diànbookstore; CL:
shū jisecretary; clerk; CL:
shū jiàbookshelf; CL:
shū shìcozy; snug
shū shufather's younger brother; uncle; Taiwan pr. ; CL:
shú liànpracticed; proficient; skilled; skillful
shú to be familiar with; to know well
shǔ jiàsummer vacation; CL:
shǔ to be classified as; to belong to; to be part of
shù liàngamount; quantity; CL:; quantitative
shù línwoods; grove; forest; Shulin city in Taipei county 台北县, Taiwan
shù numeral; digit; number; figure; amount; digital (electronics etc); CL:
shuài lǐnglead; command; head
shuāng fāngbilateral; both sides; both parties involved
shuǐ dàorice; paddy; CL:
shuǐ cement; CL:
便shùn biànconveniently; in passing; without much extra effort
shùn smoothly; without a hitch
chauffeur; driver; CL:
rénprivate; personal; interpersonal; sb with whom one has a close personal relationship; a member of one's clique
apparently; to seem; to appear; as if; seemingly
sòng xíngto see someone off; to throw someone a send-off party
speed; rate; velocity; CL:
liàoplastics; CL:
suàn lelet it be; let it pass; forget about it
便suí biànas one wishes; as one pleases; at random; negligent; casual; wanton
suí shíat any time
sǔn shīloss; damage; CL:; to lose; to damage
suǒ wèiso-called; what is called
tài taimarried woman; Mrs.; Madam; wife; CL:,
tán huàtalk; conversation; CL:
tán pànto negotiate; negotiation; talks; conference; CL:
tǎn zia blanket; CL:,,,
tǎo yàndisgusting; troublesome; nuisance; nasty; to hate doing sth
diǎncharacteristic (feature); trait; feature; CL:
shūspecial; particular; unusual; extraordinary
chàngto promote; to advocate
gōngto offer; to supply; to provide; to furnish
subject; title; topic; CL:
qiánto shift to an earlier date; to bring forward; to advance
huìto know from experience; to learn through experience; to realize; understanding; experience
volume; bulk; CL:
system; setup; CL:
chǎngstadium; CL:,
guǎngym; gymnasium; stadium; CL:
tiān zhēnnaive; innocent; artless
tián field; open land; CL:
tiáo yuētreaty; pact; CL:
tiáo zhěngadjustment; revision; CL:
tiě railroad; railway; CL:
tīng jiǎngto attend a lecture; to listen to a talk
tíng zhǐto stop; to halt; to cease
tōng xùncommunications; a news story (e.g. dispatched over the wire); CL:
tóng qíngcompassion; relent; sympathize; sympathy
tóng roommate; CL:
tóng yàngsame; equal; equivalent
tǒng to unify; to unite; to integrate
tǒng zhìto rule (a country); to govern; rule; regime
tòng pain; suffering; painful; CL:
tōu tōustealthily; secretly; covertly; furtively; on the sly
tóu fahair (on the head)
tóu to throw into; to put into; to throw oneself into; to participate in; to invest in; absorbed; engrossed
chūprominent; outstanding; to give prominence to; to protrude; to project
sudden and violent attack; assault; fig. rushed job; concentrated effort to finish a job quickly
land; territory; soil; local god; Lar; genius loci; CL:
dòupotato; CL:
zihare; rabbit; CL:
tuī dòngto push (for acceptance of a plan); to push forward; to promote; to actuate; CL:
广tuī guǎngto extend; to spread; to popularize; generalization; promotion (of a product etc)
tuō to separate oneself from; to break away from; diastasis (medicine); abscission; abjunction (botany)
wài parts of the country other than where one is; foreign lands
wài jiāodiplomacy; diplomatic; foreign affairs; CL:
wài mianoutside
wán zhěngcomplete; intact
wǎng qiútennis; CL:
wǎng wǎngoften; frequently
wàng to forget
wēi hàito jeopardize; to harm; to endanger; CL:
wēi crisis; CL:
wēi xiàosmile; CL:,; to smile
wéi fǎnto violate (a law)
wéi to defend; to safeguard; to protect; to uphold; to maintain
wěi batail
wěi yuáncommittee member; committee; council; CL:
wèi láifuture; tomorrow; CL:; approaching; coming; pending
wèi shēnghealth; hygiene; sanitation
wèi xīng(space) satellite; CL:
wèi zhiposition; place; seat; CL:
wēn temperature; CL:
wēn nuǎnwarm
wén jiàndocument; file; CL:
wén míngcivilized; civilization; culture; CL:
wén cultural relic; historical relic; CL:,
wén character; script; writing; written language; writing style; phraseology; CL:
wěn dìngsteady; stable; stability; to stabilize; to pacify
wèn hòuto give one's respects; to send a greeting
rǎnpollution; contamination; CL:
lùnno matter what or how; regardless of whether...
shùcountless; numberless; innumerable
xiànunlimited; unbounded
weapon; arms; CL:
shùmilitary skill or technique (in former times); all kinds of martial art sports (some claiming spiritual development); self-defense; tradition of choreographed fights from opera and film (recent usage); also called kungfu 功夫; CL:
huìto misunderstand; to mistake; misunderstanding; CL:
jià(commodity) prices; CL:
zhìmatter; substance; material; materialistic; CL:
西 běinorthwest
西 western part
西 cānWestern-style food; CL:,
西 fāngthe West; the Occident; Western countries
西 guāwatermelon; CL:
西 hóng shìtomato; CL:
西 miànwest side; west
西 nánsouthwest
shēngto sacrifice oneself; to lay down one's life; to do sth at the expense of; beast slaughtered for sacrifice; sacrifice; CL:
shōuto absorb; to assimilate; to ingest
yānto smoke
yǐnto attract (interest, investment etc); CL:
washer; washing machine; CL:
jūnbacterium; germ
tǒngsystem; CL:
xīncareful; attentive
xià bānto finish work; to get off work
xià mianbelow; under; next; the following
xiān hòuearly or late; priority; in succession; one after another
xiān huāfresh flowers; CL:
xiān jìnadvanced (technology); to advance
xiān wéifiber; CL:
xiǎn deto seem; to look; to appear
xiǎn ránclear; evident; obvious(ly)
xiǎn zhùoutstanding; notable; remarkable
xiàn dài huàmodernization; CL:
xiàn envious; envy; to admire
xiàn shíreality; actuality; real; actual; realistic
xiàn xiàngappearance; phenomenon; CL:
xiàn zhìto restrict; to limit; to confine; restriction; limit; CL:
xiāng chángsausage; CL:
xiāng dāngequivalent to; appropriate; considerably; to a certain extent; fairly; quite
xiāng fǎnopposite; contrary
xiāng each other; mutual
xiāng to resemble; similar; like; resemblance; similarity
xiāng tóngidentical; same
xiāng zàoperfumed soap; toilet soap; CL:
xiāng zisuitcase; chest; box; case; trunk; CL:,
xiáng detailed; in detail; minute
xiǎng idea; notion; train of thought; what sb is thinking; to think of a way (to do sth); CL:
xiǎng niànto miss; to remember with longing; to long to see again
xiǎng shòuto enjoy; to live it up; pleasure; CL:
xiǎng xiàngto imagine; to fancy; CL:
xiǎng yìngrespond to; answer; CL:
xiàng item; project; sports event; CL:
xiāo fèito consume; CL:
xiāo huàdigest; digestion; digestive
xiāo mièto put an end to; to annihilate; to cause to perish; to perish; annihilation (in quantum field theory)
xiāo shīto disappear; to fade away
xiǎo huǒ zilad; young fellow; youngster; CL:
xiǎo màiwheat; CL:
xiǎo péng yǒuchildren; CL:
xiǎo shuōnovel; fiction; CL:,
xiǎo xīnto be careful; to take care
xiǎo xuéprimary school; CL:
xiào guǒresult; effect; quality; CL:
xiào efficiency
xiào zhǎng(college, university) president; headmaster; CL:,,
xīn knowledge gained; CL:
xīn qíngmood; frame of mind; CL:
xīn xiānfresh (experience, food etc); freshness
xīn zàngheart; CL:,
xìn xīnconfidence; faith (in sb or sth); CL:
xīng fènexcited; excitement
xīng xingstar in the sky
xíng chéngto form; to take shape
xíng dòngoperation; action; to move; mobile; CL:
xíng liluggage; CL:
xíng róngto describe; description; appearance; look
xíng shìcircumstances; situation; terrain; CL:
xíng shìform; shape; situation; circumstance; CL:
xíng xiàngimage; form; figure; CL:; visualization; vivid
xíng zhuàngform; shape; CL:
xìng nature; disposition; temperament; character; CL:
xìng míngname and surname; CL:
xìng zhìnature; characteristic; CL:
xiōng older and younger brother; brothers; brotherly; fraternal; CL:
xióng māopanda; CL:
xióng wěigrand; imposing; magnificent; majestic
xiū gǎito amend; to alter; to modify
xiū to repair; to perform maintenance; to overhaul; to fix; to prune; to trim
xuān to declare; to announce; to proclaim
xuān chuánto disseminate; to give publicity to; propaganda; CL:
xuǎn to elect; election; CL:,
xuǎn to select; to pick; choice; option; alternative
xué fèituition fee; tuition; CL:
xué term; semester; CL:
xué shùlearning; science; academic; CL:
xuè blood
xún zhǎoto seek; to look for
xùn liànto train; to drill; training; CL:
xùn rapid; speedy; fast
to oppress; to repress; to constrict; oppression; stress (physics)
shuātoothbrush; CL:
yán chángto prolong; to extend; to delay; Yanchang county in Yan'an 延安, Shaanxi
yán strict; stringent; tight; rigorous
yán jiū suǒresearch institute; graduate studies; graduate school; CL:
yán solemn; grave; serious; earnest; severe
yán zhònggrave; serious; severe; critical
yǎn jìngspectacles; eyeglasses; CL:
yǎn lèitears; crying; CL:
yǎn qiánbefore one's eyes; now; at present
yǎn yuánactor or actress; performer; CL:,,
yáng guāngsunshine; CL:线
yāo qǐngto invite; invitation; CL:
yào jǐnimportant; urgent
ye(informal) father's father; paternal grandfather; CL:
wǎnnight; CL:
business; professional work; service; CL:
spare time; amateur; extra-curricular
zifoliage; leaf; CL:
biānone side; either side; on the one hand; on the other hand; doing while
kàoto rely on sth (for support etc); to depend on
at the same time; simultaneously
shēngall one's life; throughout one's life
shía period of time; a while; for a short while; temporary; momentary; at the same time
tóngalong; together
shìclinic; CL:
xià ziin a short while; all at once; all of a sudden
xuémedicine; medical science; study of medicine
zhìunanimous; identical (views or opinions)
dòngto move; movement; migration; mobile; portable
instrument; apparatus; CL:
wèna question; sth not understood; to query; interrogative (gramm.); CL:
as well as; too; and
láisince (a previous event)
nèiwithin; less than
shàngmore than; above; over; the above-mentioned
wàiapart from; other than; except for; external; outside of
xiàbelow; under; following
chángexceptional; abnormal; an anomaly
lùnto comment; to talk about; to discuss; discussion; CL:
wàiunexpected; accident; mishap; CL:
zhìwill; willpower; determination; CL:
yīn thus; consequently; as a result
yīn értherefore; as a result; thus; and as a result, ...
yīn element; factor; CL:
yǐn to give rise to; to lead to; to cause; to arouse
yìn shuāprint
yìn xiàngimpression
yīng dāngshould; ought to
yīng xiónghero; CL:
yīng yǒngbravery; gallant; valiant
yíng jiēto meet; to welcome; to greet
yíng yǎngnutrition; nourishment; CL:
yíng to do business; to trade
yǐng zishadow; reflection; CL:
yìng yòngto use; to apply; application; applicable
yōng bàoto embrace; to hug
yōng to endorse; to support
yǒng gǎnbrave; courageous
yǒng courage; valor
yòng bu zháonot need; have no use for
yòng chuusefulness; CL:
yòng gōngdiligent; industrious (in one's studies); to study hard; to make great effort
yòng to exert oneself physically
yōu diǎnmerit; benefit; strong point; advantage; CL:
yōu jiǔestablished; long
yōu liángfine; good; first-rate
yōu měigraceful; fine; elegant
yōu xiùoutstanding; excellent
yóu lǎnto go sight-seeing; to tour; to visit; CL:
yóu yǒng chíswimming pool; CL:
yóu due to; as a result of; thanks to; owing to; since; because
yǒu de shìhave plenty of; there's no lack of
yǒu guānto have sth to do with; to relate to; related to; to concern; concerning
yǒu advantageous; to have advantages; favorable
yǒu powerful; forceful; vigorous
yǒu interesting; fascinating; amusing
yǒu shísometimes; now and then
yǒu xiàoeffective; in effect; valid
yǒu yònguseful
yòu bianright side; right, to the right
shìthereupon; as a result; consequently; thus; hence
diàointonation; CL:
máo qiúshuttlecock; badminton; CL:
tone; manner of speaking; mood; CL:
raincoat; CL:
bèito prepare; to make ready; preparation; preparatory
corn; maize; CL:
yuán liàoraw material; CL:
yuán yīncause; origin; root cause; reason; CL:
yuán principle; doctrine; CL:
yuán zhū ballpoint pen; CL:,
yuàn wàngdesire; wish
yuàn zhǎngchair of board; president (of a university etc); department head; dean; CL:
yuàn zicourtyard; CL:
yuē huìappointment; engagement; date; CL:,; to arrange to meet
yuè to read; reading
yuè lái yuèmore and more
yuè lǎn shìreading room; CL:
yuè yuèthe more... the more
yǔn to permit; to allow
yùn dòng huìsports competition; CL:
yùn dòng yuánathlete; CL:,
yùn shūtransport; haulage; transit; CL:
yùn yòngto use; to put to use
acrobatics; CL:
zāi hàidisastrous damage; scourge; CL:
zàn chéngto approve; to endorse; to assist (lit.)
zàn shítemporary; provisional; for the time being
zāo dàoto suffer; to meet with (sth unfortunate)
zāo gāotoo bad; how terrible; what bad luck; terrible; bad
zāo shòuto suffer; to sustain (loss, misfortune)
zào sentence-making
rènresponsibility; blame; duty; CL:
zēng zhǎngto grow; to increase
zhǎn chūto put on display; to be on show; to exhibit
zhǎn kāito unfold; to carry out; to be in full swing; to launch
zhǎn lǎn huìexhibition; show; CL:
zhàn dòuto fight; to battle; CL:,
zhàn shèngto prevail; to surmount
zhàn shìfighter; soldier; warrior; CL:
zhàn zhēngwar; conflict; CL:,
zhàng fuhusband; CL:
zhāo dàito receive (guests); to entertain; reception
zhāo dài huì(press) conference; reception; CL:,
zhāo huto call out to sb; to greet sb; to inform sb; to instruct sb to do sth; to take care of sb; CL:
zhào cháng(business etc) as usual
zhào kāito convene (a conference or meeting); to convoke; to call together
zhào piànphotograph; picture; CL:,,
zhé xuéphilosophy; CL:
zhè biānthis side; here
zhēn duìto be directed against; to be aimed at; to counter; in the light of; in connection with
zhēn truth; CL:
zhēn shítrue; real
zhēng lùnto argue; to debate; to contend; argument; contention; controversy; debate; CL:,
zhēng qiúto solicit; to seek; to request (opinions, feedback etc); to petition
zhēng to fight for; to strive for; to win over
zhěng whole; entire; total
zhěng to arrange; to tidy up; to sort out; to straighten out; to list systematically; to collate (data, files); to pack (luggage)
zhèng policy; CL:
zhèng chángregular; normal; ordinary
zhèng hǎojust (in time); just right; just enough; to happen to; to chance to; by chance; it just so happens that
zhèng míngproof; certificate; identification; testimonial; CL:; to prove; to testify; to confirm the truth of
zhèng shìformal; official
zhī chíto be in favor of; to support; to back; support; backing; to stand by; CL:
zhī hòuafterwards; following; later; after
zhī qiánbefore; prior to; ago; previously; beforehand
zhī shàngabove
zhī xiàunder; beneath; less than
zhī one of (sth); one out of a multitude; one (third, quarter, percent etc)
zhī yuánto provide assistance; to support; to back
zhī zhōnginside
zhí dàountil
zhí deto be worth; to deserve
zhí gōngworkers; staff; CL:
zhí jiēdirect; opposite: indirect 间接; immediate; directly; straightforward
zhí botanical; plant; vegetation; CL:
zhí xíngto implement; to carry out; to execute; to run
zhí occupation; profession; vocation; professional
zhǐ chūto indicate; to point out
zhǐ dǎoto guide; to give directions; to direct; to coach; guidance; tuition; CL:
zhǐ huīto conduct; to command; to direct; conductor (of an orchestra); CL:
zhǐ shìmerely; simply; only; but
zhǐ shìto point out; to indicate; to instruct; directives; instructions; CL:
zhǐ yàoif only; so long as
zhǐ yǒuonly
zhì dìngto draw up; to formulate
zhì dìngto work out; to formulate
zhì system (e.g. political, adminstrative etc); institution; CL:
zhì jīnso far; to this day; until now
zhì liàngquality; mass (in physics); CL:
zhì shǎoat least; (to say the) least
zhì order (orderly); order (sequence); social order; the state (of society); CL:
zhì zàoto manufacture; to make
zhōng cānChinese meal; Chinese food; CL:,
zhōng xīncenter; heart; core; CL:
zhōng yāngcentral; middle; center; central authorities (of a state)
zhōng yào(traditional) Chinese medicine; CL:,
zhōng at last; in the end; finally; eventually
zhǒng ziseed; CL:,
zhòng great; important; major; significant
zhòng diǎnemphasis; focal point; priority; key; with the emphasis on; focusing on
zhòng liàngweight; CL:
zhòng shìto attach importance to sth; to value
zhōu daothoughtful; considerate; attentive; thorough
zhú progressively; step by step
zhú jiàngradually
zhú zibamboo; CL:,,
zhǔ dòngto take the initiative; to do sth of one's own accord; spontaneous; active; opposite: passive 被动; drive (of gears and shafts etc)
zhǔ guānsubjective
zhǔ rénmaster; host; CL:
zhǔ rèndirector; head; CL:
zhǔ chairperson; premier; chairman; CL:,
zhǔ zhāngto advocate; to stand for; view; position; stand; proposition; viewpoint; assertion; CL:
zhù to congratulate; congratulations; CL:
zhù míngfamous; noted; well-known; celebrated
zhù yuànto be in hospital; to be hospitalized
zhù zuòto write; literary work; book; article; writings; CL:
zhuā jǐnto grasp firmly; to pay special attention to; to rush in; to make the most of
zhuān jiāexpert; specialist; CL:
zhuān ménspecialist; specialized; customized
zhuān xīnto concentrate; absorption; concentration; engrossed
zhuān specialty; specialized field; main field of study (at university); major; CL:,; professional
zhuǎn biànchange; transform; CL:
zhuǎn gàoto pass on; to communicate; to transmit
zhuāng jiafarm crop; CL:
zhuāng yánstately
zhuàng kuàngcondition; state; situation; CL:
zhuàng tàistate of affairs; state; mode; situation; CL:
zhǔn quèaccurate; exact; precise
zhǔn shíon time; punctual; on schedule
liàomaterial; resources; data; information; profile (Internet); CL:,
yuánnatural resource (such as water or minerals); resource (such as manpower or tourism); Ziyuan county in Guilin 桂林, Guangxi
careful; attentive; cautious
cóngsince (a time); ever since
dòngautomatic; voluntarily
fèi(be) at one's own expense
juéconscious; aware; on one's own initiative; conscientious
ránnature; natural; naturally
self-; ego (psychology)
xuéself-study; to study on one's own
yóufreedom; free; liberty; CL:
zōng comprehensive; composite; synthesized; to sum up; to integrate; to synthesize
zǒng jiéto sum up; to conclude; summary; résumé; CL:
zǒng premier; prime minister; CL:,,
zǒng tǒngpresident (of a country); CL:,,,
zǒu dàopavement; sidewalk; path; walk; footpath
zuān yánto study meticulously; to delve into
zuì hǎobest; (you) had better (do what we suggest)
zūn jìngrespect; to revere
zūn shǒuto comply with; to abide by; to respect (an agreement)
zuǒ bianleft; the left side; to the left of
zuǒ yòuleft and right; approximately; attendant; to control; to influence
zuò bānto work office hours; on duty
zuò way of handling sth; method for making; work method; recipe; practice; CL:
zuò jiāauthor; CL:,
zuò to be a guest or visitor
zuò mèngto dream; to have a dream; fig. illusion; fantasy; pipe dream
zuò pǐnwork (of art); opus; CL:,
zuò tánto have an informal discussion; CL:,
zuò wéione's conduct; deed; activity; accomplishment; achievement; to act as; as (in the capacity of); qua; to view as; to look upon (sth as); to take sth to be
zuò wèiseat; CL:
zuò wénto write an essay; composition (student essay); CL:
zuò yòngto act on; to affect; action; function; activity; impact; result; effect; purpose; intent; to play a role; corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization; CL:
zuò zhěauthor; writer; CL: